Raising Awareness For Student Mental Well-being On University Mental Health Day 2023

University Mental Health Day is an annual event in the UK taking place on Thursday 9th March 2023.

This national day is for student mental health and aims to raise awareness about mental wellbeing amongst university students. 

Organised by Student Minds, the UK’s leading student mental health charity, the organisation helps to ensure that mental health is a university-wide priority.

We’ll be focusing on raising awareness for student mental well-being, and how to prioritise your own mental health. 

University Mental Health Day

The Importance Of Raising Awareness Of Student Mental Well-being 

University Mental Health Day serves as a reminder of the importance of open and honest discussions regarding mental well-being.

This national day helps to reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and provide support and resources for university students who may be struggling. 

Every student deserves access to resources and support to help them, not only to help them within their academic lives but their personal lives too. 

A study found that as many as four in five students are impacted by mental health.

So, this annual day is vital to get the nation talking so that we can take action and create change within society! 

With the current cost of living crisis and student accommodation crisis, many students are experiencing their state of mental wellbeing changing for the worse.

For those with existing mental health conditions, the stressors of the current climate can have a serious impact. 

This University Mental Health Day, come together to create a culture that supports mental well-being for all students. 

Raising Awareness Of Student Mental Well-being 

How Can You Get Involved 

Universities across the UK organise events and campaigns to promote awareness and support for students to manage their wellbeing on University Mental Health Day. 

No matter who you are, there are a variety of ways you can participate and get involved this March.

We’ve listed below some ideas for University Mental Health Day to help you get planning! 

how to get involved with university mental health day

1. Attend An Event 

Get involved with University Mental Health Day 2023 by attending any events which are taking place at your university or within your city or town.

Don’t worry, there are also virtual events and activities taking place online so everyone can get involved. 

This way, you can learn more about how to look after your own mental health and the resources which are available.

You can also connect with other students, as well as show your support for mental health awareness.

university mental health day event

2. Host An Event

It’s likely your university will be hosting events for University Mental Health Day as it’s a nationwide event.

Although, if you’re still wanting to get involved, you could think about hosting your own event within your student accommodation.

Some ideas for your event include hosting a mental health workshop to increase people’s knowledge and understanding or a mindfulness session to practise yoga and meditation which can help to reduce stress.

You could even get together with other students and create a fundraising event to raise money for charities.

A charity which would be good is Student Minds, who empower students and members of the university community to care for their mental well-being. 

event for university mental health day

3. Make Time For Conversation 

Talking to students about their mental well-being this University Mental Health Day 2023 can make a positive change and show them that they’re not alone in the way they’re feeling. 

These conversations regarding mental health can help break down the stigma surrounding it and can encourage other students to seek help if they’re suffering. 

It’s not just your friends or course mates at university you can converse with either, talk to your lecturers, tutors, and so forth to help promote mental health awareness. 

We know, the stigma that still surrounds mental health within society can make it feel like you are a burden or it’s an awkward topic to talk about, but it’s not.

We can all help break these barriers regarding mental well-being and make it the norm to be open and honest about how we are feeling.

After all, far too many students are suffering so these types of discussions are vital in helping to create change! 

talking to others about mental well-being

4. Volunteer 

Celebrate University Mental Health Day by volunteering for a mental health organisation within your local area or your university’s student union. 

This is a great way to make a difference within your community and support mental health services.

You will not only be helping others by volunteering your time, but it’s also a great way to boost your own mental well-being. 

There’s a range of volunteering opportunities out there such as Mind, an independent mental health charity within the UK which you can volunteer for to help those struggling get the help they need. 

Volunteering for a mental health charity is a rewarding and valuable experience.

No matter how small your actions, they can make a big difference to someone else.

You can also add your experience to your CV for when you graduate university. 

volunteering for mental health charities

5. Share Resources Online 

University Mental Health Day is about shaping the future of students’ mental health.

This year, why not share your own experiences on social media if you feel comfortable doing so? 

Sharing how you deal with challenges of university life can help other students thrive. 

Posting for #UniMentalHealthDay can help other students find out about mental health services, mental health apps, or self-care tips.

These posts can also help bring more awareness and can invite your friends or course mates to open up about their emotional wellness. 

Using social media can even help you make new friends as well as network with other people who have similar interests or experiences to you! 

mental health resources online

6. Take Care Of Your Own Well-being 

This year for University Mental Health Day, you should make sure you’re also taking care of your own well-being. 

You can do this by using resources which help manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues that may affect your academic and personal life. 

Making time for yourself each day is so important for positive well-being so, do something that you enjoy.

Whether it’s reading books, taking a bath, going on a walk, being physically active or watching your favourite films. 

University life is stressful, but you need to ensure there’s a healthy study life balance.

Socialising with friends and family is also important for good mental health.

This is because it can improve our mood and decrease feelings of depression.

Practising mindfulness is great at helping to reduce stress and boost your mood.

So, you should try making time for meditation, deep breathing, or yoga within your daily routine.

If you’re not sure how to be mindful, there’s plenty of well-being resources online to help get you started. 

A lack of sleep can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression as well as impact your academic performance.

We’d suggest trying your best and aiming for between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. 

taking care of your mental well-being

7. Seek Help If You’re Struggling 

If you are struggling with your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

Talk to your family, friends, university support services, or a professional about how your mental health is impacting you. 

It’s worth taking action as soon as you notice symptoms of poor mental health so that you can get help.

We know it’s hard but there are helpful resources out there and people you can speak to. 

Student Space, led by Student Minds offers support to help students get through the struggles of university life no matter if it’s your mental health, your studies, money, relationships or any other challenges. 

If one of your friends is showing signs of poor mental health, support them and suggest they speak to the NHS or your university counselling service.

seeking mental health support

University Mental Health Day is an important annual event that helps to raise awareness about mental health issues and brings together everyone within the university community. 

This March, to mark the occasion of this national day, get involved and get talking about mental health. After all, it’s something we all experience and all need to recognise! 

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