The 12 Best Places To Eat Out in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has become a fantastic place for foodies over the last few years.

There are plenty of high-quality restaurants, fine dining establishments, seafood escapes, and cheap eats to be found in the granite city.

With cuisine being developed and explored from all parts of the globe, including the best of modern Scottish cuisine, traditional Scottish fayre, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, and much more.

Aberdeen is a truly fascinating and exciting place to head out for some tasty grub – no matter your tastes and budget. We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to eat out in Aberdeen.

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There is so much to taste and enjoy in this fine city that we’re sure it’ll be a talking point and lead to many an argument of those places we just haven’t got the space for.

Let’s begin the tasting menu:

1. Nargile – Skene St

The only Turkish restaurant in Aberdeen, Nargile offers authentic Middle Eastern dishes and has become an institution in the city that you just have to visit. The exquisite Turkish cuisine comes from the team that has been in business for over 35 years, one of the oldest and brightest lights in the Aberdeen food scene.

The meze platter is a fantastic way to spend an evening, with a slow pace, great sharing dishes and the best way to have conversation with friends old and new. Nargile is located in a prime location for the theatre, so expect to experience a bustling early evening crowd (it’s worth booking ahead on most days!).

As well as a wide range of delicious kebab choices there is also a decent vegetarian menu. Also make a point of leaving room for a bit of baklava at the end of your meal.

2. Kamoon Kitchen – Jesmond Dr

Kamoon Kitchen might be a little bit out of the way compared to some of the other choices on this list, but if you are looking for some of the tastiest dishes in the city this unassuming Lebanese restaurant and takeaway place is well worth the visit.

Food in Aberdeen

It can be found in the Middleton Park suburb and serves up some amazing Lebanese street food and Middle Eastern cuisine, including its delicious stuffed atayef pancakes, the truly incredible mixed grill, or the moreish cheese pastry made from melting halloumi.

3. Books and Beans – Belmont St

You get exactly what you’d expect from the name on the tin at Books and Beans – Coffee and books.

It is a paradise for those who love the two, bringing a comfy and cosy oasis to the middle of Belmont Street. During the day expect to sit side by side with students and locals alike, with a wide range of tasty soups, paninis and sandwiches (including plentiful veggie, vegan, and gluten-free options). You may have seen the coffeeshop and bookstore idea in plenty of other places, but it’s rare to find somewhere that does it as well as Books and Beans.

For a daytime retreat, to read and buy a book, have a slice of cake, a cup of tea or coffee, and maybe a light lunch, there are few places better for such a relaxed atmosphere in Aberdeen.

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4. Foodstory – Thistle St

A café and social hangout for the thinkers, creatives, and students of Aberdeen, Foodstory is the place to be if you are after a warm, welcoming environment and a socially conscious enterprise to get involved with.

The menu is mainly vegetarian, and all the food provided is locally sourced, and next door is a wholefoods store. It is definitely a heart-on-the-sleeve type of joint, with a definite community focus that welcomes all.

Restaurants in Aberdeen
On the menu you’ll find hearty chilli and hot pot specials to warm up the evenings, and plenty of delicious breakfast and daytime options, including smoked salmon and avocado on sourdough toast.

5. Yorokobi – Huntly St

For spicy tuna maki rolls, dolsot bibimbap, sashimi that is freshly sliced, crispy tempura vegetables, and a wide range of other authentic Japanese and Korean dishes, Yorokobi is the place to be.

The dolsot bibimbap especially is a fantastic dish to warm the heart – it is a rice dish hailing from Korea that is served in a stone bowl at oven temperature. Whatever type of soul nourishing food from Japan or Korea you seek you’ll find a warm welcome at Yorokobi.

6. Cognito on the Corner – Mid Stocket Rd

Cognito on the Corner is a place that evokes the perfect mixture between a modern-day creative aesthetic, and an unapologetic traditional and unpretentious menu. Cognito is a reliable brand in Aberdeen from Nicky Turnbull, and after Café Cognito and the Cognito Deli had proved very successful, Cognito on the Corner was the perfect chance to expand into the evening meal territory.

