Student Hacks: 10 Uni Room Decoration Ideas

Your student accommodation is your haven! This is why you need to make sure you have plenty of uni room decoration.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a nice cosy room after a long day at uni so you can chill out and relax.

It doesn’t take much to make your modern student accommodation feel a little more personal, it’s just a few simple steps.

So prepare to get crafty and imaginative, because we’ve got 10 uni room decoration ideas you need to take a look at!

1. Snazzy Bedding

Bright and colourful patterned bedding is the way forward for uni room decoration! It can make your room feel much cosier.

It also adds more colour and vibrancy to your room, so wave goodbye to bland beige vibes!

Buying bedding in a hurry is very common before the big rush of moving to uni but remember to take your time.

You need to make sure you have a few options to mix up styles and designs, to add a bit of variety to your room.

Investing in some comfortable, luxury bedding can make the world of difference, it’ll not only look amazing but improve your sleep quality too!

If you want to splash out, there are some gorgeous sets on Wayfair, so go on, treat yourself!

2. Fairy Lights

Everyone loves fairy lights – right?

They add instant cosiness to any room, perfect for your uni room decoration antics.

Fairy lights create a magical yet warm feeling and are great to pop on when you’re having a Netflix sesh after a long day.

You can go for battery-powered fairy lights or plugin, with several different colour choices from warm white, to neon-bright!

Lights4Fun has some awesome fairy lights in plenty of different styles to fit your uni room, for great prices too.

3. Lots Of Plants

Yay plants! Plants add a great vibe to your room, they boost your mood, productivity, and reduce fatigue.

Who knew that those cute little green things had so many health benefits? We most certainly didn’t!

Don’t worry about keeping your plants alive, you could always get some fake ones purely for the aesthetic.

That way you won’t feel guilty if you forget to water them (don’t worry, we’ve deffo all been there.)

Some of the best plants to keep in your bedroom are snake plants, English ivy, spider plants, and a peace lillies.

The best part? These wonderful little things are filtering the air quality you breathe every day – how adorable!

4.  Photos/Prints

Putting photos and prints on your wall for uni room decoration is a fab way of adding a personal touch to your student accommodation.

Whether it’s pictures of family or friends back home or some quirky prints, they’re bound to make your room stand out.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the walls either, you could stick them on with some blue tac!

Either that or these large picture hanging strips for something a little stronger, but just be careful when taking these ones off.

If you want to print some photos to put on your wall for a decent price, check out Photobox here, we’d highly recommend it!

5. Small Decorations

There’s nothing like some cute little ornaments dotted around your uni room to add a bit of flair and decoration.

When it comes to uni room decoration, sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference.

So when it comes to your desk included in your accommodation, be sure to put some ornaments on it!

When we say ornaments, that could be anything from this gold metal leopard to this cute planty windowsill display.

As you know, we always recommend a spot of online shopping, but sometimes it’s best to pick up these bits on your travels.

Shops like The Range and Ikea are fab for small decorations and Etsy is fab if you want something a little more quirky.

6. Rugs

When you wake up in the morning, there’s no better feeling than feeling a fluffy rug in between your toes!

Especially in winter, a rug can really add general warmth and cosiness to your uni room, which is why you need one.

It’s really down to you and your taste in terms of what rug to go for, but any rug is better than no rug at all!

Check out these cool rugs on MADE that are bound to brighten up your uni room!

7. Wall Tapestry

A good piece of wall tapestry is a super popular choice for uni room decoration, and there’s plenty of inspo on Pinterest!

Prices of wall tapestry can really range, but you can definitely bag a few bargains here and there if you want to save money.

If you’re after a bit of edge, check out Urban Outfitters for their cool range of wall tapestries!

8. Lamps

Lamps are a great way of adding a cosy vibe to your room, and add a fabulous aesthetic too!

It’s perfect for a study sesh in the evening and you don’t want your bright lights on, or when you want to read a book.

Snuggle into your comfy bed in your student accommodation, put your lamp on, relax and chill out!

A lamp is also a great way of personalizing your room, you can get some really quirky ones to add some modernity to your uni room.

9. Mirrors

You’ve gotta see if your outfit looks on point before your uni lecture – right?

Mirrors can help spaces feel larger because the light reflects off the glass, making your uni accommodation feel even bigger than it already is!

We know you can’t exactly nail a mirror to your wall, but you can get a freestanding one and balance it against your wall!

Just be careful not to come in when you’ve had too many cocktails, it’s seven years of bad luck remember!

Dunelm has some fab mirrors to choose from, perfect for an Insta selfie.

10. Oil Diffuser

A nice fresh-smelling room is the perfect uni room recommendation, especially if you’ve had a smelly kebab the night before!

The best part? Oil diffusers are super affordable on Amazon, and you can grab some essential oil to go along with it too.

You can grab this one for £30, and it comes with the oils too, choose from lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, sweet cherry, peppermint or lemongrass!

We’d always recommend oil diffusers or oil diffuser sticks for safety, they actually create a much stronger smell than a candle too.

We hope you found these 10 uni room decoration ideas useful! It’s not hard to make your uni accommodation cosy and personalised to you, and with these tips, you’ll feel much more snug in no time. Wondering what snack to have after decorating your uni room? Check out our toast toppings blog here for some serious yummy inspo!

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