Best 6 Plant Recognising Apps

We all love a good plant here and there, but were you aware that there are plant recognising apps that actually exist!?

Dotting a few cheeky plants around your cosy student accommodation is bound to make it feel extra homely.

But the big question is, can you distinguish your Ficus from your Monstera? That’s what we really need to know! 😉

We’ve found 6 of the best plant recognising apps for iPhone & Android you need to download ASAP for serious planty vibes.

Let’s take a look at our list!

1. PlantSnap

PlantSnap plant recognising apps

Rating – 10/10

So, this particular app is free for Android users, but not for iPhone users, soz guys!

PlantSnap is kind of like Snapchat for plants – and we’re so here for it, it’s one of the most popular plant recognising apps.

The app’s artificial intelligence basically needs you to take crisp, clear pictures of a few leaves or single flowers.

It’ll then scan your photo and help you name your plant once snapped, that’s pretty cool, right?

Once you know what plant you’ve got, you can find out more information on the app with over 500,000 species on the database!

The Pros Of PlantSnap

  • The app has beautiful images of plants and organised taxonomy info
  • There’s basic tutorials with instructions to help new users
  • It’s a super easy to use app
  • Aesthetically, it’s a great looking app and very smooth

The Cons Of PlantSnap

  • There’s a free version or a “pro” version – which costs considerably more money.
  • You have to create an account before using it
  • Details on each plant vary from very detailed to virtually non-existent

2. Leafsnap Plant

Leafsnap plant recognising app

Rating – 9/10

Get ready to go plant crazy! Leafsnap is a free app on iOS and gets our second-place spot for best plant recognising apps.

It can instantly identify thousands of plants, flowers, fruits, and even trees!

Instead of wasting time chatting to your plant enthusiast pals, just download Leafsnap and you’re pretty much sorted.

Just like PlantSnap, you need to take a picture of the leaves to identify the plant species.

You’ll have instant access to the plant database where you can get loads of info and learn new stuff.

The Pros Of Leafsnap

  • The SnapIt tool allows you to take pictures of plants directly within the app
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Has a quick search tool
  • More than 2,500 high-resolution photos

The Cons Of Leafsnap

  • The app isn’t entirely free, with some subscription charges
  • Some bugs have been reported on the app
  • The ads can stay on for quite a long time

3. iNaturalist

iNaturalist plant recognising apps

Rating – 7/10

Available on Android and iPhone is iNaturalist, a social network where you can learn loads about plants!

This bags our third spot on best plant recognising apps for many good reasons, one being that it’s super easy to use.

It has identification suggestions, feedback from the plant community, and is free for everyone to use!

The Pros Of iNaturalist

  • It’s a not-for-profit app, so it’s free to download!
  • There’s no hidden charges, which is where some apps can really catch you out
  • It’s in 35+ different languages
  • The app itself is very aesthetically pleasing and smooth

The Cons Of iNaturalist

  • Some bugs have been identified after the iOS 13 update
  • It doesn’t recognise dates or geolocation of photos from the iPhone photo library
  • Is prone to crashing at times

4. Smartplant

Smartplant plant recognising apps

Rating – 6/10

Want to identify your plants fast so you can get them in your student digs ASAP? You gotta download SmartPlant!

Available on Android and iPhone, SmartPlant is great for those who may class them self as “beginners” in the plant world.

You can get help from real experts to identify plants and discover a wealth of plants and plant info.

Search for any plant, or identify them if you don’t know their name, and you’ll get simple reminders to tell you what to do with your plants!

The Pros Of Smartplant

  • Get care and reminders for 3 of your plants for free!
  • Organise your plants in the app
  • Discover recommendations as well as trending plants so you can be #ontrend!
  • Get immediate care advice once you’ve scanned your plant
  • Quick response time from the experts

The Cons Of Smartplant

  • It’s not entirely all free, there are monthly fees for some parts of the app
  • You can only identify 1 plant a month on the free subscription
  • Reported bugs in the latest update
  • The app can sometimes crash

5. Plantifier


Rating – 5/10

This free crowdsourced plant recognition tool is pretty cool, available for Android and iPhone users.

It’s a pretty simple app, which is why we wouldn’t recommend it as the best, but it still does the job!

It allows you to upload a photo of an unknown plant, and the users of the will be able to reply to you.

Talk about teamwork right?

The Pros Of Plantifier

  • Although it’s a little behind the times, it’s a simple easy app
  • The responses are super quick
  • Totally free with no pesky ads

The Cons Of Plantifier

  • It’s not quite as advanced as technologically advanced as the other apps
  • A few minor bugs have been reported
  • No notifications when someone has answered someone else’s pictures

6. Google Lens

Google Lens

Rating – 4/10

This app is available on Android that can tell you what plant you’re looking at within seconds.

You can identify plants by pictures of up to 60,000 species, and keep track in your own personal collection.

Your photos will show up on your own personal plant map, and you can explore the plant enyclopedia for more info.

Users can identify trees, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, succulents, cactus & loads more!

The Pros Of Google Lens

  • It’s super quick and easy to identify plants – it takes literally seconds.
  • A very aesthetically pleasing app which is really easy to use!
  • Quick and smooth navigation

The Cons Of Google Lens

  • You can only use this app for free for three days, so technically, it’s not free.
  • Unless you want to pay for a subscription, the features are limited.
  • Bugs have been reported
  • You have to input your payment details first, be sure to cancel after your trial (if you want to)

And that’s is plant lovers! We hope you found this 6 best plant recognising apps blog useful, there’s pretty much an app for everything nowadays. So, get ready to add some greenery to your awesome student accommodation and live your best plant life.

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