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Proudly positioned in one of the world’s most coveted university cities, our Cambridge student accommodation properties deliver both luxury and affordability. Whether you opt for a studio or en suite apartment, you can expect modern, sophisticated rooms boasting large beds, wardrobe, study space and en suite bathroom, along with a large window to make the most of the sights.

Brunswick House is less than 10 minutes away from Anglia Ruskin University on foot, and The University of Cambridge can be reached in 25 minutes if you are walking, or just six minutes in the car.

Our student accommodation in Cambridge boasts first class communal areas and are the perfect environment in which to meet new friends or take a stroll to the iconic city centre.

Prefer to share a house?

For students wanting a little more independence, or perhaps don't want the great community vibe of Brunswick House, we can offer a range of smaller student houses (up to 8 bedrooms) situated in various city centre locations, under our sister-brand, UK Student Houses. These purposely converted student houses in Cambridge are perfect for small groups of friends to share and are ideally located for the University of Cambridge's many colleges and, of course, students at Anglia Ruskin.


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Cambridge Universities

The third oldest university in the world, the University of Cambridge is well respected and renowned all over the world, and for good reason. It was formed in the early 13th century and is one of the foremost academic institutions anywhere – Isaac Newton, Wordsworth, and Byron are just a few names associated with the university). Peterhouse was the first college – it was founded in 1284. Modern day University of Cambridge is home to 31 colleges and 150 departments, schools, faculties, and other educational institutions.

Living at Brunswick House you can reach most parts of the university within 10-minutes on your bike, or 25-minutes on foot. One of the more popular areas of study is 'Natural Sciences', though there are high quality courses across the board here. Living at our stunning Cambridge student accommodation you’ll have the perfect base no matter the subject matter. Certain degrees are spread over a four year period, whilst most courses are divided into two parts, lasting one or two years apiece.

92 affiliates of the University of Cambridge have won the Nobel Prize, which goes some way to highlighting the importance of this institution and the potential future you have in front of you as a Cambridge student. With each college having its own library you really are looking at the pinnacle of education when reading at Cambridge. There are 114 libraries in total throughout the University, with each College having its own, as well as nine specialist museums and collections that the university owns. The university library is a copyright library, which means that it is entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK.

As a student at Cambridge you are offered a range of financial support to suit a wide range of needs. This is an important aspect of the university, as it is thought that students should not work during term-time, instead having the correct work/life balance to ensure that studies can take priority. In terms of a Students’ Union, you’ll find a different Union at each college.

Anglia Ruskin University also offers plenty of choice to its students. It has a strong connection with industry, allowing students to gain practical experience and guidance from professionals in a wide range of fascinating subjects and professions. With this in mind, students at Anglia Ruskin are provided with the foundation of basic skills that will serve them will in the workplace when entering the wider adult world.

It is centrally located, so easy to reach from Brunswick House, as well as being close to all of the amenities and other pleasantries that Cambridge has to offer. Its origins come from the Art School opened in 1858, becoming a University in 1992 and changing its name to Anglia Ruskin University in 2005. The emphasis on academic excellence and workplace skills has been nationally recognised, with the 2016 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards awarding the University its Duke of York Award for entrepreneurial excellence, whilst the School of Medicine includes the only Thiel cadaveric facility in England, ensuring that Medical students can work with cadavers that are as close to life-like as possible.

Eating Out in Cambridge

Wherever you choose to eat out as a student living in Cambridge you’ll always be within a close cycling distance from Brunswick House. Actually, it’s only a 20-minute walk to the main hub of the city centre from our luxury Cambridge student accommodation. Whether you are looking for a hangover cure at breakfast time, a quick bite to eat in between studies at lunchtime, or something more substantial as a treat in the evening, the vast majority of good food in Cambridge can be found within a few streets of each other. This vibrant, compact city has some great cuisine options to explore as a new student in the city.

An absolute Cambridge institution that everyone must make a priority to try is Fitzbillies on Trumpington Street. It has been open as a welcoming café since 1921 and its famous for its Chelsea buns (which are made using the original recipe from way back in 1922!). The Copper Kettle is another fantastic morning options for Cambridge students, with great breakfast options on King’s Parade. There is nothing better than people watching sometimes and this gives you the perfect perch to watch the world go by whilst powering up for the day ahead.

