What International Students Can Expect in the UK!

It might be notoriously ‘drizzly’ in the UK, to put it diplomatically, but there are a number of reasons why it is still one of the world’s most desired places in which to study amongst students from other nations.

A whole host of factors make it a highly attractive prospect for those looking to pursue the next stage of their academic careers in the UK. Here are some handy hints for international students about what to expect from the country (apart from the odd spot of rain!).

Iconic landmarks

You will be hard pressed to find anywhere on your globe that has more prestigious, eye-catching, breath-taking, selfie-inducing sights than the United Kingdom. From Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to the Angel of the North and Edinburgh Castle, there is something from everybody up and down the nation.

The UK takes great pride in its rich history and the fact that over the years people have preserved even the oldest landmarks in order to teach the next generations all about the past and what makes a country tick.

Amazing scenery

There are not many better feelings than getting out there and discovering mind-blowing scenery which will provide you with infinitely more insight into the culture and heritage of a place than simply reading about it.

You really are spoilt for choice on this front. Stunning sights are dotted around every region and if you cannot get there on foot, university cities all have brilliant public transport (which we will come on to shortly).

Taking in these kind of sights is a great way of acquainting yourself with your new surroundings and you will soon feel at home.

Public transport

One of the most pleasing consistencies in all university cities is the fact that the public transport network is tailor-made for university students. It will also not take you long to understand the intricacies of the system and get into a routine.

While your student accommodation is likely to be close to a number of local amenities, the public transport is your safety net – something that will get you from A to B in a prompt manner if your chosen destination is not within walking distance.

If you have chosen to reside and study in the capital, it might be wise to purchase an Oyster Card which can be used on all of London’s Tube, tram and bus systems. The card is cheaper still for those in full-time education and living in London.

Food and drink

UK residents are foodies, there is no getting away from that. While fish and chips has been voted the nation’s favourite meal on more than one occasion in the not-too-distant past, other popular choices include a full English fry-up breakfast and a good old Sunday roast dinner.

Foodies also love trying new dishes, so don’t be shy about introducing your own culinary delights to your new housemates or fellow university students. It is a great ice-breaker and a fun way to interact with new people.

The UK is also known for its love of pubs – the meeting point for friends and loved ones to chat the evening away, complain about their boss, watch the football or even enjoy a cosy date.

Pubs form a big part of the nightlife for students in university cities and if it’s your thing, it won’t be long before you and your mates will be hunting for a ‘local’ to become your own meeting point for the next few years!

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