The ULTIMATE Guide To Fun Things To Do In Exeter

Nestled in the heart of Devon, Exeter is a vibrant and historic city which is not only home to a prestigious university but also an incredible array of activities to keep you busy. 

Whether you’re a fresher eager to explore your new surroundings or a seasoned student looking to spice up your weekends, our ultimate guide will help you uncover the top fun things to do in Exeter. 

So, start texting your mates, get ready for some new experiences, and plenty of Instagram-worthy moments!

things to do in Exeter

1. Visit Exeter Cathedral 

A guide to fun things to do in Exeter wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its stunning cathedral. 

Exeter Cathedral is a magnificent world-class heritage destination dating back to almost a thousand years ago, which you can visit free of charge. 

Here you can marvel at the magnificent architecture, take a guided tour, and learn about the rich history that surrounds this iconic landmark. 

The tranquillity inside the cathedral is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of student life, and there’s plenty of photo opportunities too. 

When the sun is shining, you can even sit down on the Cathedral Green and enjoy a picnic!



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Address: 1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS

2. Explore The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

If you’re interested in art, culture, and history, The Royal Albert Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit. 

At this world-class museum and art gallery, you can discover fascinating exhibitions from natural history to world cultures to zoology to anthropology to fine art and more. 

Located in the heart of the city, this place is great for expanding your knowledge and immersing yourself in the beauty of the art gallery’s diverse collection. 

Plus, it’s free to visit so you don’t need to stretch your student budget if you fancy spending a few hours exploring. 


Address: Royal Albert Memorial Museum Art & Gallery, Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RX

3. Head Down To Exeter Quay

Located on the banks of the River Exe, the Exeter Quay is a picturesque area with a vibrant atmosphere. 

For those looking for things to do, take a leisurely stroll along the historic quayside, soak up the scenic views, and stop by the abundance of independent shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. 

Known as Exeter’s hidden gem, the quay is popular with students and locals and hosts many events throughout the year including 10k runs, water sports, and live music nights. 

You can even rent a kayak, paddleboard or canoe to explore the river if you’re up for a little adventure with your pals! 



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Address: Exeter Quay, Exeter, EX2 4AN

4. Stroll Around Gandy Street 

Gandy Street is a quaint, cobbled street packed with character, hidden just off from Exeter High Street. 

The street is lined with unique shops, cosy cafes, and trendy bars, making it the perfect place for some retail therapy, to grab some lunch or even head out on a night out with friends. 

It’s said that the Harry Potter Author JK Rowling, who went to university in Exeter, was inspired by Gandy Street for the inspiration of Diagon Alley! 

Be sure to take a walk around, soak up the lively atmosphere and keep an eye out for hidden gems. 

You never know what you’re going to stumble upon… 



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5. Check Out The House That Moved 

If you’re keen to make the most of your student experience, check out The House That Moved. 

This stunning 14th-century house sits next to St Mary Steps Church and is a fascinating piece of local history that will leave you wondering how they managed to relocate it! 

This impressive Tudor building dates back to around 1430 and still stands after being moved in the 1960s to its new location.

Prepare to be amazed at this peculiar sight and make sure to capture an Insta-worthy photo. 



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Address: The House That Moved, 24 West St, Exeter EX1 1BA

6. Experience Exeter Phoenix 

For students who are into arts and culture, Exeter Phoenix is the place to be. 

Exeter Phoenix is a vibrant multi-use arts venue home to art galleries, a solar-powered cinema, performances, gigs, theatre shows, a recording studio and a cafe-bar.

Here you’re able to Immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere and discover talented artists and performers from the local community and beyond.

Whether you’re watching a film, exploring the art galleries, getting involved in a workshop, or even wanting to enjoy a drink at Phoenix Cafe Bar, this place won’t disappoint! 

Check out the official website to discover what’s on. 



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Address: Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS

7. Go To Boom Battle Bar 

Are you up for some friendly competition? Make your way to Boom Battle Bar, where you can challenge your friends in a variety of different games. 

With axe throwing, a shuffleboard, augmented reality darts, American pool, beer pong, crazy golf and ping pong, this lively battle bar inside Guildhall Shopping Centre is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side. 

This city centre spot really is a fantastic place to unwind, enjoy some drinks and make your time in Exeter truly memorable! 


Address: Unit 24 and 28, Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter EX4 3HP

8. Watch A Show At Exeter Northcott Theatre

For a dose of entertainment, we’d recommend watching a show at the Exeter Northcott Theatre. 

Located inside the University of Exeter, this local theatre hosts a diverse range of performances, including plays, musicals, and dance productions throughout the year. 

Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or just looking to do something different with your friends, the Northcott Theatre has something for everyone.

If you’re making an evening out of it, they also have a cafe which serves delicious food and drinks. 

Wondering what’s on? Discover some of the great shows taking place on the official website.


Address: Stocker Rd, Exeter EX4 4QB

9. Escape Hunt Exeter 

Wanting to add some excitement to your student life? Gather up your friends and head to Escape Hunt Exeter. 

Located in the heart of the city centre, Escape Hunt has a variety of different live escape games for up to 6 players. 

Here you and your teammates will get locked in a room and race against time to discover clues and solve puzzles, and hopefully escape within 60 minutes. 

If you fancy an adrenaline-filled activity, there’s also two different Virtual Reality adventures you can get involved with! 



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Address: 28 High St, Exeter EX4 3HP

10. Explore Exeter’s Underground Passages 

Delve into the city’s intriguing past by venturing underground through the Exeter Underground Passages. 

These ancient passages date back to the 14th century and were originally used to transport water under Exeter City Centre. 

Take a guided tour of the mediaeval passages and learn about their history, explore the dark eerie tunnels, and gain a unique perspective on the city’s heritage.

Did you know Exeter is the only UK city with underground passages of this type? Definitely worth exploring! 



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Address: 2 Paris St, Exeter EX1 1GA 

There we have it, the end of our post on fun things to do in Exeter. 

Thankfully, all of these activities are within walking distance from your student flat.

What’s your favourite activity in Exeter? We’d love to hear from you @_homesforstudents.

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