International Students: Get Kitted Out and Feel at Home

So, you are an international student with a million-and-one things to think about as you prepare to take your learning journey to an unfamiliar, foreign land?

Such a transition can be a daunting and stressful process, but the great news is that help is at hand to make the experience a whole lot easier.

Countless priorities and a ‘to-do’ list as long as your arm sometimes makes it difficult to even know where to begin, but with the assistance of the likes of UniKitOut – a partner of Homes for Students – you can start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Make Yourself at Home

The organisation, established almost 40 years ago, provides quality bed, kitchen and bathroom packs for students. This gives you the chance to furnish your student accommodation in a straightforward manner, avoiding the headache of having to source items from left, right and centre as soon as you arrive in your new surroundings.

What started off as a small family business now supplies more than 70% of UK universities and deals directly with thousands of students through its website.

Originally bed linen specialists, the firm initially just provided students with bed packs, before sensing there was a demand for more. Fast-forward to present day, and UniKitOut offers up cooking equipment, crockery, homeware and much more, on top of the bedding and linen which helped to make its name.

The student packs have even hit the national headlines!

Helpfully, the UniKitOut team put together a comprehensive list of essentials that students will need when moving away from home and divided them into five categories; Bedroom, Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen and Electrical, for students’ convenience.

From pillowcases, Tupperware and ironing boards to plates, pans and vegetable peelers right the way through to cameras, clocks and laptop chargers, they have left no stone unturned.

Let’s face it, that will be music to the ears of anyone gearing up for one of the most significant experiences of their lives.

You may never take a bigger or more exhilarating step than studying in a new country. With so much to arrange in the time between securing your place in university and moving to the city in which it is based, such peace of mind is a welcome relief.

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