10 Summer Student Jobs You Need To Apply For!

Summer student jobs are a big part of student life for many people.

Moving away from home and living in a new town, city, or even country allows you the chance to grow as a human and learn how to look after yourself.

It might be that once university is over for the year and you have a few months free, that you want to stay and work summer jobs as a student for a few months.

You may want to use student accommodation in the summer as a base to travel, take part in a work placement, or even in advance of university to get used to new surroundings and the layout of a town that is unfamiliar to you.

There are a few job sites for summer student jobs that you can look at to help find you that perfect role once your studies are over. What type of summer job should you be looking for though?

1. Working In Hospitality

Working In Hospitality

Hospitality brings with it a great array of choices for a student searching for a summer job.

Whether you are working behind a bar, as waiting staff in a restaurant, a barista in a café, or a fast-food server, hospitality sharpens many skills that will stand you in good stead for any future career you make.

Hospitality in the summer months teaches you work ethic, patience (with employers and customers), customer service skills, using maths on your feet when calculating and accepting payments, as well as specific skills related to each individual hospitality role.

2. Summer Festival Jobs

Summer Festival Jobs

The summer months in the UK sees loads of festivals throughout the country.

From massive music festivals that run over long weekends, to smaller independent festivals celebrating art, literature, film, food, and drink, there is something for everyone to enjoy outdoors.

These festivals rely on staff working short-term contracts to get the festivals up and running, that they run smoothly throughout and managed well once they are over.

There are countless summer student jobs to look for in this area, from ticketing and administration, to bar work, stewarding and security, and a whole host of other festival job opportunities.

3. Charity Jobs

Charity Jobs Summer Student Jobs

Working as a fundraiser for a charitable organisation, as a volunteer directly helping others, or working in a charity retail store, all provide students with summer job opportunities that pay a wage and genuinely helps people.

Find a charity that is close to your heart and it can be incredibly fulfilling to work for them, raising funds and making sure that the vulnerable get the help they need, or the charity is funded in a way that drives positive change.

Working with a charity brings you confidence, administration skills, and commitment to a good cause.

4. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are constantly looking to take advantage of a temporary workforce in order to provide short-term or long-term cover within a wide variety of industries.

If you are not looking for any specific job and just want a part-time or short-term job to cover the summer months, look for a summer student job through a recruitment agency.

That way you might be able to get an office job, factory and warehouse work, construction or anything at all that you fancy working.

5. Working In Retail

Working In Retail

Much like a hospitality role, working in retail is a very demanding role where you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet looking for solutions to many different challenges.

A summer student job in retail covers a lot of ground. Some supermarkets look to the student population to stock shelves during a night shift, to man the counters and checkouts.

In other retail opportunities, you might be tasked with direct interaction with customers, managing stock, or looking after the promotional items within a store layout.

6. A Telesales Job

Telesales Job

In every call centre and telesales job, you’ll find that a project is staffed with many students on a summer break or young people in between jobs.

A telesales role is a perfect summer student job for those looking to find work relatively easily, to have a simple process to plug into and work, without the long-term commitment that some jobs entail.

This is why you see so many telesales roles have such high turnover, but it doesn’t make it any less attractive to a student in search of a wage.

A telesales role could be either as an inbound call agent dealing with customer orders, complaints or other aspects of customer service for a business.

Alternatively, an outbound call centre agent will most likely ‘cold call’ to sell a product or service to potential customers.

7. Personal Tutor

Personal tutor summer student jobs

Finding work as a personal tutor in the summer months is a great way to make some money but also to keep your own skills sharpened.

Becoming a private tutor brings in some pay but is also a role that offers flexibility, as it is unlikely to be a full-time job, unless you take on a lot of kids, and can be done via Zoom calls in our current restricted times.

A personal tutor should be confident and have good grades. It looks fantastic on your CV if you have worked as a personal tutor, helping younger children with their own schoolwork, exam preparation, or entry exams.

If you are great at maths, science, history, or another specific subject, teaching children in those subjects during the summer months works for them and for your own development with your studies.

8. Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a foreign language

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses provide you with a platform to teach English in both this country but also in many different locations across the world.

There are some amazing opportunities to expand your horizons and combine travel with your summer job as a student.

There are short-term opportunities but working with TEFL could also provide you with a chance to work abroad on a more permanent basis once you have completed your studies.

9. Summer Camp Jobs

summer camp jobs

One thing that many students do during the summer months is go to work in a summer camp, either in the UK or abroad.

There are many different types of summer camps, such as educational summer schools, adventure camps, sports camps, and others.

These camps are always looking for enthusiastic students with free time to come along and help with a wide variety of roles.

With jobs available like sports coaches, mentors, camp and activity leaders, teachers, cleaning staff, administrator, kitchen staff, take your pick!

A summer camp is a fantastic way to branch out, learn new ways of working, meet new people, explore new surroundings, and have a lot of fun doing it.

10. Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging summer student blogs

One thing that many students do during their summer break is travel.

This is a little outside the box as far as summer student jobs go and not that conventional but hear us out.

It takes time and effort to build up a successful travel brand, you’ll have to blog and post on Instagram whenever you travel and have a substantial social media following.

If you do it well though, over time, it can bring in some advertising revenue that allows you to travel in a little bit more comfort in the summer months.

Travel blogging and becoming an authority in all things travel also grows your world of connections, helps you to meet many different and interesting people, and gives a glimpse into a non-traditional future career if you work hard.

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