The Top Student Influencers To Follow In 2024

Whether it’s academic advice, self-care tips, study hacks, skincare routines, day-in-the-life videos, or anything else you’re after, you can count on student influencers to discuss the ins and outs of the UK university experience. 

After all, whilst going through the ups and downs of student life, sometimes all you need is some relatable content to get you through, and by that we mean, social media posts by people in a similar position to you. 

To help you out with which student influencers are worth hitting that follow button for, we’ve got just the guide for you with our list of the top Gen-Z content creators. 

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1. Emma Neill 

When it comes to student influencers, Emma Neill is someone you should be following if you’re not already. 

This Irish content creator has racked up a mega 143.2K followers on TikTok and 60.9K followers on Instagram, thanks to her posts which range from plant-based recipes to makeup routine tips and day-in-the-life videos to fashion inspo and self-care tips. 

She even has a podcast “Here For The Craic with Emma Neill” with episodes focusing on really useful and current topics, from identity crisis’ to friendships to relationships to sustainable fashion. 

This University of Leeds student clearly covers all bases with her content so make sure to check her out! 



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2. Jake Harper

Jake Harper is an up-and-coming TikTok content creator based in Liverpool who makes engaging content around student life. With 3.1k followers on TikTok, this influencer has a student audience that is growing rapidly. 

His day in the life of videos will inspire you to look forward to uni a lot more than you expect. And if you are looking for new and exciting things to do in Liverpool, his videos will be your go-to guide to finding the best spots in the city!

Jake’s content feels like a friend sharing their uni life with you and we are sure that his videos will have you feeling motivated and uplifted!

Click here to view Jake’s TikTok profile and give him a follow!


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3. Ruby Cline 

We’d be surprised if you’re studying in the UK and haven’t seen Ruby Cline’s videos on your for you page. 

Ruby Cline is a University of Cambridge student who has amassed a 34.5k following on TikTok thanks to her videos which mostly focus on academic advice and university lifestyle tips. 

Her ever-popular TikTok account ‘ConversationsWithRuby’ discusses topics such as how to write reading lists at university, what the university drinking culture is like in the UK, what to bring with you to university, how to deal with student socials and first-year academic tips.

If you’re not studying at university don’t worry, Ruby also has videos for GCSE and A-Level students such as preparing for results day, revision tips as well as how to write a personal statement. 

Ruby’s conversations don’t just stop with education either, she also shares life lessons, unpacks current trends, focuses on queer learning, politics and book recommendations. 

Aside from her online videos, Ruby is also a keen writer and publishes articles for the youth news site, The Tab.

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4. Brontë King

Whilst studying Film and Television at the University of Reading, Bronte King started posting videos on university Q&A’s, dealing with relationship and situations break ups, the ups and downs of student life and clothing hauls. 

After graduating from university, Bronte struggled with navigating through the post-uni world and wondering what was next for her, which is what led her to set up the online networking community “Gals Who Graduate”. 

Gals Who Graduate is a fantastic community which offers support to female students and graduates with a combined audience across Facebook and Instagram of over 80,000. 

Whether you’re a current student struggling with making friends or settling into university life or a postgraduate dealing with some of the most difficult years of your life, this platform can help you with friendships, jobs, advice, networking, and so much more. 

Bronte also centres her online content on YouTube and TikTok around travelling, girl power, female body confidence and mental health. 

Make sure to give her a follow and check out Gals Who Graduate if you haven’t already! 



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5. Lydia Violeta

Lydia Violeta is in her final year of studying Business Management at the University of Leeds and shares content all about student life and healthy productivity across her social media channels. 

Lydia’s relatable and informative vlogs on YouTube document the highs and lows of the university experience, from writing a dissertation to completing exams and assignments to working out to eating healthy to studying abroad and so much more. 

With 38.3k followers on TikTok, her page is a destination for skincare routines, cooking recipes, productivity tips, day-in-the-life videos and travel experiences. 

Lydia’s social media platforms are definitely invaluable sources of entertainment, inspiration and motivation so she’s for sure someone to check out! 



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6. Glo Coretz

Glo Cortez is one of the most popular student influencers around at the minute, with a TikTok following of 282.7K. 

The University of Bolton student rose to prominence on TikTok for her dancing videos, but she also posts other entertaining and helpful content like try-on hauls, wig installs, makeup tutorials and cooking recipes. 

Now an ambassador for fashion brand Boohoo, her Instagram page has a following of around 50k and is full of stylish outfit inspiration as well as beauty and lifestyle content. 

If you’re looking for some feel-good content by someone in a similar position to you, to get you through the turbulent university years, Glo is someone you should definitely hit the follow button for!


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That’s the end of our guide on the top student influencers to follow in 2024, we hope you enjoyed reading and have found your new favourite content creator. 

Do let us know if there are any other higher education content creators out there worthy of mentioning @_homesforstudents.

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