Top Instagrammable Places In Manchester - Homes For Students 

We love Manchester. 

You must know this by now. 

From its club scene and industrial heritage to the most gorge restaurants in the UK, Manny is up there on places to study and live.  

And while TikTok might be the social of the moment, you can’t always dance in sync or be filming transitions. The not so humble Instagram is still one of our go-to channels, and we’re sure you’re partial to a photo or two. 

Because Manchester is so rich in culture, it’s basically designed to be documented on your feed. Manchester is one long opportunity to curate your feed, wow your followers, make a humblebrag or two, and give your other mates so good old FOMO. 

Here are the most Instagrammable spots in Manchester right now. 

1. Northern Quarter 


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Northern Quarter is the jewel in the crown of Manchester’s regeneration. This area used to be completely different. Go back just 20 years ago, and you would have really had time to find your organic, locally roasted oat milk flat white. Now, it’s the artistic hub and independent epicentre of the city.

The transient and trailblazing nature of the Northern Quarter means it constantly changes, with new bars, grills, and independent shops popping up daily. We recommend walking around the small street art adorned streets and letting the inspiration hit you.  

2. Street Art  

The street art community is huge in Manchester, with local artists pushing the boundaries and creating some truly iconic work across the city. The Northern Quarter is a prime spot for street art. The area really embraces the street art community and regularly commissions massive murals.  

Street Art is a great way to keep your feed feeling gritty and fresh all at once, and Manchester has a vast supply for you to keep your followers entertained. Stevenson Square is the most iconic spot with murals honouring David Bowie and Amy Winehouse. Still, there is so much more to explore throughout Greater Manchester, the most infamous site being the Marcus Rashford mural in Withington. 

3. Menagerie 


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Located at One New Bailey Bridge Street, Menagerie is a luxury vibe that will get your followers greener than the living wall! Menagerie is a bar/restaurant which does brilliant food and cocktails but most importantly, it has very clearly been designed to look good on your feed. It has foliage , neon lights and a white bath to pose in for a bit of edge. 

4. Cloud 23 & 20 Stories 


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High up in the sky, in the clouds above the city, is Cloud 23 on Deansgate and, over the road in Spinningfields, is 20 Stories. Both boast incredible city centre views and are a tried and tested spot for impressive Insta shots. Modern interiors and small, dinky plates of tasty food accompanied by some of the best cocktails in the city make these locations a must-have on your list. 

5. John Rylands Library 

This neo-gothic building is imposing, beautiful and inspiring all at once. The stained glass windows alone could give you enough content for the year! 

6. Mamucium 


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A bit of history in Castlefield is not what you’d expect when you’re in and around the many canal bars. Built all the way back in 79AD, the Roman fort was built near the River Medlock and River Irwell as a strategic defence to larger roads towards the Roman forts in Chester and York. It’s obvs been rebuilt since then, but still mighty, impressive and something different for the ol’Gram. It’s also next door to the Castlefield Bowl, which hosts substantial summertime gigs. 

7. Richmond Tea Rooms 

A mad hatters tea party vibe is more than just a couple of fake flowers and mix and match cups. This is an Alice and Wonderland vibe done properly, and it is so much better than most attempts at the look, which can often come across as tired and uninspired. Richmond Tea Rooms has the added extra edge required to make this theme work and an afternoon tea menu to die for. 

8. Sunset Bar 


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Another influencer fave is Sunset Bar, the affordable upstairs offshoot of Australasia. You’ve probably seen the food and prices at Australasia and they aren’t the most student-friendly. Have no fear; you don’t have to miss out! You can get amazing cocktails at some normal-ish prices in the Sunset Bar. Pick one of the outdoor tables in front of the peony wall and neon signs, the place is made to be photographed, so snap away. 

9. The Ivy 


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Arguably the most Instagrammable spot in all of Spinningfields, and there is a very long list of these! The Ivy is right in the centre and has three floors of edgy, Insta worthy décor, which changes from floor to floor. It has a terrace for you to snap the view over Hardman Square, and on top of all that, it has unreal food and booze for you to enjoy yourself whilst spamming your followers with gilded, beautifully lit content on your story. 

10. Hidden 


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Street art? 

Dingy basement? 

Banging tunes? 

Enviable garms? 

Hidden is the place you want to be seen on the Gram. 

11. Yard and Coop & V Revs 


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For foodporn, you need to visit Yard and Coop and the vegan equivalent of V Revs. We’ve written about the delish food on offer at the vegan deep friend haven, but we haven’t mentioned how incred the food looks on the Gram. Deep-fried buckets, pots, and diner paper make for some enviable feed fodder. 

The carnivores among you just need to hop to the joint across the street, Yard and Coop and get yourself some beaut fried chicken that will make all your followers drool with envy.  

Well, that’ll probs keep your feed ticking over enough to get some decent TikTok’s created. Fancy yourself a pro at the app? Try out these apps every TikTok user needs. Manchester also has some incred nightlife. See our top clubs and also some vegan goodness for the day after and enjoy your stay at your student accommodation in Manchester.

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