Vision Boards: Are They The New Resolutions?

In a world where goal-setting is sought, vision boards have emerged as a popular tool for achieving your dreams and aspirations. 

Over the recent years, vision boards have gained more popularity over resolutions, which used to be the most common way to set out goals. 

With all the noise that the vision board is making online, you might be wondering, what is so good about it?

In this blog, we will delve into the concept of vision boards and their effectiveness so you can find out if this new method of visualising your goals is the right choice for you!

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How are vision boards different from resolutions?

While both of these concepts revolve around the same idea of goal setting and personal development, the key difference between them is that vision boards help visualise your goals whereas resolutions are more of a list of things you would like to achieve.

While both of them have their own pros and cons, most people find that visualising their goals makes them seem more achievable compared to resolutions. 

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What are vision boards?

Vision boards can be defined as a visual representation of your goals and aspirations all put together in one place. This can be through a collection of images, phrases, affirmations and so much more.

Typically, people collect images of the things that represent the ideal life that they want to live, and quotes and affirmations that support it, and arrange them in a board or a canvas.

As things have quickly become digital, so have vision boards. Some people also choose to create vision boards on their phone through apps like Canva and have it as a lock screen, to constantly remind them of things that they would like to achieve. 

The main purpose of a vision board is to serve as a reminder of one’s intentions and to inspire action towards achieving those goals. As life gets busy, we often get caught up with so many things that we don’t have the time to focus on our bigger goals and aspirations. 

By regularly visualising these goals, people can cultivate focus, motivation, and a sense of clarity about their future objectives.

To sum it up, vision boards are often used in goal-setting, personal development, and manifestation practises to help individuals clarify their vision and manifest their desires into reality.

Girl creating vision board

Do vision boards really work?

Most importantly, we would all like to know if this really works or if it is another passing trend that is worth skipping. 

Dr Tara Swart, a neuroscientist explains the concept behind vision boards as: “Looking at images on a vision board primes the brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed. That’s because the brain has a process called ‘value-tagging’ which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information.”

Dr Frank Niles, in an article on How To Use Visualisation to Achieve Your Goals, mentions that as we envision our desired outcome, we start to perceive the potential of attaining it. Through visualisation, we glimpse what one author refers to as our “desired future.” This inspires us and readies us to actively pursue our objective.

It is definitely safe to conclude that the concept of vision boards is way beyond just a passing internet trend and there is scientific evidence behind why it helps people achieve their goals.

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How Can You Create A Vision Board?

If all of this has inspired you to make a vision board yourself, then look no further. We will give you the best tips on how you can create the perfect vision board and achieve your goals and aspirations!

Set Your Intentions

The first step before you even begin to create a vision board is to clearly set your intentions for what you want to achieve. If you directly jump into collecting pictures and compiling them, you might get overwhelmed and lose a sense of clarity on what you want to actually achieve. 

A great way to identify what are the things that matter deeply to you is by journaling. There are so many journalling prompts that can help you dig a little deeper into your goals and aspirations and understand them better. 

Girl writing her intentions on a book

Gather your materials

Once you have identified your main goals, it is now time for the fun part. You can start gathering all the materials you need to bring this vision board to life!

If you’re going the traditional route with a physical vision board, then you can start getting a board and other craft supplies. But if you are looking to create a digital vision board, then you can easily jump to the next step. 

Persons hand with a board and craft materials

Search for Images that best represent your goals

One of the most popular tips that you can find online on vision boards, is to be as specific as possible. So don’t just look for generic images but rather specific ones that really represent your goals and aspirations perfectly!

If you are creating a physical vision board, then you can look for these images in magazines and newspapers. You can also always just check online on sites like Pinterest and print out the images.

And if you are creating a digital vision board, then all you need to do is start taking screenshots of the images that you like and store them in a folder.

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Bring the Vision Board To Life

The next step is just for you to bring all the images together to create the vision board of your dreams (quite literally). 

The best part about creating a vision board is that it doesn’t need to be perfect or neat. It just has to feel right to you and visualise what you want to achieve. 

Once you are done creating this vision board, you can then keep it in a place where you can look at it regularly. This can be your cupboard, door, or even your lock screen. 

The main idea behind it is for you to constantly look at it and be reminded of your goals and aspirations so you never lose track.

You can always go back and add things to do or change things if you find it fit. It is all about what feels right to you and what speaks for your future, there is no right or wrong here. 

Girl putting images together on a board

In conclusion, vision boards offer a fresh approach to goal-setting, and while they don’t have to be a replacement for traditional resolutions, they can be a complementary tool for personal growth. 

By combining the power of visualisation with intentionality and action, you can harness the full potential of both vision boards and resolutions to manifest your dreams and aspirations. 

Whether you choose to create a vision board, set resolutions, or embrace a combination of both, the key lies in having clarity, motivation, and commitment towards your goals. Ultimately, the most effective path to success is the one that resonates most deeply with your unique journey and aspirations.

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