Dealing with Stress & Anxiety During Results

It’s A-level results day on the 13th August, and it’s totally natural to be freaking out a bit!

As the date looms closer, the butterflies in your stomach are growing, the nerves are multiplying, and you’re no doubt feeling very panicky.

After all, this day determines which, or if you go to university and could potentially map the rest of your life!

One thing we need you to remember is that whatever happens, you should be super proud of yourself, and it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t go to plan.

So, take a chill pill and relax, because we’ve got some top tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety during results season!

1. Get plenty of rest

how to relax during university results

We know this is way easier said that done, especially when you’re feeling extra nervy, but try and wind down in the evening and relax as much as possible before bed time.

Instead of having a mammoth lie in the day before results day, drag yourself out of bed and keep busy, so you feel nice and tired before bed!

We’re not saying you need to run a marathon, but maybe do a spot of cleaning, or go for a walk into town, ideally something to keep your mind and body busy.

Maybe stay off the caffeine about 6 hours before bed, we get that caffeine is #life, but try and keep it minimal and just have a cup in the morning.

Have a nice warm shower/bath before bed, grab yourself a nice mug of hot choc and get lost in your favourite book!

Social media can be a little daunting too, so maybe keep off that before bedtime, you may see all your mates chatting about results day, which could make you extra nervous.

2. Do NOT panic!

Student stress

If you didn’t get the exam grades you wanted, don’t worry, we repeat, do NOT worry! Although it may feel like the end of the world, it isn’t.

Take a deep breath and have a chat with your teachers or parents, and try to think as rationally as possible!

Clearing is always an option through UCAS, or you could take a gap year to figure things out.

Why not take a look at apprenticeships if you want to continue with your studies? There are so many options available, so just try and chill!

Try not to feel annoyed at yourself, these things happen and if you let it bog you down too much, you’ll lose your aspirations.

We’d advise to stay off social media for a bit, purely because you’re going to see lots of excitable chit chat that you may not fancy seeing right now.

3. Eat your greens!

Eat greens to help stress.

You can’t beat a takeaway now and then, and we’re definitely not judging you because sometimes junk food can be the best!

However, we’d advise you to try and eat as well as possible in the run up to results day, because you want a nice balanced diet to keep you feeling calm and energised.

Not eating properly or enough can affect your mood and sleeping pattern greatly, and that’s the last thing you want before that all important day.

So grab a few greens and some fruit on your next food shop, go on, you know you want to!

4. Make a plan

how to relax during results

Try your very best to be as organised as possible, work out what time you need to be there and where you need to go to collect your results.

Maybe read up on the UCAS clearing system in advance, because it’s always best to be prepared.

Plan to do something with your friends or family later on in the evening, so you’ve got something to look forward to regardless of what happens!

Whether you’re celebrating or drowning your sorrows, if you plan your day and have your friends and family by your side, it’s all good.

5. Opening your results alone is okay

If you want to open your results on your own, that’s okay! Don’t feel pressured to open them in front of your pals if you don’t want to.

Obvs you can change your mind last minute if you feel confident enough to open them in front of people, but never feel like you have to if you don’t fancy it!

6. Remain positive

Remain positive during results season

Remember to remain positive throughout results season, again, we know it’s easier said than done, but once you can get into a positive mindset you’ll feel way better.

Try not to think negatively on the lead up to results day, because that sort of mindset isn’t going to help anyone!

If you keep as busy as possible on the lead up to that dreaded day, you’re bound to feel much better and less focused on the negatives.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others

You need to remember that everyone’s different! Some are very academic, others are more creative, you just need to remember to not compare.

We get that it’s easier said than done, but everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Just because someone may or may not have done better than you in their results, doesn’t mean you need to feel down about yourself.

If you get any negative thoughts, try and think rationally and be proud of yourself, you got this!

8. Mindful Exercise

mindful exercise helps anxiety

Even if exercise isn’t totally your thing, there’s plenty of mindfulness and relaxation techniques you can have a go at as you approach results day!

Just take a few mins to relax and breathe in and out, and sit with your thoughts.

Exercises like yoga and meditation can really help you feel chill, but it does take some practice.

We get that sitting still can be super hard, but try to use your breath and certain physical postures to promote both your physical and mental well-being.

If you don’t know where to begin, just take a look on YouTube, there’s loads of yoga and meditation exercises for beginners!

9. Me time

Me time is important

Don’t feel guilty for taking a bit of me time before the big day, whether that’s going out or staying in!

Say your friends fancy a big night out but you’re feeling a bit anxious, don’t be afraid to say no, you need to be selfish in these situations.

Alternatively, a big sesh might be what you need, but if you really don’t fancy it, it’s okay to say no.

Particularly before the big day, get ready to relax and stick on your fave Netflix show, maybe light a candle to really set some chilled vibes.

10. Don’t bottle it up!

Express your emotions

It’s super normal to feel stressed, anxious and generally down during results season, so remember that you’re not alone.

The best thing to do is reach out and have a natter with your family or friends and discuss your worries!

It’s important to remember that you’re never alone, and sometimes a good old chat with a member of your family, friend or even tutor will make you feel loads better.

Getting someone else’s point of view always helps you rationalise situations you may feel anxious about.


Good luck

Good luck to everyone getting their results on the 13th August, remember to stay positive and don’t forget…YOU GOT THIS!

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