How To Become Tik Tok Famous: 10 Tips!

Have you ever wondered how to become Tik Tok famous? Because let’s be honest, the app is pretty addictive – right?

Hours can go by scrolling through Tik Tok, and it’s filled with so many different types of content, some of it hilarious, some of it actually really useful!

If you gain a large following on Tik Tok and become popular enough to become an influencer, you could even start earning money.

The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own student accommodation, all you need is a smartphone!

But before you claim your fame and start signing autographs, let’s take a look at our top 10 tips on how to become Tik Tok famous.

1. Post Videos Every day

post videos every day

If you want to be Tik Tok famous, you’re going to really have to put in some graft to work with the algorithm!

Say for example you record three Tik Toks a day, with hashtags, you’re quite obviously going to reach more people than say one a week.

The best part? Tik Tok doesn’t punish users for posting so much, so you can lip-sync to your heart’s content!

Think of it this way…the more videos you make, the more you’re going to appear on different people’s for you pages.

2. Record With Audio Or Song

record with audio or song

Let’s be honest, whenever you’ve been on Tik Tok, you’ve had a few songs stuck in your head afterwards!

Audio tracks really are at the heart of most Tik Tok videos, with most of them including lip-syncing to popular songs.

Take The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” song – that absolutely blew up on Instagram (it is a banger though!)

So, if you’re unsure of what content to post, play it safe with the audio or a song and you’re good to go.

Just make sure your transitions flow, you don’t want it to look sketchy, it needs to be smooooth.

3. Use Trending Hashtags

use trending hashtags

This ones a pretty obvious one, but still sometimes forgotten about nonetheless!

Becoming Tik Tok famous can be down to the use of trending hashtags, they actually really do work.

You might see a viral song appear on your FYP with hashtags like #shareyourplaylist and #dancechallenge.

Of course, these hashtags are pretty unrelated to the song, but they’re still vital to have, and get you a lot more views.

All you need to do is keep your eye out for current trending hashtags, but that doesn’t mean avoiding regular hashtags too.

4. Keep A Consistent Theme

keep a consistent theme

The more consistent you are with your content, the more followers you’re going to get – it’s simple really!

Users will follow you because your content aligns with their interests, so make sure you’re always consistent.

If you’re a makeup lover or a fashion guru, always make sure the content you post is related to that.

For those who love cooking, keep the foodie videos coming and you’re bound to gain more followers daily!

Obv, we’re not telling you to completely stick to one theme, and you can mix it up at times, but try not to make a habit of it.

Pick a theme that you love and stick to it, you’re bound to see results, who knows, you might even become Tik Tok famous!

5. Be Unique

be unique

Got a random idea for content that you haven’t seen before? Go for it! Because being unique really is key to Tik Tok fame.

Take user ChantyB for example, her content consists of cute videos of her Indian Ringneck Parakeet Hamlet, and she has over 2 million followers!

The best thing to do is show people something they haven’t seen yet, and we know that sounds difficult, but be creative!

6. Video Quality Matters

video quality matters

It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t got the new iPhone 20 or whatever it is, as long as your audio and video is crisp.

Uploading a video with poor quality may lead to unfollows, and people simply scrolling past your videos.

We deffo don’t want that, especially if you want to become Tik Tok famous, so make sure the lighting and audio are 10/10.

Make sure you’re in a well-lit area, your transitions flow, and of course, your lip-syncing fits with the time frame.

All of these things may sound difficult at first, but with some practice, you’ll be absolutely fine – we promise!

7. Create An Original Sound

create an original sound

Do you see yourself as a bit of a musician? Either that or just a generally creative person?

If so, you could actually try and create your own original song to appear on Tik Tok, it might even go viral!

A great example of this is the “Bored In The House” song, if you haven’t heard it yet, have you been living under a rock? 😉

Created by Tik Tok user @curtisroach, his song went viral within a few days, and is still being regularly used for content now!

It doesn’t have to be a song if you don’t fancy singing though, you could create a funny piece of audio if you’d prefer.

8. Be Wise With Commenting

be wise with commenting

It’s always a nice feeling leaving a comment on something that you genuinely like, and showing your support!

But, did you know? Being wise with your commenting can actually go a really long way.

When we say being wise, we basically mean commenting on popular videos, to bring more attention to your profile.

If people like what they see, they’re, of course, going to engage with your videos and maybe even give you a follow.

It’s the best of both worlds really, you’re being kind, but also gaining a few extra cheeky followers – hurrah!

9. Share Your Tik Toks

Share Your Tik Toks tik tok famous

You don’t have to just limit your Tik Toks to well…Tik Tok! Why not share them on your different platforms?

You could even share it onto your Instagram, where it will include your handle, and you’ll hopefully gain some more followers.

That girl you used to chat to at school might spot you, like your content, and give you a follow! Every little helps folks.

10. Use Popular Filters And Challenges

Use Popular Filters And Challenges tik tok famous

There’s always new filters and different challenges floating around Tik Tok, in fact, there’s probs a new one every day!

Make sure you take note of that and hop on board with any current filter/challenges with your content.

If you’re using a new effect that not many people have seen yet, your video is bound to attract more attention – and that’s what you want!

There we go folks, our top 10 tips to get Tik Tok famous. Of course, we’re no experts, but we’ve done our best to find the best guidance and get you started on your Tik Tok journey. So, without further ado, brush up on your lip-syncing skills and get ready to create the best content ever! Wondering what Tik Tok viral hacks are actually useful? Check out our latest blog here.

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