Wear A Hat Day 2023: Spreading Awareness For Brain Tumour Research

Wear a Hat Day 2023 is right around the corner again. All of us here at Homes for Students hold the day close to our hearts and once again we’ll be taking part in the day, raising awareness of brain tumours, and raising funds for brain tumour research. 

Wear a Hat Day takes place on Friday 31st March 2023 this year, and as always, is the day of the final fundraising as part of Brain Tumour Awareness Month. 

It brings people together, raising much-needed, life-saving funds in a fun way that helps to give people important information and support across the UK and beyond. 

Wear a silly hat to work, to uni, or just out and about for the day whatever you are doing. It helps to make this nationally important charity day even more important and memorable! 

It’s easy to register for Wear a Hat Day, bringing that mad, hatty attitude to your life and raising some money whilst you do so! 

Bring your heads (and hats) together to raise awareness, raise funds, and help Brain Tumour Research. 

wear a hat day

What Does Wear A Hat Day Raise Money For? 

The money raised for Brain Tumour Research is used to help build a network of experts in the field of sustainable brain tumour research. 

Money is also used to help with lobbying the Government and the large cancer charities in the UK, pushing for more investment into clinical research. 

This is only achievable by the hat-tastic days that you all have around the country on March 31st! 

There is no hiding place when it comes to brain tumours, they can affect any person, at any age. 

When compared to other types of cancer, brain tumours kill a greater number of children and adults under the age of 40 than any other. 

Despite this statistic only 1% of cancer research spending nationally has been allocated to brain tumour research. 

This does not seem enough and is part of the reason why Wear a Hat Day is so important, to raise greater awareness and to push the case for more funding to be funnelled in that direction. 

wear a hat day brain tumours

How To Register For Wear A Hat Day 

Fundraising on Wear a Hat Day is easy to do.

Through Brain Tumour Research you can find all the information that you need to help organise an event or to raise funds through other means. 

There are different options available, with some people holding charity events in physical locations and others holding virtual events to raise money online. 

There are badges and wristbands that can be sent out to make a central part of your fundraising efforts.

As well as some wild and wacky ideas about the types of hats that can be worn to raise awareness!  

fundraising for wear a hat day

The History Of Brain Tumours & Research

Brain tumours affect around 250,000 people around the world every single year.

The scientific studies and medical developments continue to astound, improving year on year, with radiation and chemotherapy key components of the approach to treat brain tumours. 

In fact, we now have the highest survival rate that there has ever been for those diagnosed with brain tumours. 

There is still a long way to go though, with improvement in science and medicine and the fact that we can still do our bit to raise greater awareness to a wider audience of people.  

At first, a brain tumour would mean the end for the person who was diagnosed.

That was until 1879 when William Macewen became the first person to remove a brain tumour successfully.

The patient fully recovered and there was a new way to fight against the illness. 

Once X-rays were discovered, doctors could locate tumours in the brain with greater accuracy.

With CT scanning over the past few decades this scanning capability has gone a long way to helping surgeons locate and remove brain tumours with clear images of the brain now available. 

Despite these amazing advancements in science, we are still not in a place where there is a cure that is 100% safe. 

This is the reason why Brain Tumour Awareness Month is so important.

Wear a Hat Day provides that fantastic focal point for the month, bringing people together in a fun way for a serious cause.  

The History Of Brain Tumours & Research

How To Get Involved 

Wondering what you can do for Wear A Hat Day 2023?

Check out our suggestions below to get involved! 

how to get involved with wear a hat day

1. Fundraise 

The best way to help is to register and sign up as a fundraiser for Wear a Hat Day.

That way, you’ll have the support you need to put together a fun day for your fundraising event and to plan ahead accordingly. 

It’s important that you have the biggest, brightest, silliest hat on the top of your head if you are raising funds.

You can also get your university course mates and friends involved, your housemates, your family, and even your colleagues if you have a part-time job whilst studying at uni! 


2. Host An Event 

One option is to bring Wear a Hat Day into university, speaking with your uni, your Students’ Union, lecturers, and course mates about wearing hats and raising funds in a fun way during your studies on the 31st March. 

There are many different ways to do this, asking for donations in the days and weeks running up to the day, asking people to donate money to wear a hat in lectures and seminars, or having a bigger event for people to attend on campus. 

hosting an event wear a hat day 2023

3. Get Everyone Involved 

If you also have a part-time job in the town or city you are studying in, you could bring Wear a Hat Day to this too!

Speak to your boss and colleagues about wearing silly hats to work and raising money through fundraising aimed at the customers. 

Get your family and friends involved back home, asking them to upload photos and videos of them wearing hats and sharing the love on social media. 

This is a fantastic way to raise awareness and get people online donating to a good cause, no matter where they happen to be!

getting everyone involved

4. Wear A Hat 

The best way to take part in Wear a Hat Day is to just wear a hat. 

Get your old favourite hat out from the back of the wardrobe and put it on for the day.

Or, go out and find yourself a new favourite hat that you will wear on the 31st March but also after that whenever you want to wear a hat. 

You’re a hat person now, it’s fine, you look amazing!

wearing a hat

5. Make Your Own Hat 

If you want to get a bit more creative and go all Blue Peter, make a hat out of paper or card, decorate it as silly as you like and see how long it’ll stay on your head throughout the day. 

This is a funny, brilliant way to raise awareness for Wear a Hat Day.

You could even organise a hat swap with other people in your uni.

This is fun, allows you to be playful with your friends and make them look silly for a good cause! 

making your own hat

Why is Wear a Hat Day important? 

You might be asked this question when you are pitching your university, Students’ Union, or place of work on the idea of having Wear a Hat Day as a designated charitable day to raise money through an official event. 

There are a few good answers to this, the main one being that it is for an incredibly good cause. 

As we have already discussed, Wear a Hat Day is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of brain tumours and to help fundraising that goes a long way to improving research funding into finding a safe cure.  

Not only is Wear a Hat Day such a great cause, but you will also have a lot of fun on the day too! 

You will look good in whatever hat you choose to wear, whilst feeling great that you are raising awareness and money. 

It is a day for those of you who are creative and expressive, or those of you who want to be more expressive but usually play it safe with what you wear day-to-day. 

There is a hat out there for every person, so don’t be shy, go looking for the hat of your dreams and do a good thing in the process. 

Wear a Hat Day genuinely makes a difference. Brain tumours can affect anyone, and with your help in raising funds and awareness, we could one day find a 100% safe cure for brain tumours. 


Don’t forget to send us some photos of you wearing a hat on Wear a Hat Day on Instagram @_homesforstudents. 

It is for such an amazing cause, and the team here at Homes for Students will once again be donning our favourite headgear to raise money and awareness for brain tumour research. 

We’ll take our hats off (but only briefly as a show of gratitude!) to those of you who join us on Friday 31st March 2023. 

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