Top 10 Viral Tik Tok Hacks That Are Actually Super Useful

Ah, isn’t Tik Tok absolutely wonderful? It’s filled with loads of useful Tik Tok hacks that we didn’t know existed – and they’ve changed our lives!

Tik Tok isn’t just videos of people lip-syncing music videos you know, it’s totes so much more than that now.

Some of the hacks on the app are actually life-changing, and if you don’t have Tik Tok yet, you’ve gotta jump on board ASAP.

So without further ado, get comfy in your cosy accommodation, open Tik Tok, and prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!

1. The Wrap Hack

Okay, so if you haven’t seen the wrap hack yet, you’re going to be seriously impressed (and hungry!)

You can make use of this wrap hack for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three – it’s all down to you.

All you need to do is grab a pack of tortilla wraps from your local supermarket, and fillings of your choice.

According to BuzzFeed, @ellcarter1 on Tik Tok was the bloomin’ genius that came up with this idea, and we seriously thank her!

Make a cut from the middle of the tortilla down to one edge, and fill each quarter of the wrap with your chosen fillings.

Then, fold it up into a neat triangle and grill (or eat as is) but we’d deffo grill if you’ve got cheese on it for melty yumness.

It’s basically a bit like a quesadilla, but the beauty of it is that you can literally put whatever you want on it!

So whether you fancy a mini fry-up in your wrap, ham & cheese, southern fried chicken or even Nutella – the world is your oyster 😉.

2. The Jeans Hack

Are your jeans a little too baggy now? Don’t worry! This jeans Tik Tok hack has got you covered – it seriously works!

All you need to do is get the button on your jeans, loop it through a belt hole and then do up your jeans.

@viluong has a Tik Tok explaining what to do, but it’s proper simple to follow, don’t worry!

Put it this way, it basically means you don’t have to purchase new jeans if you’ve lost a bit of weight, which is a winner in itself.

Here at Homes for Students, we put the jeans Tik Tok hack to the test, and can confirm, it works…hurrah!

3. The Bag For Life Hack


Why are bags for life absolutely EVERYWHERE? Of course, they’re a great thing to have, ideal for your big shop with your uni pals.

But, we always end up with absolutely loads of them stuffing our kitchen cupboards, to the point where we could sell them ourselves!

This hack won’t only help you when you’re at uni, but also when you venture into the fun life of adulting.

Grab your bag for life and fold it in half landscape, then fold it again, and a third time, then fold it triangular and loop the handles through.

We know we probably didn’t explain that very well, so check out the TikTok shared by @kat_roberts1989.

Who’d have thought being a student involved folding your bags for life!?

4. The Essay Hack

The Essay Tik Tok Hack

Ever struggled to hit your word count for that all-important assignment? Don’t worry, we know the struggle!

@jozadak has come up with some amazing word fillers to make your essay that little bit longer.

For example, instead of using phrases like “this means” in your conclusion, she suggests “this actively illustrates that” instead!

“In conclusion” could be changed to “to sum up everything that has been stated” and so on.

Pretty clever right? Nothing like bulking out an essay in a simple and easy way, another fab Tik Tok hack.

5. The Boiled Egg Hack

Boiled Egg Hack

Okay, so this one sounds a little random, but trust us, you’ll be thankful when you’re having your dippy egg and soldiers.

Ever wanted a boiled egg for breakfast, or even in your salad, and struggled to peel off the actual shell of the egg?

You may even burn your fingers in the process, which is why this boiled egg Tik Tok hack is amazing.

@sendmarketingadshere shared a Tik Tok with a whopping 20.1M likes which you need to watch right now.

All you need to do is grab your egg and make a small crack at the bottom of the egg, before boiling it in the pan.

Once it’s done, scoop out your egg and put it in a small Tupperware filled with cold water and shake!

After you’ve shaken it, the shell around the egg should have basically come off already – how easy is that?

6. The Cereal Box Hack

Cereal Box Tik Tok Hack

No more stale cereal with this Tik Tok cereal box hack, thank us later!

@micklanie explains that all you need to do is fold the side tabs in, and the back tabs in.

Next, you have to crease the sides and tuck in the top tab, to the point where it’ll end up resembling a milk carton.

The best part? When you turn it upside down, no cereal falls out, so you won’t be seeing any stray Coco Pops on your uni kitchen floor!

7. The Too Many Tabs Hack

Too Many Tabs Hack

Are you writing an assignment and feeling stress with too many tabs open? We’ve all been there!

@stuniiapp has shown us the way to control all the crazy tabs, and we’re so here for it.

On Google Chrome, search for a divider tabs extension, click on the top result and add it to your Chrome.

You can actually organise all your tabs by right-clicking and adding the tab to a new group, then name the group and pick a colour!

Now you can write that essay without feeling stress, so get ready to crack on.

8. The Crisps & Dip Hack

Crisps & Dip Tik Tok Hack

Everybody loves a cheeky bit of dip with their crisps, especially when watching a movie in your student accommodation!

But do you ever struggle where to put the dip without making a mess? After all, you want easy access – right?

@thelifebath has come up with an amazing idea to solve all your crisps and dip problems!

Get a wine glass and put it in a bowl, get your crisps of choice and put them in the bowl, and then put your dip in the wine glass.

Absolutely genius right?

9. The False Nail Hack

The False Nail Hack

For any students with false nails, you’ll understand how annoying it was (especially over lockdown) to get them removed!

But this Tik Tok hack shows you how you can remove them with ease, and not have to pay a fortune.

All you need to do is fill a bowl with argan oil, water, and a bit of soap, dip your fingers in and watch those nails loosen.

No more trying to rip your nails off in fury – hurrah! Check out bysugarclaws for more false nail hacks.

10. The Feta Pasta Hack

Feta Pasta Tik Tok Hack

Foodie Tik Tok hacks are the best, if you haven’t seen this one yet, you’ve deffo been living under a rock.

Did you know? This viral pasta recipe actually caused a shortage of cheese in one country!

Created by the @feelgoodfoodie, the hashtag has 380 million views alone, with the video reaching 1.2 million likes.

Just grab yourself some cherry tomatoes, oil, season, and get your yummy block of feta cheese in the centre of an oven tray.

Cook your pasta separately, and once your cheesey/tomato mix has melted, combine and enjoy!

And there you have it, our top viral Tik Tok hacks you need to check out right now. Who know Tik Tok could be so useful? For more top tips, check out our latest blog on how to deal with exam stress.

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