Nightclubs in Sheffield: 9 Of The Best Places To Go Out

Sheffield is a small city that is very easy to get around and very easy to make friends. Whether you are a moving into student accommodation in Sheffield for the first time, coming here as a young professional, or simply visiting for a weekend, you’ll find plenty to explore and enjoy in this fantastic South Yorkshire city.

The compactness of the city certainly ensures that there is an easy, natural feel to a night out in Sheffield, where you can feel a real sense of community, even between the different styles of nights out and party-goers. From live music and alternative heads, through to pop queens and ravers and everything else in between, Sheffield has something for everyone.

Compared to some cities this compactness makes such a big difference. There is never a real need to have to jump in a taxi to get from one venue to the next, and there is a real thread to the nights out that you can have, from pre-drinks at home, through to your choice of pub, and on to a gig or a club. Here, we take a look at some of the best night out options in Sheffield, including different areas you should frequent, and specific bars and clubs.

Sheffield cocktail

There are three main streets in Sheffield that all run adjoining to one another and provide the central hub of everything to do with a big night out in the city. These are:

1. The West Street Strip

This is the biggest (and definitely the busiest) of the three streets, where you’ll find a big mix of independent bars and big chain names. On a weekend on the strip you’ll have to stumble through promo girls, ladies and gents dressed to the nines at all times of the day and night, and be ready to party.

West Street is the beating heart of a night (or a day) out in the city, and you’ll find plenty of pubs, clubs, and restaurants along the strip. West Street Live is one of the more popular places to start the night (especially for Sheffield students) – it is dirt cheap compared to some of the other bars around, has come amazing drinks and shots promotions and offers, and can always entertain with plenty of live music to sing (shout) along to at the top of your lungs. West Street Live definitely gets you in the mood for a big night out!

Another firm favourite along West Street is The Original Bierkeller. It is set out like a Bavarian beer hall, with long benches and huge steins to drink from, and you’ll experience what it’s like to be in love with everyone around you in this completely joyous bar. You can sip on a fancy German beer in a giant glass, but you can also find sumptuous cocktails, whilst dancing on the benches and singing along to cheesy pop classics!

2. Carver Street

Carver Street is open until the wee small hours, and is a smaller setting than the lively West Street Strip. You’ll discover a cluster of small bars and clubs that are of a varied and eclectic variety, playing different styles of music, depending on which place you choose and what night you are out in town.

Carver Street is also home to more mainstream clubs too, and it is a part of town where you’ll see exclusive VIP areas. It does have something for everyone in reality, with a range of clubs including Paris, Walkabout, Viper Rooms, Crystal, and even a Pop World.

Putting all of these types of night out alongside each other demonstrates exactly what Sheffield is all about; it’s an exclusive, community-driven city, where you can walk and party side by side with people after all sorts of different types of nights out.

Paris is the place to be for all of your R&B and Hip-Hop needs, it’s not too pricey for drinks so you don’t have to worry about your bank balance, and it’s a great place to lose yourself and dance into a sweaty mess with everyone else around you.

Crystal and the Viper Rooms are both places to go if you fancy a cocktail and a dance to the latest chart hits, whilst Pop World is well renowned as a party dance floor, spinning the cheesy pop tunes from the 80s and 90s whilst you drink sugar-filled alcoholic drinks like WKD Blue and Hooch!

Sheffield Carver Street

3. Division Street

The smallest of the three streets Division Street is definitely more of a daytime haunt, and is mainly associated with independent stores and quirky boutiques, as well as some fantastic cafés and restaurants.

There is an alternative, bohemian feel to proceedings in this part of town, and if you are looking for some proper ‘local’ pubs with real and craft ale on offer, then Division Street is the place for you. Division Street is relaxed, and also offers plenty of pubs and bars that double up as live music venues (such as Gatsby and the Frog & Parrot), so you’ll always have some entertainment on the go here, as you mix with students, locals, and young professionals alike.

4. Leopold Square

A little bit away from the hustle, bustle, and bright lights of the main strip, Leopold Square offers something a little bit more relaxed and sophisticated, and is often a great place to start a late afternoon of drinking special cocktails (at The Botanist) or pre-drinks and some food in the evening (at Cubana Tapas Bar).

During the summer too this is the place where you’ll discover plenty of vibrant restaurants and bars that offer live outdoor music (from places like Kuckoo) as part of the entertainment. It offers vibrancy, and a secluded spot that seems so far removed from the busy concrete streets literally a few steps away. Leopold Square is the perfect place to sit and unwind with friends, and to explore with family, before the wild and hectic nights out to be found on Carver Street and West Street.

Alongside some of the areas that we thought you would want to look out for in Sheffield we’ve also put together some info on a few other places you might want to visit on a night out.

Leopold Square

5. Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union – Paternoster Row

For Sheffield students this is the mecca of a night out, with the biggest student club night in the entire city taking place here.

At Hallam Union you can get involved with a club night spread out over five different rooms, each with a different theme, different DJs and genres of music. Throw into the mix cheap drinks and promotions and you’ve got a great night out!

6. Leadmill – Leadmill Rd

One of the oldest and most traditional clubs in the city, the Leadmill is a haven for indie music and rock and roll. Over the years it has hosted some of the biggest bands and artists in the game, including live shows from the city’s favourite bands Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, as well as The White Strips, The Strokes, The Killers, and many more, since it first opened its doors in 1980.

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The Leadmill hosts regular student club nights, so be sure to buy a regular’s card for just £3, which provides access to some fantastic drinks offers.

7. Plug – Matilda Street

Plug is home to so many different themed club nights, for students and locals, as well as plenty of live music and other types of events, that it is easy to see why it is a firm favourite on the map of a Sheffield night out. Propaganda on a Friday night is one of the most popular, with different rooms offering up Indie music, Alternative tunes, and classic R&B. Drinks range from as low as £1, and there are loads of weird and wonderful themed nights to keep an eye out for.

Code Warehouse

8. Code Warehouse – Eyre Street

This is the place to be if you are after some of the best house and techno tunes around.

Code Warehouse hasn’t been around for as long as some of its counterparts, but it is a genuine source of happiness, hosting some fantastic DJs on the scene. Student Saturdays, Chaos Tuesdays, and Jump Around are all different nights with great music and incredible drinks promotions to keep the cost down. It can feel like a proper old-fashioned rave in a warehouse at Code Warehouse.

9. Tank – Arundel Gate

Tank might charge a fair bit more on entry fees than most other places in Sheffield, but it remains one of the most popular clubs in the city due to its insane sound system and its ability to satiate the needs of those looking for some genuine dubstep in Sheffield.

Friday nights welcome regular guest DJs, and the SuNKen club night every Monday is the place to be for house, tech-house, dance classics, and cheap drinks promotions.

Going on a night out in Sheffield can be really special, and we hope that this brief guide has helped you figure out where you want to head out to next.

Whether you are after a quirky night out in a small independent bar, a dance-off to some cheesy music from the 90s, or a more relaxed affair, the different areas of Sheffield city centre cater for all needs and tastes.

For Sheffield students, locals, tourists, and young professionals there is a great community feel to a night out in Sheffield, with a warm welcome for everyone.

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