8 Best Places to Get Pizza In Liverpool

National Cheese Pizza Day is September 5th, what a delicious date. For us, every day is pizza day.  

It’s the food of the gods and the beauty of it is that there are so many different types of pizza on offer in the UK these days, from fast and easy slices or stone baked classics, to posh pizzas, deep crust fillings, and everything in between.  

If you’re living in our student apartments in Liverpool (or about to move in) and want to find that perfect slice of pizza perfection, take a look at our list of the best pizza in Liverpool.  

You’ll see different types of pizza styles below, but we’d always recommend buying that slice of margherita pizza whenever you first go to a new pizza place. It’s a good indicator of how good a place is.  

If they can’t do a nice simple, cheese pizza, it’s probably not worth the risk of anything more adventurous in topping choice. 

Let’s get scrannin’  

pizza Liverpool

1. Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana 

Authentic pizza in Liverpool like you’d expect to find on the streets of Naples.  

You can see the pizzaiolos working passionately behind the counter, serving up piping hot, traditional pizza.

The bases are thin and the toppings tasty.  

You can’t go wrong with the simple pizza at Rudy’s, but they always have an exciting range of specials and new ideas – including white pizzas (the porchetta is a particularly delicious white pizza that we recommend).  


Address: 3-7 Castle St, Liverpool L2 4SW 

105, 107 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HL 

2. American Pizza Slice   

A pizza institution in Liverpool for as long as we can remember, APS started with the small counter and a few tables at its Whitechapel location serving New York style pizza by the slice.

You can also buy a whopping 18 inch special with different slices! 

The taste, standard and consistency have been ridiculous for over 20 years, it’s always mind-blowing.  

You can also find an American Pizza Slice on South Road in Waterloo and a larger venue near the top of Bold Street with plenty of seating.  

In the last couple of years, they’ve branched out into Chicago deep-dish style pizzas and Detroit style, a rectangular shape with deep, crispy crusts that must be tried! 


Address: 52 Whitechapel, Liverpool L1 6EG 

122 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA 

112 South Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 0ND 

3. Crazy Pedro’s  

A bar and pizza joint in one, a party venue that brings the best drinks and pizza together for you to enjoy.  

The pizzas are huge if you want to buy a whole one between you and your friends, or you can buy by the slice.

Crazy Pedro’s is all about the weird and wonderful toppings though.

Two of the favourite slices here are ‘The Mac Daddy’, which is a pizza with a mini hamburger topping, and ‘Pedro’s World-Famous Hot Dog Pizza’, a pizza topped with a hot dog, crispy onions, ketchup and mustard.

Which one will you try?!



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Address: 25 Parr St, Liverpool L1 4JN 

4. Nightcrawler  

You might have seen the neon signs for Nightcrawler as you’ve stumbled down Slater Street from one bar to the next or wondered what that side door and steps lead up to in The Merchant.  

Nightcrawler is the perfect pizza joint for a quick slice during a night out, or as a hangover cure the next morning.

The slices are huge and definitely good value, and they have some incredible toppings.  

The Dr Pepper (pepperoni and honey) is one of the best slices of pizza in Liverpool, and the vegan options are always interesting and full of flavour. 


Address: 38 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BX 

5. Fritto

Originally seen at various locations as a street food truck, Fritto has moved to a permanent location on Smithdown Road in the last year.  

An authentic Italian bakery, you can buy lip-smacking arancini, fried calamari and sweet treats, but it’s the pizza that we go for.

The pizza is different to anything else you’ll see – the Milanese style is soft and spongy, full of toppings and sold by the slice.  

The second-most popular street food in Italy after pizza, is the panzeroni and it is the staple item on the Fritto menu.

Like an Italian pasty, it’s like a small calzone, soft, and packed full of ingredients. Every pillowy bite is like heaven.  


Address: 149 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L7 4JF 

6. 1931  

Part of the Hope Street Hotel development, 1931 is probably the fanciest pizza restaurant on our list, but this shouldn’t put you off booking in for dinner.  

Pizzas are large, crispy, and hit the right spot – mmm! 

Our favourite from here so far is the Quattro Formaggi, another type of pizza that is a good indicator of the quality of the pizza joint! Which has the wonderful addition of pistachio as a topping.

We could eat it all day, could you?! Go try it out. 



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Address: 38b Hope St, Liverpool L1 9DA 

7. Pizzeria Miki  

You can find Pizzeria Miki on the menu at Fredericks on Hope Street, as well as through their food truck at various locations.  

The idea is delicious, pizzettes, 7-inch pizzas that really hit the spot and leave you really satisfied.

You might go into it thinking about just one small pizza, but it’s so good, just order one of every flavour between your mates and tuck in!  

The margherita is a star, as is the goat’s cheese and nduja pizzette – you just have to try them.  



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Address: 23 Webster Rd, Liverpool L7 6NY 

8. Turncoat – Albert Dock 

Wood-fired pizzas, with simple flavours and the spectacular Albert Dock location. What more do you want from life?!  

There’s loads to see and do down the Liverpool waterfront these days, and Turncoat has been a great addition as a bar and pizza place where you can relax with a pint and a pizza (for just a tenner every Thursday).   

Start with the wood-fired garlic bread with cheese and a side of Padron poppers, and then go with any of the amazing pizzas.  


Address: 30, Edward Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AF 

We should end by saying that there are way too many good pizza options to list in one post here, so apologies if we’ve missed out your favourite.  

We’ll just have to get back out there and carrying on tasting (it’s all for research purposes of course!). Pizza + Liverpool. Two words that go together well, don’t you think?!  

Let us know what your favourite pizza place is in Liverpool @_homesforstudents.

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