Guide to Studying in Newcastle

Britain boasts of many incredible cities that are particularly favourable destinations for students. However, one city, in particular, manages to attract and retain thousands of students over the years, and for good reasons. That city is Newcastle.

Situated nicely in the North East of England lies one of the country’s most iconic cities in the shape of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Famous for its industrial heritage, trendy nightlife and the noticeable ‘Geordie’ dialect, Newcastle is a favourable location for students to come and study.

Notable features of the city also include the famous Angel of The North, it’s spectacular bridges and we cannot forget the country’s national treasures, Ant and Dec.

Therefore, here is our essential guide for students living in Newcastle

The 15 Minute City

Believe it or not, Newcastle is commonly known as ‘the smallest big city in the world’. The reason being that the city is so conveniently accessible that you can actually walk it in 15 minutes.

Now, don’t let that fact deter you from thinking the city is incapable of serving up brilliant moments of fun and enjoyment. Quite the opposite really, as this small city responds with glowing living experiences that cater to everyone’s desires.

For instance, packed into this glorious 15-minute city is vibrant culture, heritage, nightlife and shopping.  Not only that but right at the heart of this urban town is a fabulous piece of greenery, which just so happens to be more sizeable than New York’s famous Central Park.

If that wasn’t enough, students have the luxury of taking the metro or venture in a car to the beach, which just so happens to be 15 minutes away.

Local Dialect and Friendliness

Many natives tend to be biased towards their own hometown but if you happen to speak to anyone and ask about Newcastle, you will hear only good things about the people of the North East.

Whether you are on the Metro, dining in the restaurants, socialising in bars or venturing around the retail shops, The Geordie natives are renowned for having a good chat with everyone and offering help wherever they can.

As for the local dialect, anyone studying in Newcastle will notice a strong and unusual accent from the inhabitants of this fantastic region. Given the locals (from the Tyneside area) are nicknamed the Geordies this also refers to the accent in which they speak.

Take a look at this video and it will explain a lot!

Bustling Nightlife

As expected with certain reality TV shows set in the city, the capital of the North East never fails to disappoint those who love to socialise and equally to party.

Importantly, Newcastle offers a wide variety of nightlife venues ranging from the fun and quirky to the more pleasant and sophisticated.

Furthermore, Newcastle’s nightlife is so popular that it is known to have attracted some of the top celebrities out there, including Ed Sheeran, Drake and Tinie Tempah.

Many of the city’s top venues are located on the Diamond Strip. So, here are just a few venues you may wish to consider for your next night out:

  • Florita’s & Madame Koo
  • House of Smith
  • Digital
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Tup Tup Palace
  • Livello
  • The Cut
  • Stein Beirkeller
  • Perdu

Public Transport

Students can make the most of their University life by exploring Newcastle using some of the region’s ‘’easily accessible public transport options’’.

Students have the choice to get around the vibrant city centre by foot or by jumping on the bus to Gateshead Quayside. Alternatively, you can get around by taking the Metro, which, compared to London’s Tube System, is a more as spacious, cheap, and less busy mode of transport.

Or why not gather your friends and rent a bike for the afternoon? Perhaps even get a taxi to venture into the city for a sociable night out, or travel by car to the beautiful North East coastline?The Trendsetters

If any city in Britain has reason to brag then it’s Newcastle. For centuries, the city has been the beacon of light towards creativity and innovation.

Take a look below at some of the world’s leading inventions created. You can thank The Geordies for their genius minds – some of the city’s finest innovations include;

  • The first locomotive, which eventually led to the industrial revolution
  • The electric light bulb
  • The first turbine-driven ship
  • The Metro system, which was the U.K’s first contemporary railway system
  • The invention of Lucozade and Wispa Bars

Art and Culture

The city continues to offer its dynamic ways with art, music and galleries. For instance, the Baltic art gallery and Newcastle’s Theatre Royal are just two prominent features of the culture the city possesses.

For the music fans, the city offers a variety of choices such as the Metro Radio Arena and the international Sage.

Additionally, St James’ Park (Newcastle United Football Club) was recently in the process of re-launching a series of musical events, including world tours for some of the world’s biggest bands.

Football Culture

Right at the heart of the city is the home of The Toon Army, Newcastle United.

The club is housed at St. James’ Park, where the fans are commonly known as The Magpies, The Toon, and The Geordies. The club is a prominent feature in one of the world’s esteemed football leagues, The Premiership.

The stadium continues to dominate the city’s horizon and remains a pivotal part of The Geordie native’s everyday lives. More so, the city is buzzing on match days with the streets packed to the rafters with dedicated and passionate fans.

The stadium is unmissable in this urban city and is certainly worth exploring if you have a few hours to spare.

Famous Geordies

The area has produced a great many stars of stage, screen, music, sports  and politics, including;

  • Thomas Addison (physician and scientist)
  • Mary Astell (writer, known as “the first English feminist“)
  • Lord Woolf (Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)
  • Abhisit Vejjajiva (Prime Minister of Thailand 2008-2011)
  • Sting
  • Ant & Dec (TV presenters)
  • Cheryl Tweedy (Girls Aloud)
  • Brian Johnson (lead singer of AC/DC)
  • Brendan Foster (runner)
  • Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
  • Sarah Millican (comedian)
  • Simon King (TV Chef – The Hairy Bikers)
  • Jimmy Nail (actor, singer)
  • Robson Green (actor, TV presenter)
  • Ross Noble (comedian)

You can find a more comprehensive list on Wikipedia.