7 Of The Best Student Blogs For University Life

Student life is often as fun and exciting as it is confusing and complicated.

Going to university can be a scary experience for many people, so we are thankful for the hundreds of students bloggers and student specific blogs that exist specifically to share their experiences of university life and help guide new students through the highs, lows and ‘woahs’ of uni life.

We’ve trawled the web and have put together this list of 10 of the best blogs that students should check out.

So whether you’re studying and living in student accommodation in Manchester, Aberdeen, London…or anywhere else in the world at least one of our broad selection of sites should be of interest to you.

From student lifestyle blogs to course specific blogs to student money management, student travel and student living tips there should be something of interest to you wherever and whatever you’re studying.

So here, in no particular order, are some of our favourite student blogs:

1. Channon Gray

Channon (Shannon) studied Social Anthropology at the London School of economics. Her blog explores the highs and lows of student life in London and is packed full of handy tips and her first hand students experiences such as:

Things to do in London on a student budget

Her blog is a great read which offers both serious study advice as well of plenty of fun stuff too.

2. Harry Clark Law

Harry studied law at the University of York, his blog walks you through his journey to become a solicitor.

It is a blog which is highly focused on of legal topics including training contract applications, commercial awareness and more. So if you are a law student this blog is a must read.

It features tons of useful posts for law students such as:

How to: Law at University

3. College Entrepreneur 101

College Entrepreneur is a great general student blog packed full of advice covering every aspect of student life.

Their main aim is to help students work out how they can make some extra money while at university so a lot of their blogs are geared around that, such as this one:

12 Lessons I Learned From Starting A Business In College

So if you find yourself short of money at uni or in need of a part time job then check them out.

4. Uniplaces

The Uniplaces blog is packed with great student advice about student life in cities across Europe, so if you’re studying in London, Manchester, Paris, Berlin…or any European city you’re bound to get some value out of their blog.

It also has plenty of fun and interesting posts such as:

The 20 Strangest Degrees You Can Study at University

5. Push

Push is an non profit organisation which supports school-leavers and students from disadvantaged backgrounds to make well informed decisions about their future.

Their blog features a broad range of articles covering everything from mental health to gap years.

An example of the type of thing they blog about is:

8 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Studying Abroad

If you’re unsure about your university options, how to go about making the most of higher education or what to do after you’ve finished your A levels then the Push blog is well worth your time.

6. Far Away Lucy

Far Away Lucy is a travel blog by 22 year old Lucy Ronan. Her blog features tons of travel tips for people who are looking to squeeze as much travel as they can into a working life.

Lucy blogged all the way through university so there are tons of travel tips specifically for students and the budget conscious traveller on here.

An example of one of Lucy’s blogs posts is:

Interrailing on a Budget: How to Save Money Travelling Europe

So if you’re a student who is keen to get some travelling done in your summer holidays be sure to visit Far Away Lucy.

7. The Robert Gordon University Blog

The RGU Student Blog is for students by students. Student life at Robert Gordon University can be a lot of things – fun, exciting, enriching or even scary and daunting at times.

The aim of the blog is to help by getting our current students and alumni to share experiences, tips, tricks and advice on how to get through student life. It’s a great read for any student not just RGU students.

The blog is broadly divided into three categories: learning (at RGU), living (in Aberdeen, as a student) and social (exciting social experiences), this way the blog provides a wholesome idea of how it feels like to be a student at RGU!

Here’s an example of one of their posts:

Busy Week? 5 Easy Student Meals

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