10 Cool Christmas Gifts for Students You Can Order Online

Are you one of those people that leave all your Christmas presents until the last minute and then panic?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Being a student can be super busy and stressful at times, not to mention expensive!

Which is why we’ve gathered a list of Christmas gifts you can buy online that won’t break the bank and you don’t even need to leave your cosy student accommodation to get them.

The best part? You can do it all in your PJ’s from your cosy student accommodation and you don’t have to go out in the cold, hurrah!

Whether it’s soppy thoughtful gifts, jokey gifts, or something a little more practical, we’ve got it all in this nifty little list.

Where To Buy Cheap Christmas Gifts Online

online student shopping

1. Amazon

Everybody loves Amazon, right? You can get pretty much anything on there for bargain prices, not to mention super-fast delivery!

That’s why we think Amazon is the best place to purchase your pals their Crimbo prezzies, because there’s so much on there for some great prices.

Whether it’s a cat mug or a cringe Christmas jumper, Amazon is the place to be!

2. Etsy

Recently taking the UK by storm is Etsy, an online marketplace with handmade, unique, and personal gifts.

There are loads of funny gift ideas on there as well as cute gifts like pamper boxes and scented candles.

The best part? The stuff on Etsy is pretty cheap considering its individuality and general niceness, hooray!

3. Prezzybox

This website has some fabulous bits and bobs for students, for bargain prices too!

If you’re struggling for stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts and just generally useful gifts, you need to have a look on Prezzybox.

From bath bombs to personalised marmite jars, whatever tickles your fancy, they’ve got it!

Perhaps you’d like to buy your mate a pillow with your face on it for Crimbo, or the world’s smallest vacuum…because why not?

4. Not On The High Street

Another personalised banger of a website is Not On The High Street, perfect if you want to put a smile on someone’s face.

Similar to Etsy, they’re all about supporting local businesses which is fab, and they have loads of heart-warming, useful gifts on offer!

Granted, shopping for Christmas gifts during the lockdown can be difficult, but websites like this make life much easier.

5. My Picture

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a sweet canvas of you and your buddy or family member for the ultimate Christmas prezzie!

Head over to MyPicture where you can grab a canvas for as little as £6, what a winner.


Let’s take a look at the top Christmas gift ideas for students that won’t cost you a fortune, and best of all – you can order most of them online!


1. A Diary

order a diary for a christmas present for a friend

Okay okay, we get that this may be a little boring for number one, but it’s actually a super useful prezzie, right?

Have you got that one mate that forgets deadline dates or is generally a bit daft? Then why not get them a diary!

You don’t need to spend a fortune for one, with plenty of nice options on Paperchase and WHSmith.

Let’s be honest, a diary is a proper useful gift and your mate is bound to be happy with something that will actually be helpful to them 😊

2. Houseplants

buy houseplants for a christmas present online

Everybody loves a good houseplant, not only do they look super cool, but they also have benefits in terms of well-being!

A houseplant is always a fab prezzie choice for someone who wants to add a bit of pizzazz to their student accommodation.

Patchplants is a fantastic place to get your plant fix, with zero contact delivery the plants are delivered straight to your door!

We’d recommend a snake plant for your student pal, because LOOK HOW COOL IT LOOKS.

3. Games

buy video games online for christmas

Let’s be honest, students aren’t always hardcore studying all the time, sometimes they need a break, right?

Videogames are a great way of letting off some steam after a long day of studying and is the best present for the ultimate chilled vibes.

Head over to Game where you’ll find loads of games for the PlayStation and Xbox, or maybe you could purchase the brand new PlayStation 5 if you’re feeling generous!

It doesn’t just have to be electronic games though people, you could also purchase a cheeky board game.

Board games provide endless entertainment at pre-drinks, or just on a rainy day! We’d deffo recommend Cards Against Humanity for the lolz.

4. Fancy Hot Choc

Facy hot chocolate is a great Christmas Gift for Students You Can Order Online

What’s a student’s fave drink other than alcohol? A hot chocolate of course! Why not grab them some fancy hot chocolate for Christmas to really warm them up!

Whittard have some amazing flavours on their website including crème brûlée and sticky toffee pudding, yummy.

It won’t cost you that much either, you can grab a jar for around £7, just wrap it up, stick a bow on it and you’re sorted!

Maybe you could steal a sip when they make one too, because you did buy it for them after all 😉

5. Homeware

homeware is a nice present for

Sometimes a few cute little homeware gifts are all someone needs, especially if they’re wanting to add a personal touch to their student accommodation.

It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy either, a simple canvas or print you can pop on the wall with blue tac will suffice!

Urban Outfitters have loads of cool stuff to decorate your student digs with too, including an adorable dumpling light and this handy jewellery stand for that one mate that loses all her earrings.

6. Books

books are a christmas gift for students you can buy online

Everybody loves a good book, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a bit of fiction or learning some new facts!

Luckily for students, Waterstones offer 10% student discount, giving you the perfect excuse to grab a book for a crimbo prezzie.

7. Pamper Stuff

pamper products for christmas presents

Being a student can be stressful, all that studying and partying definitely takes its toll!

Which is why some pamper gifts would be perfect this Christmas, and not too expensive either.

Superdrug have some perfect pamper sets guaranteed to have students feeling zen in minutes!

8. Vegan Gifts

vegan presents for christmas you can order online

Got a vegan friend and struggling to think of a good Christmas present? Keep reading!

Etsy have some fabulous vegan hampers from spa kits, to vegan salted caramel truffles, yum.

It might be worth getting your pal a vegan curry kit so they can rustle up a delicious meal for their flatmates, because everybody loves curry, right?

Boots have a broad selection of vegan gifts too, whether it’s make-up or bath fizzers, there’s plenty to go round.

9. Kitchen Appliances

buy kitchen appliace for christmas gift online

A student is always going to be thankful for some kitchen appliances because as nice as instant noodles are, they probs want to cook a substantial meal.

Granted, if you stay with us, you’ll get the standard appliances you need like an oven/microwave etc, but what about the snazzier appliances for a real treat?

You could grab your student buddy a blender so they can make scrumptious milkshakes for example.

It doesn’t just have to be basic stuff either, you can get unique and purchase them a none-stick egg pan if they haven’t quite mastered poached eggs for brekkie yet.

10. Streaming Subscription

streaming subscription is a great christmas gift for students

Did somebody say Netflix binge? A fabulous present to get a student is a streaming subscription, because what student doesn’t like a TV show sesh.

We’re not saying you have to buy a Netflix subscription for the whole time they’re at uni, but you could opt to buy them a gift card to help them along the way!

Online Food Gifts For Christmas

Online Food Gifts For Christmas

Food glorious food! If you’re struggling for present ideas for students, remember that food is always an option!

Not only is it a useful gift, but it’ll also deffo put a smile on their face, because food is basically the best, right?

There are so many options online for food gifts for Christmas, you could get them a student hamper so they never run out of snacks, or some fresh brownies from Etsy.

For the cheese lovers out there, there are plenty of hampers available, or maybe some edible cookie dough because YUM.

What ever online food gift for Christmas you decide to go for, rest assured, the internet is a wonderful thing and has it all!

We hope you found this nifty little list useful, remember folks, you don’t need to spend loads of money on someone to remind them that you love them!

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