What to Expect From Nottingham Freshers Week

It’s officially September tomorrow, meaning it is only a few weeks away until you get your first taste of student life. As well as deciding what to pack and what modules to take, a decision of equal importance is what Freshers events you want to attend.

Freshers are a must for any student, even the unfresh/returning ones! After your accommodation, it is the best place to meet people and make new friends for life. 

Nottingham is an awesome city and Freshers is a truly immense week for both universities. As well as partying, make sure you take the time over the Welcome weeks to get to know the campus, familiarise yourself with your lecture halls and prepare for your classes.

Without further ado, here’s what to expect during Freshers 2021 at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

Nottingham Trent University

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Trent Freshers – Website

Trent Freshers 2021: Friday 17th September – Sunday 26th September

From the legendary Trent Army and Muddle cocktail nights to an LED Neon Jungle immersion, there is an event for every one, every fancy dress and nearly every music taste. 

Freshers isn’t just cheesy pop music at the SU anymore, events are diverse and curated to fit students’ growing needs.

Prizes, giveaways, freebies and more, there is tonnes on offer at Freshers week. 

NUT’s LGBTQ+ night, ICON, is hosted in conjunction with the uni’s Pride and is a fantastic way to meet people within the university community whilst dancing to some great tunes. 

If singing along to some classics is the one, check out the Silent Disco. Not your ‘3 cup of Tea, Goodness Me, A Flea’? Then Bedlam Bingo, a bingo night with a twist, might be – insanely BONKERS and a great laugh. 

NTU has even created its own FESTIVAL. Yes you heard right, a festival complete with different tents, stages and fairground rides.

Club nights are not ideal for all students and the NTU Freshers Team recognises this. 

The Outdoor Cinema, Acoustic Sessions and Comedy Night are a fantastic alternative to late-night partying, catering to those who want a more chilled out start to uni life.

Nottingham freshers week promises to be an unforgettable time, so get your wristbands ASAP. At just £49, the wristband is your ticket to seven events of your choice and tickets are bound to sell out to many of the amazing events so grab yours NOW.

Info You Need to Know

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@ntsuents – Instagram

Just as an FYI, NTU considers a student a Fresher if you:

  • Have accepted an offer from NTU
  • Have deferred your start date to 2021
  • Are joining NTU from another university
  • Resitting your first year at NTU
  • Are starting a Masters/PhD

Buy your wristbands.

In addition to the myriad of events, there will also be a Freshers Fair that will give you an insight to all the societies and groups that are on campus. One of the most wonderful things about student life

is the diversity; what you might have once thought of as a niche interest, actually has a whole host of followers. Make sure you check out the Freshers Fair to discover old and new interests to inspire your time at university.

University of Nottingham

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University of Nottingham kicks off the student year with Welcome 2021 on 20th September 1st until October

The 10+ days are set to be full of immersive experiences, raucous laughter and welcoming vibes. 

UoN is keeping students on the edge of their seats and is yet to release the club night events list but it’s sure to be jam packed of Nottingham’s top club venues and bursting with creativity from the SU team. 

The Welcome Week is sponsored by Ocean – a long standing student club with a DJ so dedicated to floor fillers he commutes from Canada. A visit is defo on the cards.

Despite building anticipation with the nightlife, UoN has released details of many on-campus events to encourage new students to socialise and get to know each other away from the bar; from coffee mornings, city and campus tours to afternoon tea and Salsa taster sessions, you will be struggling to choose what to do. 

There are also online events to engage with including quizzes that are a great way to meet like-minded people.

Welcome Fair 2021

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The date for the diary is certainly 20th and 21st September – The Welcome Fair. 

Starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm, the Welcome Fair, held in the Sports Hall, is super popular and showcases the vast range of sports and societies available to join at UoN. 

There are over 200 societies and over 70 sports clubs alongside student idea groups, services and networks.

 Priding itself in diversity and inclusivity, there is something for everyone at UoN and your passions are just waiting to be explored. Baking, archery, hacking, wheelchair basketball and Korfball are some examples of the hundreds of activities on offer. 

Check out the full list of events and start making a shortlist of your faves.

Tickets for club nights go on sale 6th September and details of the events are coming very, very soon so make sure you are following UoNSU on socials

In the meantime, check out the preview of the Events Program.

Additional Info

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Whilst Lockdown might seem like a distant memory, Covid-19 is still about and clubs and bars have taken precautions. For both universities’ events, you’ll most likely need a Covid Pass as per Government guidelines and more information on how to get one can be found at the two sites – Covid Pass For UoN and Covid Pass for NTU.

Both unis are super focused on creating events for students by students, which means that if you see any other vendor (apart from the unis) selling Fresher events or wristbands, then they are fake. 

UoN and NTU strongly urge all students to purchase event tickets and wristbands through respective Student Unions. Freshers are an incredible few days and to make sure you get the most of it, make sure you stay safe. 

Worried about money? Wave goodbye to this with our top tips on how to budget. We’re sure these will help out during Nottingham freshers week.

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