Everything You Need To Know About A Level Results Day 2021

Officially, the 10th of August is the date set for A Level results day 2021 and we highly recommend you pop this into your diary (for both England and Scotland students).

If you’ve collected your GCSE results before then you have nothing to be scared about whilst picking up your A Level results! It’s a time to celebrate and be proud of how far you’ve come during your education.

However, this date is fast approaching and it’s important you’re clued up on absolutely everything you need to know before you begin opening your A Level results. So we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about A Level results day 2021.

What’s happening with A Level exams?

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Similarly to last year, exam boards made the decision to cancel A Level exams for 2021 due to the current external climate. 

Instead, they’re being replaced by teacher-assessed grades to ensure every student gets a fair advantage. 

However, students were offered the option to sit their A Level exams in Autumn 2021. If you decide to choose this route, your school or college will communicate all the information you’ll need regarding these exams. The official date set by UCAS for the release of these results is the 16th December 2021. 

It’s extremely important that you take the time to get in touch with your university or college if you choose to take your A Level exams in Autumn 2021. Thereon you can discuss your university place and what this means for your application if it’s a conditional firm offer.

What happens on A Level Results Day 2021? 

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It’s a busy day for most A Level students, as you’re not only finding out what grades you received but you’ll also know whether you got into the University of your choice. 

This mini guide will allow you to understand the process of the day ahead.

Where do I find my results?

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Once the exam boards have confirmed and released your A Level results, your school or college will then communicate with you on how to retrieve them. 

Usually, you’ll find students pop into their school or college to collect results or they’re mailed out and opened at home.

For UCAS, you should have already had access to their online track system which allows you to track your application once it’s been sent. Using Track you’ll be able to find your firm and insurance universities. 

What time are A Level Results released?

small clock with time on of a level results day release

On A Level Results Day 2021, UCAS will release results around 08:00am. 

Not to worry if it isn’t exactly 08:00am as UCAS will have a huge volume of results to process on this day (as you can expect) and it might take the server time to load.

I’ve received my results…what does all this mean?

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Taking a look back at the start of the year, from writing your dreaded personal statement to deciding on your choices for your university application…we bet it feels like a long time ago! 

As a refresh, we’ll quickly dive into the UCAS track system definitions you’ll need to remember for your A Level results day:

Conditional Offer – The University or College which you have applied for has offered you a place for the coming year. This offer is subject to you meeting the requirements set out by the same University.

Unconditional Offer – The University which you have applied for has offered you a secure place for the coming year with no specific requirements needed.

Firm offer – The choice you want the most if you meet the requirements from the University.

Insurance offer – The choice placed below your firm choice in case you don’t meet the requirements needed.

The UCAS track system will allow you to see whether you’ve received the grade requirements for your firm and insurance choices. 

I got my firm offer?

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It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back and CELEBRATE! Getting your predicted grades is an amazing achievement and can make the next process a little simpler for you.

If you want to stick with your firm choice and confirm your university place then leave things as they stand – the UCAS track system will do the work for you. A confirmation letter will be sent out to you via email confirming your firm choice.

Then you can sit back, relax and discover things you probably should know before you begin your university journey!

If you’re having doubts about your firm choice, don’t feel pressure into accepting as you can always decline and go through the clearing process offered by UCAS. 

I didn’t get my firm offer?

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First things first, don’t go into panic mode. Whatever happens is the path you were meant to take and it’s important you don’t forget this! 

If UCAS track says you haven’t made your firm offer, make sure to check your insurance offer as this might come through for you.

If not, there are many options for you to choose from, which might fall better for you such as the clearing process. For more information on this make sure to check out our blog on what to do next.

I’ve been accepted onto an alternative course?

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This is something that universities offer frequently to students who don’t receive the grades required for their selected course. 

If this happens to you on your A Level results day, make sure to not make any abrupt decisions and talk it through with your family members and teachers. 

My grades are much better than previously predicted!

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This is an amazing accomplishment and something you should definitely be shouting about!

As it stands, you can keep your firm offer, if you’re still happy with your choice or you have the option to use UCAS adjustment and speak to other universities to see if they also have places available.

This benefit only lasts five days from the release of your A Level results so you’ve got to act quickly or you might miss out!

I’m unsure about whether I want to go to University?

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This is nothing to feel alone about, most students are weary about making a final decision on their university place as it’s a huge commitment. 

You may find that since submitting your UCAS application, things have changed and it’s not suited to what you want to do at the minute. This is not uncommon and you can follow the process of ‘Deferring’.

Deferring essentially means to take a year out before coming back to university to begin your course. It suits those who decide to go travelling or work for the year before they get back into education. 

This may be a better option for you if you’re having doubts, especially during the current climate!

I’ve chosen my University, what happens now?

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Once you’ve made your final decision on a University place, the process leading up to this new found life is exciting but you have a lot to prepare for! This can range from sourcing accommodation to organising student loan details. 

We at Homes for Students offer a wide range of student accommodation across the UK perfect for you to begin your university life. Make sure to check out our properties across the UK. Our friendly team is happy to chat through options with you over the phone or via email.

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