It’s time to take away the hassle of looking for a new place and simply stay with us another year.

Not only will it make life easier, but you’ll be entered into our AMAZING PRIZE DRAW!

You could WIN some next level prizes !!!


We really appreciate your loyalty. If you opt to extend your stay, some of our properties come with a rebooker discount. Get in touch with the property or sales teams for more information.

Save Time

This quick and easy process takes hardly any time at all. You can tick this off the ‘to do’ list and get on with your day.

Rebook Your Room

Rebooking your room is a significant decision and, once you have done it, you can relax in the knowledge that a big part of your future is taken care of.


Should you decide to rebook, your deposit will be held by the DPS (Deposit Protection Service) and carried into the next academic year.

Student Experience

Rebooking with us also means you will get to enjoy our eagerly-anticipated student experiences, from Macmillan Coffee Mornings to Boot Camp classes!

Stay with your Friends

Our choice of shared studios and apartments gives you the chance to book as a group and embark on student life in the company of friends.

So, what do you need to do? … REBOOK, wait and we will announce the winners in September 2022.

To rebook your room simply log on, click ‘create application’ and select ‘returning student’.

T&C’s Apply.