World Meditation Day: Top 5 Morning Meditations For Positivity

Are you ready to find your zen? Being a student can be mega stressful, and we totes get that, which is why we’re here to help you with some morning meditation.

Since it’s World Meditation Day today, we thought we’d show you some morning meditations for positivity that you can do in your student accommodation.

Whether you’re just starting out with meditating or you’ve been doing it for a while, we’ve found 5 ways you can get your morning meditation fix!

There are so many benefits of meditation in the morning, it can stimulate the release of endorphins and boost your mood.

With that being said, let’s take a look at our top 5, get ready to relax and unwind…

1. Positive Affirmations

Let’s be honest, we all find it hard to have those pozzy vibes now and then, especially when we’re tired and stressed out.

All you need to do is make sure you’re comfortable, maybe get a hot drink by your side, and choose some positive statements to repeat in your mind.

Examples of positive affirmations might be…

  • I’m feeling positive, today is going to be a good day!
  • I am ready to face anything that today might bring.
  • I’m thankful for my family and friends around me.
  • I’m feeling motivated and enthusiastic today

If you repeat these positive affirmations, you’ll hopefully feel less negative and ready to take on the day!

When they’re repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts and change your pattern of thinking.

Trust us on this one folks, it actually works if you try hard enough – be resilient.

Check out this YouTube video here for a better understanding of positive affirmations.

2. Grounding

Still looking for some morning meditation ideas? Grounding is a great one to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

All you need to do is sit on the edge of your bed in your uni accommodation and feel your feet on the floor.

Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? But becoming aware of every bit of your body is what meditation is all about, you need to keep an open mind!

Ask yourself a series of questions to keep you in the present moment, whether that be…

  • How are you feeling right now?
  • Where are you right now?
  • Where are your hands resting?

If your thoughts are all over the place and you’re feeling mega stressy, grounding is all about taking you back to the present moment.

3. “Don’t Know Mind” Technique

Stressing out because you don’t have the answer to EVERYTHING that’s happening in your life? Us too!

The “don’t know mind” technique is a perfect reminder that no one really knows what’s going on, we’re all just kind of…winging it!

To allow this morning meditation technique to work, allow yourself to settle and imagine the day unfolding as planned.

Gently remind yourself that even though you have plans, you still “don’t know what might happen” because who knows what’s around the corner?

When you’re planning, wondering and seeking perfection, tell yourself you don’t know to build up your confidence of the unknown.

4. Breathing Morning Meditation

Focusing on breathing is a quick and easy form of meditation to help you feel more relaxed and in control.

All you need to do is move your attention to your breath, and imagine your body filling up with positive energy as you breathe in.

With each exhale, try to let go of stress, tiredness, or any other negative vibes you want to get rid of for the day

Be sure to observe your breath for a few cycles before you feel ready and comfortable to get on with your day.
Check out this fabulous article here all about breath-focused meditation.

5. Concentration Meditation

This form of meditation involves focusing on one signal point, whether that’s your breathing, a word, a mantra or a single candle flame!

Concentration meditation can be challenging, this form of morning meditation is usually not done by beginners.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a whirl! After all, we all have to start somewhere – right?

Rather than pursuing random thoughts, concentration meditation allows you to simply let them go, and improve your concentration as a result of this.

The Benefits Of Meditation

Still not sure whether to crack on with some morning meditation? Let us try and convince you!

Of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and we totally get that, but it can have some really positive benefits.

One of the main benefits is the fact that meditation allows you to clear any thoughts that may be cluttering your mind.

It can really help you build skills towards managing stress and anxiety, perfect for stressed-out students!

On top of this, morning meditation may actually increase your creativity and imagination – it might even help you on that last-minute assignment.

So, if that’s not enough to convince you, we don’t know what else we can do! Give morning meditation a go and get ready to find your inner zen.

We hope you found these tips useful, student wellbeing is extremely important to us, and we want each and every one of you to thrive and love your uni experience! If you’re wanting to download some wellbeing apps to your phone to keep your zen on the go, check out our latest blog here for some tips and tricks!

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