Wimbledon - All The Info - When, Where, How to Watch

The Championships, Wimbledon is not only the UK’s largest and most exciting sports event but is also the oldest tennis tournament in the world.

Wimbledon is one of the four most important annual tennis events known as the ‘Grand Slams’.

Looking for all the info for Wimbledon? Look no further, we will be providing you with everything you need to know for this year’s tournament as well as how you can watch it.  

Wimbledon History 

Wimbledon has been taking place every summer from late June to early July since its first championship event in 1877, however, it was a male-only sporting event until 1884 when women were allowed to compete.  

Wimbledon is not just a sporting event, it is a staple of British summertime and is full of traditions such as its serving of strawberries and cream, Pimm’s cocktails, its all-white dress code, queuing, and Royal patronage. Members of The Royal Family often attend Wimbledon, so keep an eye out for which royals you can see pictured at the event in the Royal Box.  

The worldwide sporting event on average attracts an attendance of around 450,000 people. In 2020, the event was canceled for the first time in history because of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health concerns.  

In 2021, Wimbledon was back up and running, but with restricted conditions such as a limited capacity, as well as proof of vaccination status or negative lateral flow test being required for entry.   

Lucky for worldwide tennis fans, this year the event will be back to its glory for the first time since 2019.  

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam event that still takes place on a traditional grass tennis court, with the other Grand Slam tournaments are US Open, Australian Open and French Open taking place on different court surfaces. 

This year, the event will play host to the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu along with other tennis players. It’s rumoured Serena Williams may even make her return to tennis at this year’s Wimbledon! 

Wimbledon traditions

Where is Wimbledon happening? 

Wimbledon will be taking place at the All-England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, which is located at Church Road, Wimbledon, London. The venue has been home to the Tennis championships since its first-ever tournament in 1877, although this took place within the club’s original ground. The All-England Club was originally set up for croquet, but the growing popularity of tennis led to it becoming the main activity of the club. The venue has also hosted other sporting events such as in 2012, when it was the venue for the tennis events at the Summer Olympics.  

 All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

When is Wimbledon taking place? 

The event will be taking place from Mon 27th Jun until Sunday 10th Jul, so you have plenty of time to prepare. It is the first year that Wimbledon is planned to take place over 14 days! 

We have provided you, tennis enthusiasts, with a day-by-day schedule, so you can stay up to date with all the competition times. Keep in mind the following schedule may be changed, and matches may be delayed due to circumstances on the day, such as adverse weather or player injuries. 

Tournament Schedule: 

  1. Monday 27th June 2022 – 11:00 AM: Men’s & Ladies’ 1st Round 
  2. Tuesday 28th June 2022 – 11:00 AM: Men’s & Ladies’ 1st Round 
  3. Men’s & Ladies’ 2nd Round – 11:00 AM: Wednesday 29th June 2022 
  4. Men’s & Ladies’ 2nd Round – 11:00 AM: Thursday 30th June 2022 
  5. Men’s & Ladies’ 3rd Round – 11:00 AM: Friday 1st July 2022 
  6. Men’s & Ladies’ 3rd Round – 11:00 AM: Saturday 2nd July 2022 
  7. Men’s & Ladies’ 4th Round – 11:00 AM: Sunday 3rd July 2022 
  8. Men’s & Ladies’ 4th Round – 11:00 AM: Monday 4th July 2022 
  9. Men’s Singles Quarterfinals/Ladies’ Singles Quarterfinals –  11:00 AM: Tuesday 5th July 2022 
  10. Men’s Singles Quarterfinals/Ladies’ Singles Quarterfinals – 11:00 AM: Wednesday 6th July 2022 
  11. Ladies’ Singles Semifinals – 1:00 PM: Thursday 7th July 2022 
  12. Men’s Singles Semifinals – 1:00 PM: Friday 8th July 2022 
  13. Ladies’ Singles Final/Men’s Doubles Final/Ladies’ Doubles Final – 2:00 PM: Saturday 9th July 2022 
  14. Men’s Singles Final/Mixed Doubles Final – 2:00 PM: Sunday 10th July 2022 

Wimbledon tennis

Going to Wimbledon 

If you are eager to attend this year’s event, you’re in luck as you may be able to get tickets online or on the day – yes, we mean, literally on the day!  

Wimbledon remains one of the very few major UK sporting events where you can bag yourself a great ticket on the day. This is done through a queuing system where a limited number of tickets are available daily and is strictly one ticket sold to each person queueing.  

The official website for Wimbledon has stated that more information about queuing for tickets will be made available in due course. So, watch this space! 

Unfortunately, the time has passed for grabbing an advance ticket as there is no public ballot this year for Wimbledon tickets. Those who entered the ballot in 2020 and fans who attended the tournament in previous years will get priority to purchase tickets again for 2022. 

If you don’t fancy queuing on the day, you may be able to bag yourself re-sale tickets or any remaining unsold tickets in advance for this year’s event – just keep checking the official Wimbledon website. 

Wimbledon tennis championship

How to watch  

Whether you are watching Wimbledon live from the stadium (lucky buggers), watching it on TV, or live streaming at home or at the pub, we have listed different ways you can stay up to date with this year’s tournament. 

Here are a few of the best ways to watch: 

  • BBC Broadcast – Wimbledon will be broadcast in full in the UK by the BBC. You can also watch the championship through online streaming on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website. There will also be radio commentary on 5 live and 5 live sports extra. 
  • Amazon – Amazon has had the live streaming rights of Wimbledon for five years. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account, you can sign up with a 30-day FREE trial, and only after the trial is over will you be charged for it. 
  • ESPN – For tennis fans in America, you can watch the 2022 Wimbledon Championship on ESPN. You can access the channel via live TV streaming services, including Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. 
  • Bet365 – For fans in the UK, Europe, Australia, or elsewhere, you can watch the championship through live streaming on the Bet365 website by setting up an account on their website. You can watch on mobile, tablet & desktop. 

Tennis player at Wimbledon

There we have it, the end of all the info you need to know about Wimbledon. It’s an incredible sporting event, so wherever you’re watching it, we hope you have the best time! For a further look at all things Wimbledon, click here for more information. 

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