How To Choose University Flatmates | Tips To Save Arguments

It’s never too early to start thinking about who you’re going to live with in the next academic year. We recommend that if you’re applying to live in one of our student properties in the UK then get them in ASAP to make sure you’ve got your first choice. Now is the time to start thinking about who you want to share that luxe life with.

Choosing flatmates shouldn’t be something you rush. After all, you’re going to be literally living with these people for a year so it’s super important you make the right choice. You don’t want to be creeping out into the living room, hoping you’re alone or being stuck with other people’s dirty dishes to wash because the kitchen is that minging and no one is pulling their weight.

Making sure you’re picked the right people to live with can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few things to keep in mind when approaching this:

1. Make Sure You Know The Person You’re Asking

people who are friends enjoying each others company

When we say know them, we mean really know them. Do they leave their washing hanging out for ages in the living room even after it’s bone dry? Are they a night creature when you prefer an early one? Do they love having people over and you’re more of a “my own space” type person. Make sure you know the person you’re going to live with. 

You don’t want to be falling out with a flatmate because of the way you both live. Whether they’re super on it with cleaning, messy, out all night, studious, sociable etc, it needs to compliment the way you lead your life.

2. Think About Who You’re Going To Ask

man thinking about who he wants to live with in university accommodation

The easy option of asking your current flat mates or course mates isn’t always the best option. Spending too much time with people, regardless of how much you get on, isn’t always a great thing. If you go to tutorials, lectures and live together, it might be too intense to handle. 

It might be a good idea to consider asking people from other parts of your university life, for example friends you’ve met through clubs and societies. Having a variety of people in your flat is also a good idea. Your bestie might be your course mate so asking someone else from another social circle helps balance out the work/play aspects of your life.

3. How To Ask Someone To Live With You

facetiming friends to ask them to live in my student flat

It’s not marriage or a mortgage so don’t make it a big deal. Ask how you’d ask someone out for a night out. Casual, over text or while you’re out walking to lectures are great ways of taking the pressure off. The worst that someone is going to say is that they’ve already found somewhere to live with another group. No one will ever say “No, I don’t want to live with you.” We’re all adults, it never happens!

4. Think About What Type Of University Experience You Want

people dancing in their student flat

Moving in with people can make or break your university experience. Let’s not kid ourselves, living with the wrong people could make university nightmarish, meaning you miss out on enjoying it to the max. Choose people who will enhance your university experience. 

Creating a circle of people who are focused on their studies, organisation, getting up early could be great if you need some motivation to make better choices, the perfect accompaniment to your existing priorities. 

On the flip side, that sounds hellish if you’re the one who’s known for being big on parties all the time. It’s not just you either. Think about the impact you could have on the other person. Ensuring your priorities and university goals correlate is essential for a healthy living situation.

5. Cooking

happy girl cooking with her friends in her student flat

Not a major sticking point but something to consider is the way you eat and cook. The best part of living together is being able to share things and experiences. Eating together and sharing food can make life a lot easier if you’re all in the same boat. 

Think about coming home to the smell of greasy takeaways, boxes piled up waiting to be thrown out while you make your super healthy meal. What about the smell of crisp bacon and sausages if you’re a die hard vegan? Mealtimes are a big perk of communal living so make sure you choose people with whom you can share this with.

6. Flat Rules

rules set in the flat to keep everyone happy

Set house rules from the get-go – and we mean now, before you even have a place confirmed. Establishing rules and expectations around housework, having people over, bills, food, work schedules etc. needs to be done before you move in so you’re all on the same page. 

Some of your friends might have a job, different lecture timetable, large groups of friends, hate/love cleaning – sharing and creating a framework of how you’re going to manage the flat makes life easier in the long run. Trust us when we say, it never sorts itself out.

7. Start The Process Early

girl happy shes booked her homes for students accommodation

It’s no joke when we say the best places get booked up fast. After you nail who you’re going to live with, make sure you find a place ASAP. 

Check distances to university, amenities, flat size etc. and anything else that’s important to you. Chances are, you won’t be the first person to want it all so get cracking.

A Few Don’ts:

people laughing in the kitchen having fun

1. Don’t Ask Your Next Boo To Move In

If you fancy someone, don’t live with them. Chances are it’s only going to end up super awkward, embarrassing and sad. You might stand more of a chance of getting together if you’re not in the same flat.

2. Don’t Be Scared To Live Alone

Flat shares aren’t for everyone. That’s totally fine. Don’t feel any pressure to move in with people or a person if you don’t want to. Living alone is perfect for people who want their own space, prefer their own company or just want to have a quiet sanctuary. There are loads of studios available that can let you have all the privacy you need. 

3. Don’t Be Pressured

Stand your ground. A year is a long time and make sure you’ve thought about who you’re going to live with carefully.

Living with people is an amazing way of adding even more invaluable experiences to your time at university, just take the time to consider all your options.

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