6 Best Nightclubs in Leicester

If you are planning on moving to student accommodation in Leicester one of the first things you’ll want to know is where are the best places to go to for a big night out.

Leicester is home to a few nightclubs, bars and student-specific club nights, and though it isn’t the biggest city (with Birmingham not too far away to cater for the bright lights of a big city night out), it certainly knows how to party. We’ve put together a list of some of the best places for a night out in Leicester for students.

1. Mosh (St. Nicholas Place)

Most is an indie rock and alternative club that is spread over a massive three floors. It is always packed out, due to the regular club nights and live events.


It is one of the biggest on the student calendar for Leicester students, as it runs an alternative club night every single week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Expect the dance floor to be heaving as DJs spin some stone-cold indie and rock classics, as well as DnB, dance, and chart hits. It is a legendary club for Leicester students, you can expect to see everyone there at some point, and the perfect end to a midweek night out.

2. The Cookie (High Street)

Can you think of anything better than getting a few drinks down you whilst playing some board games?


At The Cookie you can come in during the day off the High Street to sample the coffee bar ambience, and at night the whole place switches into a more active mode, with live comedy being performed in the cellar on some nights, and amazing live music on others.

The Cookie is completely unique when it comes to bars and clubs in Leicester. This small, intimate live performance venue is always packed and full of energy, and well worth a visit from your student accommodation in Leicester.

3. Club Republic (Gravel Street)

For some VIP action and a luxury night out on the town, head on over to Gravel Street for something a little but different. Club Republic has that exclusive feel, so you and your mates will truly feel like you are celebrities.


The boudoir red décor in this nightclub that has five different bars and rooms to explore, is something to behold. There is a night here for everyone’s taste, and it is also host to different student club nights each week.

Get into the cocktail booth, dance to the state-of-the-art sound system, and be treated like a VIP on special occasions.

4. Firebug (Millstone Lane)

Firebug is a solid all-rounder as far as Sheffield is concerned. If you are a student who likes a big night out, Firebug has got you covered, with an upstairs venue that hosts live music and other performances, has amazing student-friendly club nights, immersive cinema events, and other quirky nights to enjoy.


Downstairs though in Firebug there is a completely different vibe, offering great food options, and a massive beer garden, all open until the early hours.

You can dance, laugh, enjoy live music, eat, drink, and chill out, in one multi-functional two floor space at Firebug. It is an excellent student institution in Leicester!

5. The Exchange (Rutland Street)

Have you ever been taken into a building that looks like it’ll be absolutely terrible from the outside, and then found that you have wound your way through a weird space that seems to go on forever, and had the best night of your life? That is what most students find happens to them when they visit The Exchange.


It is just a really weird shape, and it is so hard to wrap your head around it at first, but once you enter you’ll find plenty of space, plenty of quiet corners to have a drink in the really narrow bar, and quaint candles dripping with wax, and comfortable chairs to while away the hours.

The Exchange was recently closed very suddenly, but it is in new hands and has reopened quite quickly, something that the people of Leicester were very happy about!

6. Venom (Belgrave Gate)

Located right in the very heart of the city centre, Venom on Belgrave Street places itself a class apart from other night clubs in the city. It is full of high-energy entertainment, classy booths, a cutting-edge light show that dominates the décor of each night it is open. It definitely has an exclusive feel, welcoming punters through its doors with a hostess service for the exclusive booths, helping you to feel like a true VIP.


There are different rooms at Venom, each with a different type of music, so if you like chart music, house music, or hip-hop, there is a room and a dancefloor for you. It is a lounge and night club experience like nothing else in Leicester, with the highest quality of customer service ensuring that customers return to it again and again.

Venom is a fantastic place for a special event or a birthday bash, or just if you fancy feeling like a celebrity for the night, in the heart of the city centre.

As you can see, there are a few brilliant nights out, and student-friendly night clubs and club nights in Leicester to explore. Whether you are looking for that VIP edge to your night, or a budget night out on the town with your new friends, Leicester has everything you need in abundance, and best of all, the best nights out are all close to your student accommodation in Leicester options.

Choose wisely and you could have the perfect location to have as your base when you move to Leicester and are looking for a great night out.

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