6 Cafes Perfect For Studying In Southampton 

As university students, one of the most important elements of life is studying. Making sure that you are efficient with your time and able to focus is essential, and so, every student finds a specific place where they’re able to work and focus without distractions.

For some people, it is in the university libraries, for some it is simply in their rooms but many enjoy going, either alone or with friends, to a cafe.  

With good drinks, friendly service and sometimes far better Wi-Fi than most other places, cafes can be perfect for studying in. We will look at a handful of the best cafes that Southampton has to offer as places of study, to prepare you for the next academic year.

Whether you’re a student at University Of Southampton, Solent University or Southampton City College we’re sure you’ll find somewhere that suits you!

Of course, the usual Costas, Starbucks’ and Pret A Mangers can be found around the city for those interested, but this list is going to focus on some lesser known and local choices to visit.

In the hopes of bringing forth some new names for your list whilst also including a range of cafes, from those more socially focused to those with more of a focus on the food and drinks that they have to offer.  Let’s get going!

Cafes Southampton

1. Room2 

The first that stands out in terms of study is Room2 – situated just outside of the busiest parts of the city centre, it isn’t too out of the way for most and provides a great atmosphere to study in.

Opening early in the morning and staying open until the late hours of the evening, Room2 is available all day and has friendly, helpful staff who are willing to help with any issues you may have or with any requests.  

What’s even better is that it is free to enter and stay for as long as you like with bookings available for groups if needed, along with a separate area at the back that can be used for presentations.  

The icing on the study-focus cake is the view of a park across the street which allows the mind to wander through an idyllic scenery during those moments of writers’ block or when you’re waiting on inspiration to strike. The cushioned seats on the windowsills mean that you can lounge in the window whilst working and cast the occasional glance over. 


Address: 1 Queen’s Terrace, Southampton SO14 3BP 

2. Avenue Cafe  

Of course, there are also the cafes on the university campuses. Not only are these easily accessible, but you’ll be near them so often that at some point you’re bound to try them out.  

 Each of them has its own qualities and not-so-great elements as, of course, they can become social hubs from time to time and make studying a little more difficult. However, usually, it tends to be quiet enough that headphones are able to deal with the distracting noise.   

Southampton University’s Avenue Campus has perhaps the best choice of university cafes, as the smaller campus means that the Avenue Cafe tends to stay quiet enough for focusing and allows for working easily.  

Then again, this cafe also works out great for studying with friends or alone as socialising is more than acceptable and, you can have a bite too with the cheap, student-appropriate prices. 



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Address: University of Southampton, University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ 

3. Cafe Thrives  

For those looking to eat whilst studying, Cafe Thrives comes specifically recommended. This is a gluten-free and vegan cafe, though we’re sure meat eaters will also be licking their fingers

 , is often cited as the very best cafe that Southampton has to offer.  

They supply the usual group of hot drinks like coffees and teas (we all need caffeine when we’re studying) along with milkshakes, an all-day breakfast, an array of cakes and savouries all for very reasonable prices – surprisingly so! Is there anything better than rewarding yourself with something yummy after hitting an essay word count?!

It’s situated by the city centre, which allows for a post-shopping stop to study and get some work done whilst also eating some great food and having some delicious hot drinks.  


Address: 18 Hanover Buildings, Southampton SO14 1JX 

4. Uptons of Bassett Cafe 

 The Uptons of Bassett cafe is a good choice for those looking for a more substantial meal to keep them going, serving a wide range of heavier breakfasts and meals throughout the day with gluten-free options too.

If you’re after a full English breakfast and a coffee to fuel you up for a day of studying, then this is the place. 

It is one of the highest-rated cafes and restaurants in Southampton, with great food and service, it makes a good workspace to get your head down.

Although we must say this award-winning cafe does get quite busy, so you may not be able to concentrate as well at peak times!



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Address: 351 Winchester Rd, Southampton SO16 7DJ 

5. Miss Ellie’s Cafe 

For those willing to go a little further away from the Southampton campuses, Miss Ellie’s Cafe is a highly liked cafe nearby Riverside Park so if you want to go for a scenic walk afterwards then it offers the best of both worlds.

Make the most of great value meals like paninis, salads and pasta whilst soaking up the atmosphere.  

There’s outdoor seating available if you want to sit enjoy the sun and get some fresh air whilst working on the task at hand.

The staff here are wonderful and attentive, which is super helpful if you need anything, they’ll be more than happy to help you. 



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Address: 31a Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NN 

6. The Songbird  

Similarly to the previously mentioned Room2, The Songbird is a modern study space for those looking to relax whilst working in a public space.

With outdoor seating also one of its best selling points, The Songbird is a wonderful place to study which also offers a wide range of milkshakes, iced coffees (our fave), cakes, and smoothies to try.  

It is located just outside of the busier parts of the city and is nearby Bitterne Country Park for bonus points on placement and atmosphere. This quirky cafe provides the best ice cream, so after you’re done working on any assignments or revisions, you can treat yourself to a dessert! 

The best part is, drum roll please, they are dog friendly! So, you can meet some cute pups whilst completing your university deadlines. If that doesn’t say relaxation, we’re not sure what will.


Address: 23 Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NN 

So, that concludes our tour of some of the best cafes in Southampton. Our guide should cover a solid range of the more social places to those more specifically catered towards studying or those where the focus is on the food and drinks available.  

We should mention though, not every cafe is happy for people to sit down and work in, so sometimes it’s best to ask first if they don’t mind you whipping out your laptop and getting some work done for a few hours. Chances are, if you’re buying food and drinks then they won’t mind!  

Which cafes do you think you’ll find yourself in, are you the type to enjoy the quiet, cozy atmosphere of Room2 on a solo mission to get some work done or embrace the more chaotic and social on-campus cafes with friends?!

Regardless, we wish you all the best with the next academic year and hope that you’ll find our guide useful when it comes to concentrating on your busy uni workload!

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