NCP offer for Homes for Students residents

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We understand that sometimes when you move to university you want to take your car with you, but parking in the city centre can be costly. So we've teamed up with NCP Huntingdon St, Nottingham to offer you a great student discount.

NCP Huntingdon St, Nottingham is right next door to our accommodation The Glasshouse, and nearby our other Nottingham properties Nottingham Square and Bowman House,however any Homes for Students resident can take adantage of this offer*.

With your student discount you can receive these offers:

  • Annual season tickets at £600 inc VAT (a daily rate of £1.64).
  • Quarterly season tickets at £165.
  • Monthly tickets at £60.

*T&C’s apply. Only applicable for NCP Huntingdon St, Nottingham.