Day trips around the UK…

Forget about the ‘Great British Bake-Off’, because the Great British day trip is where all the fun and action is at!

One of the many advantages of studying in Great Britain is the vast array of places that university students can visit. So, when you are next due a break from your studying commitments and there is time in the schedule for a journey, you really will be spoilt for choice.
It would be bordering on criminal to not make the most of this rich talent pool of places to visit! A change of scenery and some cultural indulgence will do you the power of good and you will return to your revision notes with a fresh perspective, with a new experience under your belt and plenty of stories to tell next time your report back to friends and family who want to know all about university life.

Here are just a handful of examples of the jewels in the crown that you might like to check out in the coming weeks, months and years:

The Lake District

This National Park in the North West of England is renowned for its mountains, valleys, villages, towns, coastline and lakes. An enormously popular location, there is no shortage of things to do and sights to see, from a boat ride across Windermere to scaling Scafell Pike.
More than 15 million people visit the National Park every year and 2017 could easily be a record-breaker.


The intriguing Roman attraction of Bath has proved to be a big hit with visitors over the years. A genuine throwback, it captivates those who venture down to Somerset. The city became a World Heritage site in 1987.
You can enjoy the Jane Austen Centre, the Botanical Gardens, Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, the UK’s only natural hot spring. The perfect opportunity to take in a bit of history. Museums, theatres and sporting venues make it a place that appeals to people of all tastes and ages.


The popularity of Edinburgh among university students is arguably at an all-time high, and that is thanks in no small part to the stunning scenery and landmarks that this remarkable Scottish city has to offer.
Edinburgh Castle is nothing short of breath-taking and is an absolute must if you decide to pay a visit to the area. There is also plenty more on offer – from cocktail bars and museums to the hilarious nights out at The Stand and Beehive Comedy Clubs – and who could forget the world-famous annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or the renowned Edinburgh Filmhouse?


Stonehenge has captured the imagination of millions of people and continues to draw crowds to Wiltshire. The pre-historic monument, made up of standing stones set within earthworks, is one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.

According to archaeologists, it was constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. The cultural icon has been legally protected by the Scheduled Ancient Monument since 1882 – and just to add to the intrigue, some folk still think it has links to flying saucers!


North-West city Manchester is steeped in history and is well worth checking out. The Industrial Revolution started in Manchester two centuries ago, The Smiths and Oasis provided the kind of music that will be played for generations, and two of the biggest football clubs on the planet ply their trade just a matter of miles apart.

The genius that was Tony Wilson and the famous Hacienda club gave the city an edge that is tangible to this day (read more about Manchester’s best nightclubs here) and even the BBC joined the party a few years ago by relocating to Salford.