8 Fun Things To Do In Stirling This Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re a student studying in the fab city of Stirling, you’re in luck!

There are loads of fun things to do in Stirling with your pals, for plenty of good vibes this summer.

Whether it’s a mooch around to discover some city history or some sustainable clothes shopping, Stirling has it all.

So without further ado, grab your shades, pop on some sun cream, and get exploring this super cool city you’re living in.

1. Church Of The Holy Rude

church of the holy rude

Did you know? The Church of Holy Rude is actually the second oldest building in Stirling (second after the castle obvs.)

We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not “rude” in any shape or form, the “Holy Rude” just means the “Holy Cross.”

The church was founded in 1129 during the reign of David I, but it actually dates from the 15th century.

It’s super close to the castle in Stirling old town, and let’s just say, it’s super Insta-worthy.

Without sounding too morbid, we’d recommend taking a walk in the cemetery, it’s filled with history and offers great views of the city.

2. Eat Tasty Vegan Food

eat tasty vegan food fun things to do in stirling

Calling all vegans/vegan food lovers! Still looking for things to do in Stirling? Grab a bite to eat!

Stirling has actually really improved their range of vegan options, perfect for a chilled summer evening with your mates.

HBW Coffee is a yummy vegetarian café with a separate vegan menu, offering pancakes, sandwiches, coffees, cakes etc.

We’d deffo recommend visiting here before lectures for a quick bite and a caffeine boost – caffeine is life after all.

Mamma Mia is a moreish Italian restaurant bound to tickle your tastebuds, with tantalizing vegan pasta, risotto and bruschetta.

If you want to stay closer to home, the University of Stirling Students’ Union serves up vegetarian and vegan food like wraps, hummus and falafel.

3. Stirling Castle

stirling castle

Of course, Stirling Castle is on our list of things to do in Stirling this summer, it’s a legendary place to visit!

Step back into history with your pals and explore one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland.

On top of Castle Hill, there’s some incredible views when visiting here, not to mention a huge amount of history.

Take a trip to The Great Hall or The Queen Anne Gardens on the sunny south side of the castle and be blown away!

We’d recommend attending the castle exhibition too, offering an overview of the castle telling its story up until present day.

Admission is £14 which is deffo cheaper than a night out, so go on, take the plunge and learn some Stirling culture.

You won’t regret visiting here, it’s an absolute must when living and studying here, and is one of the most popular things to do in Stirling.

4. Insta- Worthy Doors

insta-worthy doors

Okay hear us out, but there are a lot of Insta-worthy doors in the city of Stirling.

You’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting going and look at some doors on random buildings – right?

The truth is, we’re purely thinking about the Insta pics for this one!

There’s no real direction or path you need to follow, just head down a quiet lane and you’re bound to have serious door envy.

So, get your best clothes on and get ready to get the perfect pic for Insta, bound to show off your aesthetically pleasing city.

5. Cambuskenneth Abbey To Riverside

Cambuskenneth Abbey To Riverside things to do in stirling

Fancy a walk with your mates this summer? You could even bring a picnic with you for extra snacks!

Cambuskenneth Abbey is on the other side of the river Forth and is a bit of a hidden gem in Stirling.

Take a nice, chilled walk through the Riverside neighbourhood and go to the Abbey which dates back to the 12th century.

The Abbey is roughly a ten-minute drive from your cosy accommodation, so you’ll be home in no time after a leisurely walk.

It’s free as well, which is an absolute bonus, especially for those students who want to save a few pennies!

You might want to take a pair of wellies with you though, as it can get pretty muddy there just FYI.

6. Castle Hill

castle hill things to do in stirling

We’d highly recommend visiting Castle Hill if you’re stuck on things to do in Stirling this summer.

It’s absolutely beautiful when the sun is setting, and you feel like your miles away from anything because you’re so high up!

The paths are close to where Stirling Castle sits, and are great for a nice stroll in the evening.

If you want #extra views of Stirling, definitely visit Castle Hill on an evening after lectures – you won’t regret it!

Get ready to gather your thoughts after a busy day and soak up the stunning views 😊

7. Sustainable Clothes Shopping

Sustainable clothes shopping things to do in stirling

Fun fact: many people go to Stirling for their shopping, purely because there are so many cool shops!

There are plenty of little independent shops in the city that sell sustainable designs and fair-trade products.

Calluna Ethical Living is definitely worth checking out, they stock homeware, clothing accessories, jewellery, and indoor houseplants!

Just think of all the awesome stuff you could get from here to add some serious pizzazz to your student digs.

8. Devil’s Pulpit

Devil's Pulpit

This sounds a little creepy, but trust us, it isn’t! It’s a great walk with a stunning waterfall (the real name of the gorge is Finnich Glen.)

The name comes from a rock formation that looks similar to that of a church pulpit, and the red coloured water seemed satanic back in the day.

Although it’s about a half an hour drive from your student accommodation, it’s definitely worth the travel.

All we can say is this place is absolutely stunning, and once you’ve followed the footpath, you’ll come to the stone steps of “Jacob’s ladder.”

This ancient stone staircase runs down the gorge, but take your time and be careful because it’s quite steep and not in the best condition.

The waterfalls are perhaps the most impressive part of this route though, perfect for a few pictures.

And there you have it! Our guide on 8 fun things to do in Stirling this summer with your uni buddies. You’re going to absolutely love studying in this awesome city, and it’s safe to say, you’ll never be bored here. Are you a student wondering what Tik Tok hacks are actually useful? Check out our latest blog for tips!

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