It’s that time of year again – Halloween!

It’s that time of year again – time to be filled with ghoulish glee and throw a killer party to mark the arrival of Halloween!

The October 31st celebration presents the perfect excuse the dress up in a variety of outlandish outfits ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, and get creative by theming the food and drink that you and the rest of the ‘ghosts at the feast’ consume.

Of course, where fancy dress is concerned, your competitive steak is always likely to kick in as you attempt to upstage your mates by rocking up with the most eye-catching, horrific and truly terrifying ensemble!

And if you are playing host for the evening, you want to dazzle those in attendance with some devilish decorations.

The good news is, putting together a top-notch outfit or venue does not mean that you have to break the bank. You can be clever about this – pool your resources effectively and steal the show without parting with a scary sum of money from your student budget. Save your pounds and pennies for the other perks of university life!

Here are a few tips for the big day to make sure it is more ‘treat’ than ‘trick’ for you and your friends:

White as a sheet

This is a classic budget option. Get a blanket (as long as you own it), cut out a couple of eye holes so you can see, trim the size so you won’t be tripping over it all night, and Bob’s your uncle – you have made yourself a ghost!

Roll with it

Who would have thought that toilet roll could play such a pivotal role in your party experience? Want to turn yourself into a Mummy? It’s as quick and easy as any costume you care to name. amd you get to feel like the puppy in the famous Andrex advert while you are doing it! Simply unfurl enough toilet paper and wrap it around yourself, leaving room for feet, hands and eyes. Job done, go and terrify your pals.

You’ve been Tango’d

The pumpkin is one of the most instantly-recognisable symbols of the Halloween celebration. And luckily it is an easy look to replicate if you get your hands on some orange clothes! Then dig out the black marker pens, get to work on drawing some intimidating horror film-esque smiles and let the fun begin!

Get shirty

If you have set your cold, dead heart on frightening your friends by appearing as a skeleton, here’s a cut-price solution that will save you the bother of splashing out at your local costume shop. Stick a white shirt on. Get a black garment, snip away until you have formed a big pair of skeleton eye sockets and a ghastly grin, and stick the black top on over the white shirt. Boom! Boney brilliance.

DIY decorations

Decorating your rooms in a Halloween theme doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It is possible to capture the mood without the need for a spending spree. Spooky lanterns, anyone? Get some big, empty plastic milk bottles, scribble some scary faces on the front of them and place a handful of Christmas lights inside! How about hanging some bats from the ceiling? Cut out the bumps in your egg cartons, colour them black, fashion a pair of eyes on a piece of paper and glue them on!

And Halloween wouldn’t be complete without cobwebs. Punch some holes into black paper plates, thread string through the holes so they overlap. Place them around the venue and disgust your guests!