22 Things University Students Can Relate To

Journeying through university can be an interesting time in anyone’s life. Initially, you immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture not really knowing what to expect.

For the majority, a few months in and you already feel like you’ve been part of the furniture for years! You become accustomed to the ways of student living and you begin to learn a little bit more about yourself and others as you coast along.

That said, students can be viewed as their own form of species living within the nurturing bubble that is university life. And as the months and years fly past experiences tend to come and go that nearly every student can relate to.

So, without further ado, here are just some of the things that university students can relate to

    1. Every new academic year starts off with you feeling energised and fresh until the novelty soon wears off…

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    1. … until that novelty soon wears off when your desk is quickly loaded with assignments and reading tasks.

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    1. Being part of the same seminar class for a year (or more) and still not knowing everyone’s names

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    1. Your lecturer warns you that the assignment will be time-consuming and cannot be completed last minute

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    1. 9 am lectures can be a real struggle sometimes

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    1. Leaving your referencing to the end and instantly regretting that decision

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    1. Pulling an all-nighter to complete your assignment

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    1. You snooze your alarm a gazillion times and you’re left wondering whether you even need this degree.

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    1. Putting your telepathy skills to the test when discussing your assignment with your academic tutor in the hope they feed you all of the golden nuggets of wisdom you desire.

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    1. When your student loan drops

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    1. Until reality swiftly kicks in

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    1. When your lecturer tells you to discuss the topic with the people at your table

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    1. Pasta, beans, bread and noodles are on the student menu for at least 3 years of your life.

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    1. You become the ultimate master of procrastination

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    1. When your family asks you how your revision is going

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    1. Referring to the trusty resource of an online thesaurus when you want to throw in an outrageous clever word that is sure to spice up your assignment!

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    1. Shopping on a budget becomes one of the tactical skills that you must master in order to survive

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    1. Making the tedious journey to the laundrette knowing you have to use your loose change that could be used for something better, like food!

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    1. Netflix and bed are your trusty companions until you slightly lose control

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    1. Napping at any time of the day is necessary and appropriate

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    1. Graduation is just around the corner and you are ready for the world to come at you …

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    1. Until you graduate and realise you now need to work for the rest of your life

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