Halloween Costumes 2021: Trends You Need To Try Now!

Yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking, it IS that festive time of the year again! 

Thinking back to last year, many COVID-19 restrictions were in place and we couldn’t celebrate Halloween in our typical uni style…oh how the turntables (quick one for all our US Office stans).

Despite this, we’re finally out of lockdowns *yippeee* and allowed on nights out like pre March 2020.

That’s why we just know this Halloween 2021 is going to be one of the biggest and best nights out of the year.

In need of some inspiration on what costumes to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve looked at allllll the possible trends to make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep on reading to find your Halloween costumes for 2021…

1. Kim Kardashian – The Met Gala

halloween costume inspo

@kimkardashian – Instagram

If you haven’t seen Kim Ks’s Met Gala look from September 2021…have you been living under a rock?

It’s been plastered all over social media by utterly confused fans who have no idea what’s going on.

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, we’ve popped this one at the tob for being the most relevant you could choose.

It’s an *extremely* simple costume which wouldn’t cost much to make!

2. Outerbanks

outerbanks on netflix

@obx – Instagram

If you’re on TikTok, you’ll have heard or at least seen the buzz about Netflix’s new show – Outerbanks.

It’s a drama series about a teenager who enlists his three best friends to hunt for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. 

If you’re looking for a fun group costume or couples costume, this is defo one you might wanna look at. 

Some of you can go as Pogues, and the others can go as Kooks…what’s not to love?

3. Cruella

movies you need to watch

@mudeeimoveis – Instagram

It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without a Disney reference somewhere – right?

Cruella was adapted from the classic The Hundred and One Dalmatians, and came out only recently in May.

One of the main reviews which came about from this classic was how iconic the costumes were. 

Why not take this costume idea and make it into your own? 

All you’ll need is the renowned Dalmatian print and you’re basically ready!

4. Emily In Paris

green coat in paris

@emilyinparis – Instagram

If you’re like us then you probs fell in LOOOVE with Emily In Paris and you’re desperate for the second season to be released.

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, we think going as Emily (or any of the characters for that matter) would be super cute. 

Obvs she’s a fashion designer, so this is your opportunity to go all out and unleash your inner creative side.

5. Bridgerton

dresses and suits in bridgerton

@bridgertonnetflix – Instagram

Okay so this is a trend we think is going to be huuuuge for this Halloween!

Considering last Winter we had to suffer through countless lockdowns and the dreaded ‘tier’ system, Bridgerton was possibly the only thing that got us through…right?

There was no better feeling than switching on the TV and immersing yourself in the 1891 British regency drama.

For your Halloween costume this year, why not channel your inner Daphne or Simon and dress to impress? We bet you’ll be loving the heaps of compliments from your pals. 

6. Money Heist

money hiest netflix

@moneyhiest.netflix – Instagram

Stay with us on this Netflix trail, we promise we’ll expand our Halloween costume ideas once we’ve gotten through all of this year’s most popular movies and tv shows…

Released back in 2017, Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama show packed full of action and adventure. 

With part 5 coming out this year, what better way to celebrate Halloween than by wearing their iconic masks and red overalls?

We know Halloween is supposed to be scary, and these costumes certainly do the trick when it comes to creeping others out. 

Looking for your best option? Check out Funidelia’s set here.

7. COVID-19 Inspired

halloween costumes 2021

A coronavirus inspired Halloween costume seems very fitting considering it’s all that anyone ever talks about nowadays. 

There’s so many different styles you can go for, from dressing up as the actual virus or as anti bac, or even something related to the events that have taken place.

We’ll give a few examples below so you can take some inspo from what others maybe did last year!

8. Lil Nas X

lil nas x

@lilnasx – Instagram

If you know of Lil Nas X then you’ll be aware of his eccentric style with every single thing he wears. 

Colour is certainly his thing and we’re obsessed!

Since March 2020, we’ve basically been stuck inside in loungewear, so that’s why when we say we’re going ‘all out’ this year, that’s EXACTLY what we’re doing. 

His transformer-esque Met Gala 2021 look was a hit, but we also LOVEEEE what the pink number from the Grammys in Jan 2020.

There’s honestly so many to choose from, so what’re you waiting for? Get looking now!

9. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

@iamcardib – Instagram

If you’ve got a gal pal, why not dress up as Cardi B and Megan The Stallion this Halloween?

Despite coming out in August 2020, WAP has been a steamy hit since it was released. 

We’ve not even had the full experience of listening to it in the club…how crazy is that?

That’s why this duo has made it to our list of Halloween costumes 2021.

Yes, the outfits might not trick or treating appropriate according to your Grandma, but it’s certainly one you’ll be able to rock in the club!

10. Meghan and Harry 

harry and meghan

– Instagram

Are you looking for a costume inspired by this year’s craziest events? If so, one of the couples Halloween costumes we’re in love with HAS to be Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. 

Yep, it might not be the scariest of outfits, but it’s sure something that people will recognise and understand.

If you want to make it even MORE iconic, you could even make it a couples costume and get yourself a baby bump…imagine. 

11. The Purge

masks from the purge halloween costumes 2021

@twd_horrorobsessions – Instagram

If you’re looking for a scary outfit to wear on Halloween night, then you have to think about investing in The Purge look.

There’s been so many Purge movies that it’s definitely not an original idea, but it’s one that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. 

What makes them so versatile is that the masks basically do the work for you, so even if its a last minute job, you’ll still be looking flyyyyyy.

12. May Queen – Midsommar 

halloween costumes 2021

@raetrozone – Instagram

If you’ve never watched Midsommar, then you’re missing out on a real treat. 

It’s one of those horrors you’ll turn to your neighbour and mouth ‘what the f*@$ is going on’…and yes, we do recommend watching this!

Even though all the characters would make great Halloween costumes for 2021, the May Queen one is defo one to impress a few friends. 

We’ve linked one of our fave takes on the look here, make sure to check it out.

13. Loki 

loki halloween costume 2021

@officialloki – Instagram

For all the Avengers fans out there, you’re probably already caught up on Loki. If not, you NEeD to get yourself a subscription for Disney+.

It’s currently one of the most talked about series of this year, and we know it would look SO good as a Halloween costume for 2021.

We’ve linked some of the best costumes out here for you to get started on your inspo!

14. Michael Myers

michael myers halloween costumes 2021

@official.michaelmyers – Instagram

Need a representation of how we wake up in the morning after a rough one? The face of Michael Myers is probs an exact replica if we’re looking to be exact. 

It’s a super scary look, so perfect for Halloween – right?

What makes it even better is all you’re really going to need is the mask and plain baggy black top with jeans…cheap and cheerful!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of Halloween costumes 2021, with the trends we bet are going to be hits this year! If you’re interested in knowing the Autumn trends for 2021, why not check out our recent blog? We bet you’ll be inspired to revamp your seasonal wardrobe!

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