The 14 Best Nightclubs in Manchester [UPDATED 2022]

Manchester has no shortage of great nights out for students staying in their Manchester student accommodation.

From the windowless dingy basements and warehouses pulsing with underground techno beats to the glamorous and gilded celebrity haunts, there is something for everyone.

We did a rundown of clubs in 2019, but, as you know, things change in a city that is centred around music and having a good time so we’ve got a few more venues that will make you want to get up and dance.

Here are the best Manchester nightclubs in 2022.

1. Joshua Brookes

106 Princess St, M1 6NG

nightclubs in manchester

@joshuabrooksmcr – Instagram

Joshua Brookes is an iconic Manchester venue that plays host to all kinds of nights and has always championed the local underground scene.

The venue has just undergone a massive refurbishment with a hefty price tag so that its face can match its legendary reputation.

Tickets are always fairly priced and artists are regularly heavy hitters.

From techno hawks to house beasts, JB has upcoming listings for everyone.

2. Club LIV

111A Deansgate, M3 2BQ

club liv manchester

@clublivmcr – Instagram

If you want more heels, fewer trainers and are after inhaling aftershave, not sweaty basement musk, then Club Liv is for you.

Glam vibes combined with celeb-spotting make this a bit on the pricey side so perhaps not one for every week. Makes for some good Gram fodder though.

3. Mayfield Depot

11 Baring St, M1 2PY

@depotmayfield – Instagram

The Mayfield Depot is currently home to The Warehouse Project, possibly Manchester’s most renowned and popular rave.

There are still some WHP tickets left so it’s worth grabbing one.

Yeah, it’s about £40 for a night, but totally worth it. With way more space to dance and more outdoor areas than previous WHP venues like Victoria Warehouse (if you know you know), Mayfield Depot is set to make all sets even more epic.

For the rest of the year, the Depo hosts loads of eclectic, boundary-pushing club nights, plays and festivals. Best to always keep a close eye on upcoming listings.

4. The Blues Kitchen

13 Quay St, M3 3HN

@theblueskitchenmcr – Instagram

A once-only London institution, The Blues Kitchen hitched on a soul train straight to Manchester, filling a void in the city’s music scene. Swinging moves, soul nights and gallons of bourbon, the Blues Kitchen will give you life and steal your heart.

5. Star and Garter: Smiths Disco

18-20 Fairfield St, M1 2QF 6. Mint Lounge

@starandgarter – Instagram

Ok, not a club but this cultural institution and home to The Smiths Disco is a right of passage for any student living in the city and arguably the best night in Manchester.

Rest assured, this club night will defo have you fretting about the fact that you haven’t got a stitch to wear.

If you don’t get this reference maybe it is time to move to the next club…

6. Mint Lounge

46-50 Oldham St, M4 1LE

@mintloungemanchester – Instagram

Renowned for a ‘no nonsense’ approach to clubbing, Mint Lounge is a sticky-floored student staple.

Its nights range from Drum n Bass to cheesy pop. There is something for everyone and plenty of cheap drinks.

7. The Liars Club

19A Back Bridge Street, M3 2PB

@theliarsclubmcr – Instagram

The rum-soaked cocktail menu is extensive and ever-changing but don’t stand too close to the bar though because the Flaming Zombie is a signature drink.

Everyone loves a tiki bar and The Liars Club is among the best around, we’re telling the truth… honest.

8. Off the Square

67 Lever St, M1 1FL

@offthesquaremcr – Instagram

One of the newer music venues in the city, Off The Square already looks to be creating an exciting buzz within Manchester’s music community.

With lots of exciting and emerging artists on the bill, we’re sure this venue will be legendary in years to come.

You never know, you could be telling all your friends about how you saw the next big thing in a basement before they were big.

9. ON Bar

46 Canal St, M1 3WD

@onbarmanchester – Instagram

An exciting new venue in the heart of Manchester’s famous Canal Street.

The venue is spread across three floors and offers panoramic views and a rooftop bar, something which will be of interest to those day drinkers amongst you.

10. Gorilla

54-56 Whitworth St, M1 5WW

@thisisgorilla – Instagram

Early adopters of the industrial-chic aesthetic that is now seen all over the city and elsewhere, Gorilla has for many, many years been effortlessly cool.

Both a bar and club venue, it can fit any kind of night and its club has hosted huge artists and DJs and continues to attract big talent to their small back room.

It’s as diverse as you’d expect from a Manc music venue, hosting nights like IAMARAVER, Swiftageddon and Soul Jam

11. Centre Stage

51 Bloom St, M1 3LY

@CentreStageMCR – Facebook

Manchester’s famous gay cabaret bar serves up a good time with an attitude.

There is always something amazing and trailblazing happening on that stage.

This venue is truly unique and the drag artists are constantly looking to innovate.

12. Impossible

36 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR


Impossible has created a real reputation for extravagance in the short time it has been open.

The club provides a totally immersive experience rather than your standard vodbull night out.

Fire breathers and scantily clad dancers are on show and the venue provides a true sense of occasion that is often found lacking at most venues.

Think theatre, Espresso Martinis and House.

13. History Nightclub

Longworth St, Manchester M3 4BQ

the busiest nightclubs in manchester

@historymcr – Instagram

This boujie establishment is so exclusive, it only opens one night a week.

Expect big house podium, dancers and glitter cannons. It’s a real celebration every time and keeps on going until 5 am every Saturday.

14. Cirque le Soir

2-10 Queen St, Manchester M2 5JB

manchester nightclubs

@cirquemanchester_ – Instagram

Cirque le Soir has long been a celebrity hangout in London and is now setting up in Manchester. Cirque le Soir boasts an international superstar VIP guest list and this circus-themed nightclub is guaranteed to astound and tantalise.

If you are addicted to social media, it might not be the one for you as phones are checked at the door to add to the mystery and allure. It’s not Berghain though.

That’s surely enough Manchester nightclubs to keep you students going for at least a term! If you’re not feeling too rough the next day, why not check out a bottomless brunch? Name a more iconic duo than pancakes and Bellinis? Have a read of Our top Manchester picks are here. Done partying? It’s a pretty crazy world out there and so you need to make sure you get home safely. We’ve got some advice if you are walking home but always try and get a cab with some mates if you can.

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