Cognito on the Corne
Located within a building that used to be a bank, it is a fancy interior that you step into, with exposed brick, gin bottle lampshades, and lavish upholstery. Once you get comfortable though you’ll find some spectacular Scottish cuisine to sink your teeth into, including smoked mussels, prawn kebabs, and monkfish. Stick around for the dreamy knickerbocker glories for dessert.

7. Hass’s Fish and Chips – Holburn St

Is there anything better than a traditional portion of fish and chips? We’d say that there probably isn’t, especially when you get that perfect balance of fluffy, thick chips, and the crisp batter on a tender piece of fish.

Add a sprinkling of salt and vinegar and a squeeze of lemon (maybe add some mushy peas too if that’s your thing) and you’ve got that dream combination. There are plenty of good chip shops in Aberdeen (they’re called chippers in this part of the world), but for consistency head over to Hass’s Fish and Chips.

8. Shri Bheema’s – Belmont St

Almost certainly the most popular curry house in all of Aberdeen, Shri Bheema’s is famous for its offerings of dishes from both the North and South of India.

Belmont St curry
If you like a korma you can certainly find a tasty one here, but you can also find kulambu, kadai, patia, and other slightly more unusual curries and Indian dishes. The restaurant is named after a character from an ancient Indian epic poem (the Mahabharata), who was famed for his strength, but also his ability to cook and for his appetite – Shree Bheema’s certainly nails those traits admirably, and you’ll never go home hungry and unsatisfied.

9. Angus and Ale – Adelphi

Unpretentious and tasty. Just two words that have been used to describe Adelphi kitchen, which offers great value dishes based around Angus burgers, alongside some of the finest ales in the land.

All of the beef on the menu is locally sources, and is dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 28 days, guaranteeing some of the juiciest burgers you’ll ever experience, literally melting in the mouth. An extensive burger menu means that you can come back time and again to try out some of the tasty offerings.

10. Moonfish Café – Correction Wynd

Moonfish Café can be found in the very heart of Aberdeen on the historic Correctio Wynd. This location is where the House of Correction for vagrants and delinquents stood back in the 17th century, but now it is home to a stunning café that takes inspiration for its menu from all parts of the globe.

Eating sushi in Aberdeen
The chef (and owner) has travelled the world extensively over the years, and has brought back to Aberdeen some fine ideas on fusion cuisine, especially where seafood is concerned. It is a little pricey compared to some seafood restaurants in the town, but it is certainly worth it.

11. Bistro Verde – The Green

With the perfect location for great produce it is no surprise that Aberdeen is home to some fantastic seafood, and Bistro Verde on the Green is a shining example of that, offering some amazing seafood courses at a decent price.

It is a small, cosy, family-run restaurant that has maintained an aim to deliver high-quality, traditional dishes that highlight the quality of local produce. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of seafood in the region, bringing in the freshest produce on a daily basis. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere hooks customers in to return time and time again.

12. The Silver Darling – Pocra Quay

Set in a former customs house, The Silver Darling offers diners a stunning view of the Aberdeen harbour and coastline, from a modern, spacious, and light-filled dining room.

The Silver Darling Pocra Quay
It is a wonderful experience where you can sample some of the finest examples of Scottish seafood around. It is a small, intimate affair that aims to deliver only the best to its customers. The views, the warm environs, and the stunning produce all combine to create one of the best dining experiences in Aberdeen.

As you can see, student accommodations in Aberdeen are near to places with delicious dishes, stunning restaurant locations, fine seafood, Scottish recipes, and authentic cuisine from the far reaches of the planet.

Whether you are living here as a student, moving here for work, or just visiting, you’ll find the food you desire, as well as a hearty and warm welcome from the locals.

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