Top 8 iPad Pro Apps For Students

Being a student isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got a ton of deadlines and revision to be thinking about. You may even find yourself becoming overwhelmed with your workload with millions of to-do lists and revision cards. Don’t forget all the cooking and cleaning at your fab student accommodation too! This is why organisation is absolutely key when studying at University, you’ll thank us later, we promise.

We’re super excited to announce that our ‘WIN your best life’ competition launches on Friday 8th May 2020! Up for grabs are some amazing tech products, destined to make your life a whole lot easier and more organised at university. Prizes include an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard, an iPhone 11 Pro, Airpods Pro, an Apple Pencil and many more. 

The iPad Pro has some really great features, at 12.9” it feels more like a piece of paper or a canvas, especially accompanied with the Apple Pencil. It has the power and function of a computer, but the portability of an iPad, making it so much easier to travel with for lectures. It’s got 10 hours battery life so you can keep working on it all day, and when linked with the Magic Keyboard (which attaches magnetically) the user experience is something quite special.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, or thinking of investing in an iPad Pro yourself, there are some great apps available to really kickstart some organisation. We’ve done some research and compiled the top 10 apps available for students, time to get organised!  

1. Notes Plus

This nifty app enables you to go completely paperless! It allows users to convert handwriting into typed text and has an automatic shape detection, ideal for note taking during lectures. The conversion tool means you can scribble down as much as you can as quickly as possible and not have to worry about retyping it out later. Notes Plus lets you insert images from your photo gallery or directly from the camera, and if you want to import a PDF or DOC file to annotate, it has that function too.

Get it here:

You’ll never run out of space when writing either, as you can keep scrolling with your finger endlessly as you write more. If you make a mistake, simply scribble it out with your Apple Pencil and it disappears!

2. Ulysses

This particular app is fab for those studying Creative Writing or Journalism, or for those who just simply love to write! The library holds everything you’ll ever write and is equipped for managing writing projects of all sizes whether that be a novel or a poem.

Get it here:

With iCloud, your whole library syncs back and fourth with the connected devices, so you can work on your writing anywhere whether that be on your Mac or iPhone. What’s really cool about this app, is that it can turn your writing into a beautiful looking PDF, Word document and eBook. You can export the content to HTML ready for you to publish anywhere and can even publish to WordPress if you fancy working on your blog.

3. Microsoft Apps

You’ll always need access to some form of Microsoft App at uni, whether that be Outlook to check your emails or Microsoft Word to work on that essay you’ve been dreading!

View them here:

The iPad Pro also allows you to have a ‘split view’ on your device, so if you want to have your email open whilst working on a project on PowerPoint, you can. Remember though, you will have to have a qualifying Office 365 plan, all being well it should work with your university email address.

4. Fantastical 2  

This app is brilliant at organizing your events in a list, whether that be a month or week view, all on the same screen.  There’s also a reminder feature within the app just in case you need that extra nudge when an assignment is due! You can use it across all your other Apple products too, whether that be your iPhone or Mac.

Get it here:

It enables you to add your existing calendar accounts directly to the app and keep all your events in sync.  Another great feature of Fantastical is that it lets you quickly upload files or images from the app to your iCloud, Google, or Exchange events. When scheduling an event with invitees, the app lets you see their availability to help you find a time that works for everyone, which is very handy for scheduling study time or group work with your uni pals.

5. Evernote

We all love a good to-do list! This app is one of the best-known apps for planning tasks and events. It has the ability to add video and attatch Word documents and PDFs to your to-do lists. You can organise tasks and set reminders to share with fellow students.

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Evernote has a great function that allows you to organise notes by different ‘notebooks’, you can choose to either make it private or share it with collaborators or fellow classmates. You could create a new notebook for each of your university modules, that way your university notes won’t get jumbled or confusing, genius!

6. Forge

For all you arty students out there, this app is pretty much a storyboard for creativity! Working on a complex project for uni? Forge enables you to brainstorm concepts, storyboards, and sketch ideas. You can export your ideas to Photoshop on your desktop or other mobile applications to apply finishing touches too, which is a really useful feature.

Get it here:

You can keep your brainstorm work all together to create a new group which means you won’t get too overwhelmed with all your annotations and scribbles keeping everything clear and concise!  

7. Alarmy: Sleep if You Can

Always sleeping in? Alarmy will make sure you’re awake in no time! Granted, some people will find this app super annoying, but it definitely does what it says on the tin.

Get it here:

This alarm will give you tasks to drive away all the sleepiness if you’re feeling lazy and get you ready for the day. You set the app up by registering a photo of an area in your house. Once the alarm is set, the only way you make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and take a photo of the registered area!

It’s even got mathemetics problems to get you thinking first thing and it won’t stop until you get it right, or a shake function to physically exert yourself as soon as you’ve opened your eyes. Pretty cool right?

8. Things

This great little app allows you to collect your thoughts, get organised, plan your time effectively and make the most of your day! It can be stressful studying at university, you need to make sure you’re making the most of it but also being productive at the same time!

Find out more here:

With Things, you can create to-do lists, create projects for each of your goals and add steps to reach them, and plan your time effectively.

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