There are a wide variety of lunchtime spots available to Cambridge students, including the dining room at The Pint Shop, where you can find a weekday offer of two courses for a tenner – great quality food at a decent price! There are also a few different choices of venues for lunch or dinner at restaurants that have fantastic views of the river, including Galleria, which is located near Magdalene Bridge. The Cambridge Chop House offers big, bold, meaty dishes with craft ale to match, whilst The Eagle is famous as being the place where Watson and Crick announced their discovery of DNA. It has well priced British pub grub in a setting that feels like you’ve stepped back into Olde England.

Once you’ve got used to cycling everywhere you can take advantage of some of the beautiful villages just a short ride away, such as Linton, where The Linton Kitchen has some of the finest cakes in the area, or Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop and its beautiful deli and farm shop. The farm is easily reached via a cycle path from Cambridge city centre.

Cambridge Nightlife

As Cambridge is home to the second-oldest university in the entire country you won’t be surprised to hear that it has had some time to develop some pretty good student bars! There are plenty of old pubs that go back centuries in age, that you can stop and have a quiet pint in, as well as the livelier student union bars, of which there is at least one on-site at every college at the university. If you are looking for a night out dancing and drinking, taking in Motown classics, cheesy tunes, and other student-themed nights, you can certainly find that too. With your Cambridge student accommodation at Brunswick House you’re only ever a 25-minute walk away from any night out, maximum, so it’s an easy town to get around and have a good time in!

Let’s first get back to the history and tradition of this old town and as previously mentioned you’ve got a central location to sit back, relax, have a pint and think about all the famous occasions and stories that have taken place in a stunning pub such as The Eagle (built in the 16th century). This historic pub is right by Corpus Christi and King’s College, and you’ll find plenty of other pubs and bars close by.

Another popular choice of night out for students in Cambridge is at the Clare College bar. Clare Cellars can be found underneath Clare Chapel in the crypt, which makes it an incredibly alluring location for a night out. It is one of the best student bars offering cheap drinks, live concerts, and a fantastic space to dance away the night. Friday’s has a different guest DJ each week, spinning tunes from the worlds of dubstep, hip-hop, drum and bass, and much more. Saturday nights offer a completely different night out, with live jazz gigs and a much more chilled out vibe.

One of the other most popular student nights out in Cambridge is also just a short 20-minute walk from Brunswick House. 2648 was formerly known as The Vaults. Its name is the address of the original headquarters of Motown Records (2648 Grande Boulevard, Detroit), and that tells you all you need to know about what to expect from a night out here. The entire bar is inspired by Motown, with a welcoming and inclusive vibe that allows people to unwind in a setting that has plenty of great tunes playing, dim lighting, and a drinks menu that offers a range of classic cocktails (you can get 2 cocktails for just £9.50 between 5pm and 9pm Monday – Friday!).

If you’re looking for a bit more of a tiki night out Lola Lo is the place to go. It is a tropical delight in the heart of the city centre, with staff wearing the loudest Hawaiian shirts, and the menu offering you the strongest tropical drinks you can imagine, all at a good price for students. A roof terrace is an amazing place to catch a few rays during the warmer months, with a cocktail in hand, and the Happy Hour is every Friday and Saturday night between 9pm and 10.30pm.

Sport in Cambridge

Cambridge is a beautiful, small city that makes it very easy for locals and students to stay active. Everything is easily reached via foot, and the vast majority of students make good use of bicycles to get around. This alone helps to keep you fit and healthy during your time living in the city, and makes it very easy to reach your destination from Brunswick House and your Cambridge student accommodation. Alongside that however, you’ll find that there is plenty on offer through the Universities and the local provisions should you wish to take part in team or individual sports.

The University of Cambridge Sports Centre was opened in 2013 and is home to a wide range of high-specification facilities. This includes a gym, sports hall, and courts for Squash and Fives, a strength and conditioning room, team training room that is used by international-level athletes, and studios. You can choose to join teams that use the facilities, or take on fitness classes. There is a dedicated facility for both hockey and athletics, as well as high quality facilities for cricket, tennis, rugby, football, and many other team sports.

