The Top 7 TikTok Editing Apps You Need To Try

Okay, so you all know what TikTok is already…right? We don’t need to explain “TiKtOk Is An ApP fOr ShOrT vIdEoS” etc. It’s 2021 and you are a student, of course you know what TikTok is.

TikTok is clearly here to stay and despite the data harvesting and political controversies, the social media app is going from strength to strength and creating fresh millionaire influencers faster than any other platform.

Although it is relatively new-ish, the principle behind TikTok is the same as any social channel: content is king/queen. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have killer content and killer edits. Even if you’re the funniest, hottest, most intelligent person – it’s the slick, professional and hilarious clips that are going to get you the following, likes and shares we all crave.

The TikTok app already provides a number of inbuilt tools for you to use. Whilst these can get you started with editing, there are way more things you can do with your footage. We’ve done our research and found some editing apps that are going to take your clips to the next level and beyond. Without further ado, here are our top 7 TikTok editing apps that are going to make you the envy of all your student mates. 


filming yourself on phone

You don’t even need an account to use this slick video editor. In fact you don’t even need an app to use it on if you don’t want to grant any permissions. 

VEED allows you to use its services for free and entirely through your preferred browser – all you need to do is connect to your superfast WIFI in your student accommodation. 

The video editor screen is clean, straightforward and aesthetically pleasing as well as providing the majority of tools found on many of the main players featured in this article.

The coolest aspect about VEED is that it runs its entire operation using renewable energy, which is impressive given the huge amount of energy tech companies expend with servers. 

That’s why we’ve put it up at the top of our list because likes and shares are great, but saving the world is cooler and you all need a world to live in after you graduate.


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FilmoraGo is widely used within the movie industry and has been for a long time. 

It’s a quick, uncomplicated and effective video editing software with a ton of ways to make your content sing. 

Along with basic editing, FilmoraGo allows you to merge, cut and trim your clips providing a whole host of filters and effects that you can play with for hours. 

The quality of the tools available mean your edits look super stylish and professional. 




tik tok editing apps

We all know that music is a key aspect of TikTok culture. 

TikTok has become so musically influential that with a quick search on Spotify, you’ll find over 1000 songs with TikTok mentioned in the title! 

This is the best app when it comes to music, boasting a huge library of tunes available for you to incorporate into videos. 

As well as the music, there are also plenty of other video editing functions, such as filters and transitions. 

The simple user interface makes the editing lightning quick and one to defo try out next time you want to upload something. 


4. BeeCUT

tik tok editing apps you need to try

BeeCUT lets you work with videos across a whole spectrum of ratios, so if you ever need to transfer your shiny new video editing skills to Insta or Twitter as well as TikTok, you can do it with a simple switch within a dropdown. 

Your standard transition, length and filter editing tools etc are also included on BeeCUT, but it’s the ratios that make this app standout from its rivals. 




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Adobe Rush allows the user a significant amount of power when it comes to editing, helping you drill down into the minutia of your video and giving you total control. 

There are also some really cool features like subtitles and other text on video tools.

Another benefit for this app is the similarities its appearance and functionality has to other platforms, meaning there will be no delay in learning its ins and outs. 




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This slick app that offers all kinds of features will be a sure fire hit and help elevate your TikTok videos. 

We found the sound effects and slowmo tools particularly cool and best of all, it’s super easy to use. 




filming and using a tik tok editing apps

InShot might not have the inbuilt music library that some of its competitors have, but it has many free features. 

The student friendly price tag makes this a must download in our opinion. You can create different visual and audible effects using layering, altering playback speeds and combining different videos. 

InShot is super social media friendly, allowing you to upload your clips on multiple platforms seamlessly. 



TikTok is huge and users are becoming even more ruthless with their time, meaning you’re going to need to be on your game to get them to stop scrolling on your video for those precious seconds. 

These editing apps will give you the tools you need to get involved in the chaos, start duetting with the best of them and thrive in the next big TikTok challenge.

Download a few of these TikTok editing apps and have a play around to see which interface suits you best. We predict that it is likely you will ultimately want to run all your videos through more than one editor as they all have unique filters, features and tools. Your new student life and student accommodation is full of content opportunities and we have just given you everything you need to capture it all in professional style and make your most captivating TikToks yet. Not sick of TikTok? Check out our fave recipes from the platform.

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