The Student Guide to Manchester's Chinatown

Bursting with colour and flavour, Manchester’s Chinatown is the second-largest in the UK, giving you all the more reason to pop down there and have a mooch!

Located on Faulkner Street, Chinatown was developed into the main cultural hub for Chinese families back in the day. It’s now super famous for its restaurants, grocery shops, scrumptious bakeries, and Chinese New Year celebrations! If you’re living in student accommodation in Manchester and want to further enjoy this buzzing city, there are plenty of yummy restaurants and Insta-worthy cafes you need to visit.

So grab your pals, because we’ve compiled a list of the best spots for students in Chinatown, lets get cracking!

Chinatown Manchester Shops

From bustling Chinese supermarkets to cute craft stores, it’s safe to say that Chinatown has a fabulous choice of shops you need to visit with your mates!

We’ve done our research and found a few to keep you busy when exploring the area, let’s begin.

T La Art & Craft Gallery Ltd

Chinese lucky cat gift from a shop

This cute little oriental gift shop has been trading since 1986, pretty impressive right?

Even if you don’t fancy buying anything, this is a great place to mooch around with some super interesting products! If you live in our Manchester House accommodation, it’ll only be an 8 min ride on the 102 bus line.

Filled with Chinese art materials, tea sets, bowls, wind charms, incense sticks, and many more, get ready for the ultimate chilled vibes.

They also have an abundance of Chinese New Year decorations, there’s no harm in stocking up now is there?

Hang Won Hong Supermarket

Chinatown Manchester Supermarket

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this supermarket is only a few hundred yards away from the famous Chinese arch, perfect for Insta!

There’s so much choice here, guaranteed to keep any foodie interested.

With weekly deliveries three times a week, you don’t need to worry about Hang Won Hong running out of food! From stacks of herbs (fresh and dried) to mounds of star anise, fresh fruit and loads of vegetables, get ready to cook up a storm for your pals. Drinks include Far Eastern beers and Shaohsing rice wine as well as local delicacies such as instant jellyfish and liver sausage.

Calling all noodle lovers! Hang Won Hong is pretty much noodle heaven, with sacks of rice, massive packs of noodles and Chinese pot noodles for under £1, what a bargain. If you just moved to our Manchester Court accommodation, your meals are sorted – this gem is just a 10-minute walk from your flat.

Whatever you fancy, Hang Won Hong supermarket is guaranteed to have it, so what are you waiting for?

Woo Sang Supermarket

Woo Sang Supermarket Manchester Chinatown Fortune Cookies

Did somebody say fortune cookies for 99p? If that doesn’t sell you, we don’t know what will!

Woo Sang Supermarket offers all the delicious Chinese foods you’d expect, for fantastic prices with a buzzing atmosphere to match. Upstairs there’s also Hunan Restaurant, which serve traditional Chinese cuisine with plenty of scrumptious dishes such as chilli stir fry pork and spicy crayfish.

Chinatown Manchester Restaurants

Chinatown Manchester Dim Sum restaurant

We hope you’re feeling hungry, because Chinatown Manchester is filled with delicious restaurants guaranteed to satisfy your rumbling tummy!

Whether you fancy an all you can eat feast, or some delicious Thai food with a spicy kick, Chinatown has it all. Keep your eye out for student deals because there’s always some fab special offers floating about in the city.

Here’s some yummy restaurants you need to try out if you’re studying in Manchester, bibs at the ready!

China Buffet

China Buffet Chinatown Manchester

With a tasty selection of Cantonese dishes, China Buffet is a super quick and easy option for food with your pals.

The best part is, you can eat as much as you want for just £6.50 Monday-Thursday 12pm-5pm and £10.50 5pm-11pm, bargain alert!

This no-fuss buffet will have you full to the brim in no time, perfect if you want to grab a tasty bite to eat in between lectures. Friday and Saturday evenings are slightly more pricy for £11.95 per person, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty cheap for all you can eat!

Located directly opposite the Chinese arch, expect this place to be very busy because it’s a popular choice for nosh in Chinatown.

Yang Sing

Yang Sing Dim Sum Manchester

Fancy a quick dim sum lunch? Or maybe you’re in the mood for some bottomless afternoon tea? Yang Sing has it all, for a very reasonable price that won’t break the bank!

What began as a small family business in 1977 has expanded rapidly, and has now grown to become one of the most well-known eateries in Chinatown. Their A La Carte menu has some seriously delicious dishes such as salt and pepper king prawns and spiced lemongrass chicken!

If you fancy staying in your PJ’s at your cosy student accommodation with your mates, they offer a takeaway delivery service too.

Manchester Chinese Restaurant

This is another very popular Chinese restaurant in Chinatown Manchester, their menu is brimming with scrumptious dishes! As well as great service, Manchester Chinese Restaurant offers affordable food too, which is something every student wants, right? Perhaps one of the main things you should try here is the roast meats, which always seems to get absolutely sterling reviews!

So sit back, enjoy the ambiance of Manchester Chinese Restaurant, and get feasting on some tantalizing Chinese cuisine, bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Happy Seasons

If you want to tuck into some Thai and Chinese food, Happy Seasons is deffo worth a visit, trust us on this one!

Whether it’s some yummy white fish broth or more familiar Thai red and green curries, this venue is perfect for a meal out with your mates. They also claim to serve #manchesterbestroastduck so we think we should definitely give it a try.

The mains are usually about £7, and you can bring your own alcohol to the venue which is always a bonus!

Chinatown Manchester Cafés

Chinatown Manchester cafes

In the mood for a bit of bubble tea? Or maybe you fancy something sweet like some custard buns or mooncake?

Don’t worry, Chinatown Manchester has a whole bunch of popular cafés and bakeries to give you your sweet fix.

Fu’s Chinese Restaurant And Café

Fu Chinese Manchester cafe

This restaurant and café is popular mainly due to word of mouth within the Chinese community! Say goodbye to stereotypical Chinese souvenirs littering the walls,  because this place focuses on the idea of good food, and good food only.

Opening from 11am-10:30pm, choose from congee (rice/porridge), fried rice, noodle soup and many other delicious delights.

Main courses usually range from £5-£8, making this a very affordable place to eat day or night! Pop here in the day for some nice warming chicken noodle soup, or visit on an evening for something a little more substantial.

Wong Wong Bakery & Café

This super cute bakery & café has some Instagram-worthy sweet treats that’s for sure! With cakes made to order, fresh pastries, speciality mooncakes and Taiwanese bubble tea, what’s not to love about Wong Wong Bakery & Café? Choose from a range of amazingly delicate, colourful cakes with a choice of fresh fruit, black forest gateau, fresh mango, cheesecake and many more!

During this time of year, you need to treat yourself to a mooncake, traditionally eaten during the mid-autumn festival. The rich, thick filling is usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs. Take a bite of your sweet treat and admire the famous Chinese Arch, with crystal cakes and custard buns bound to make your mouth water.

Wherever you choose to visit on your trip to Chinatown, you’re bound to be filled with delicious flavours and surrounded by bright colours. Not only does Chinatown Manchester offer great value, it also offers a nice range of eateries and quaint shops to keep you busy.

Grab your pals, because it’s time for a trip to Chinatown, we hope you’re feeling hungry!

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