Cambridge is regarded as having an illustrious tradition of sporting success, with some world class sportspeople coming through the university over the last 150 years, from Olympians and Paralympians, to International cricketers and elite cyclists. Through the University you can choose from over 75 sports clubs and societies, with scholarships available for elite athletes. If you are interested in football Cambridge United play in the English Football League Two currently, at The Abbey Stadium.

One of the most famous aspects of sport in Cambridge though is the Boat Race. Cambridge challenged Oxford to a boat race in 1829 and has been raced annually on the London tideway since 1856 from the University Stone above Putney Bridge to the Finish Post just below the Chiswick road bridge, to a large television audience. The Boat Race is a tradition that is rich in history, a rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford that extends to other sports too. In fact, the highlight of many sports club and societies each year is the Varsity Match against the Dark Blue Oxford rivals. There are over 140 Varsity matches each year.

Shopping in Cambridge

As mentioned, Cambridge is such a compact city that it is easy to get around when going out shopping. Shopping as a student is a vital part of life of course, and from your Cambridge student accommodation you are in a prime location to take advantage of the city centre old-fashioned stores, independent boutiques and classic market spaces, as well as the more modern shopping centres. Brunswick House is a short walk to all types of shopping opportunities.

Taking in Market Square gives you an insight into the bustling city centre traditional market, open seven days a week. It’s well worth a visit to get a flavour of local life in your early days living in the city. Each Saturday there is also the All Saint’s Garden Art and Craft market, where you can pick up some delightful crafty pieces. Looking at the markets you can pick up some local delicacies and produce from the suppliers themselves, before taking a walk down a number of the main streets in Cambridge, such as King Street, Bridge Street, Magdalene Street, Trinity Street, and Rose Crescent, where you’ll discover a wide range of independent boutiques and stores to suit all needs.

If you are looking for something a little bit more modern and full of the high street brands you are used to, Grand Arcade is the newest in the city, and is home to 60 big brand names, from a flagship John Lewis store, to Apple, Kurt Geiger, and much more. The Lion Yard Shopping Centre is attached to the Grand Arcade and mixes high street brands such as New Look and Hotel Chocolat with independent stores. The Grafton is another location for popular brands, as well as an on-site cinema and range of restaurants.

Mill Road is the area where you can find most of the independent and bohemian stores in Cambridge. It is home to many different chic boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops and makes for an interesting few hours on any day of the week. You’ll never be bored when shopping as a student in Cambridge.

Cambridge Events

There are many activities, festivals, locations, and events to take in when living at Brunswick House. Your student accommodation in Cambridge provides you with the perfect base to make the most of your surroundings and take in as much as possible around your studies.

The Cambridge Footlights is one of the oldest sketch comedy troupes in the UK, dating back to 1883. Since the 1960s it has continued to grow in prominence, and has been the first home to many comedic and acting global successes from these shores, including some members of Monty Python, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, and many more. Watching the Footlights is a great way to see the stars of tomorrow learn their trade.

Cambridge University Botanical Garden is a peaceful and beautiful garden of over 40-acres in size that has a range of garden designs and an extensive glasshouse. It is well worth a visit to while away a few hours in peace and tranquillity.

The Cambridge Literary Festival takes place twice each year, with some of the biggest thinkers in each writing form visiting to provide reflections on our world. Other internationally renowned festivals in the city include Cambridge Comedy Festival – which brings a feel of the Edinburgh fringe to town – and the Cambridge Folk Festival – attracting ten thousand people each year as one of the leading folk festivals in the world, and the Cambridge Jazz Festival – that aims to bring a wide range of jazz styles to a brand new audience each Autumn.

The Midsummer Fair has been a staple on the Cambridge calendar for over 800 years, the oldest travelling fun fair in the UK. Seek some thrills on the traditional fun fair rides and satiate your sweet tooth with some candyfloss and toffee apples. Another exciting event on the calendar is the Chariots of Fire event where teams of six runners follow in the footsteps of the famous film.

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