How To Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

Leaving home is never easy, not only are you forced to cohabit with strangers, but you are no longer surrounded by the home comforts you’ve become attached to over the years. Although scary at first, moving away from home is a chance to grow and adapt as an adult. That’s why we have teamed up with Amtico, to put together a few tips to help you transform your halls to feel like home.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

No matter how new or modern your student accommodation may be, it’s never going to feel like your own if you don’t make it! You can either wiggle a few extra pounds off your parents and go shopping for some new posters and ornaments or start your savvy ways early and bring some of your favourite home accessories with you.

Bring your own bedding

Whether you’ve been spent all day in the library working on countless essays you have left to last minute or you’ve had one too many in the SU the night before. Your bed is the first place you will want to crawl too when it all gets a little bit much, so why not make it as comfortable as possible. Although the university will probably provide you with bedding it won’t provide the maximum comfort of your favourite duvet and cushion.

Student rooms - use photographs

Decorate with photographs

Are you really living away from home if you don’t have a collage of your family and friends on your wall? Although one of the largest fresher clichés out there, it is an easy way to take a piece of home away with you. If collages aren’t your thing you can always buy some no more nails and place photo frames around your room to create more of an atmosphere. If you are feeling extra artistic, why not buy some fairy lights and attach your photos to create a more creative ambience.

Add an item of your own furniture

A typical student accommodation room will be laid out in the same way with the same furniture as all of your neighbours. Decorating your room will of course add your personality to the room however bringing a favourite piece of furniture from home such as a beanbag or small armchair (see TheHomeDweller for some ideas) can do wonders for your room!

Use scented diffusers or air fresheners

Have a favourite scented diffuser or air freshener you or your parents use at home? Take it with you or buy your own supply! On top of being a constant reminder of the sweet sweet smell of your family home, you will be known as the flatmate with a nice smelling bedroom. You could be known for worse!

Use scented diffusers

Note. Candles, joss-sticks or portable gas/oil burning fires are not permitted for use in Homes for Students properties.

Bring your TV

After a long day of lectures, there’s nothing more relaxing than collapsing on your bed and binge-watching your favourite TV programs. If paying for your own TV license is out of the question, just bring a DVD player and some of your favourite movies. If you’d like guidance on TV Licensing for Students, why not check out our recent blog post?

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