How to Throw the Best Halloween Party

Everyone loves a good Halloween party. It’s an excuse to dress up, scare each other senseless (within reason) and get the kind of photos that will haunt you forever! They will terrify you all over again when Time Hop jogs your memory five years from now . . .

The actual practicalities of putting together a successful Halloween bash are not as straightforward as you may think. If you are not careful, the price of decorations, food, drink and costumes can soon become as terrifying as the outfits themselves.

However, there are some fun, economical ways of doing it on a student budget, to ensure your night is less tricky and more of a treat:

Home-made decorations

Imagine how you want the rooms to look when guests walk in. Now hide your credit card for a few minutes and get creative! Cobwebs on the walls are a stone-cold Halloween classic. Simply source some black paper plates, add holes with a holepunch, pull string through the holes and hang them up!


Raid the cupboards

Have a think about what you have already got in the house, which could contribute to your diabolical plans for the evening. Ketchup = fake blood, toilet paper = a mummy, broomstick = witch’s getaway vehicle! Job done!

halloween 1

Dead cheap

No Halloween celebration would be the same without the world-famous bed sheet with eye holes fashioned into it! Dig out your oldest, seldom-used cover – as long as it is ghostly white and you are the owner – cut two holes to fit round your eyes, and get haunting!


Home, sweet home

Sweets have become part of the Halloween ritual. For one night a year, millions of people fill their bowls with a variety of chocolate or sugary treats, either to enter into the spirit of the occasion or to persuade unwanted visitors to move on to another address as quickly as possible! Set the tone by stocking up on some simple, low-price sweets and scatter them around the house!


Set the mood

Some truly petrifying films boasting a Halloween theme have graced the big screen over the years. Some truly awful ones have gone straight to DVD. Either way, why not have a Halloween horror playing in the background in one of the rooms, provided your guests are of appropriate age. You’ll have people diving behind the sofa for cover in no time.