9 Things To Do This Valentine’s Day In Manchester

It’s that time again, the time of hearing songs about love, billboards and adverts of romantic movies, seeing the young and old couples holding hands sitting on a park bench literally showing a mirror reflection of how the future will be, but don’t worry singles we’ve got you covered too.

Now sit back, relax, go get a cuppa if you need to because here are ideas that you can use during this Cupid Season.

Love yourself first!

During this season if you’re single it’s very important to treat yourself, because self-love is the key component. Treat yourself by getting a haircut if you’re a man or treat yourself to a pedicure session if you’re woman.

The main notion is that if you look good, you feel good, you shouldn’t feel bad or ask questions as to why you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend,  because Valentine’s day isn’t just about love between two people alone, it’s also a day of self-gratification, and spending valuable time with friends or family.

If you’re not hard on cash and have money to splurge, then buy that coat you wanted to buy a month ago! It’s important that you feel happy about yourself, this is day of giving or receiving a gift so why not present a gift to yourself.

All Singles Party

Hosting an all singles party could help you psychologically as you would be around others that are in the same boat as you.  Creating moments and memories is part of life’s Journey, so ensure that you enjoy yourself and capture the moments so you can reflect on them later in life.

Friendship Vibes

Plan a date with a close friend, you could go to your local cinemas or even stay in and binge watch films or series on Netflix, order pizza and relax on the sofa.

Sentimental Locations

One nice, heart felt idea, is to send a personal message to the people you love and tell them how important they are in your life and how much you love them.

Life is short guys and I’m sorry, if what I’m about to say downs your spirits, but the truth is that we don’t know whether we’re here tomorrow or the next. My mother has always said this to me ‘the truth shall set you free’ and I always apply it to all my situations that I face. So, folks, my advice to you is stay communicated and close to your loved ones.

Now to the love birds out there, one fun idea you could do this Valentine’s Day is an ice cream tasting date.

If you’re living in Manchester I recommend Ginger Comfort Emporium’.

They offer a wide range of flavours and combinations, for example they have an option called the Baked Apple Sorbet, which has a hint of spices, and could be used with hot pudding or their delicious Manchester Tart.

If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds I don’t know what else will. They have options for vegans and vegetarians, so everybody is winner.

They are Ranked #13 of 56 Dessert Places in Manchester (TripAdvisor) and their general rating is 4.5/5. Their ratings of food and atmosphere are rated at 4/5. Their price ranges from £1.75 to £5.50, I’m not sure about you but that’s a bargain in my books.

Simple but effective!

This is idea is the most traditional and cheapest idea you can ever think of, so if you’re on a budget, this idea will be up your street.

It is known to be a romantic gesture by cooking your partner’s favourite dish, so to make the atmosphere more romantic you could add some scented candles, play love songs that you both love. By doing this, it allows the ambience fulfil its potential.

A bonus idea to add to evening is you can write 20 or more good words that describes your partner (it’s your choice of how many words you want to write) on a piece of paper, and stick the words in a big honey jar, so while the evening rolls on, you and your partner can share the words that you both want to express, but if you don’t have a honey jar at your disposal you can use an alternative option.

Dosa Spectacular

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to stay in and cook your own meal but you want a restaurant experience, I recommend Amma’s Canteen based in Manchester.

Amma’s Canteen is an East Indian restaurant.  They Rank #19 out of 1,916 of restaurants based in Manchester.

On TripAdvisor they rank their food a 4.5/5, 4.5/5 for their value and 5/5 for their service. The quality of food should entice you to make a visit this Valentine’s Day. They are vegetarian friendly (52 % of menu is suitable for vegetarians), there are options for you plant lovers too, as their menu is 35 % vegan friendly.

The price ranges from £3-£14, the quality of food is amazing and you don’t even have to break your back pocket. If I was in your shoes I would try the Masala Dosa, it just exuberates flavour. It’s almost like an erupted volcano in your mouth. The owners are so lovely and welcoming, once you set foot in Amma’s canteen, I guarantee you wouldn’t want to leave.

Esperienza Italiana!

If you want more of an urban and slightly more expensive place to dine I recommend Vero Moderno, located in Salford (Manchester).

Vero Moderno is an Italian/ European restaurant. They offer a wide range of Italian dishes that’d make your mouths salivate. The restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly also providing gluten free options.

They serve fresh food and they import their ingredients from Italian producers who handpick them, you can’t get better than that! Their wine also comes from the land of Italia so all in all you get to experience the full Italian experience.

Vero Moderno is ranked #1 of 286 restaurants in Salford on TripAdvisor with a general rating of 4.5 rating. Sub Ratings Include, 4.5/5 for food, 4.5/5 for value and a 5/5 for service. For this choice of service, the price ranges £8- £50. Valentines at Vero Moderno, 2019 they will have a special three course menu with a complimentary glass of Prosecco, at a price of £34.95 per person.

Expensive taste buds

If you’re a big baller and the aura about you just spells out ‘expensive’ the restaurant I recommend to is the Tattu restaurant, located in Manchester. Tattu is a Chinese/ Japanese Cuisine Restaurant.

The decor of this restaurant will just blow you away, it’s like stepping into a Utopia Land, with its modern/ urban Chinese style. This restaurant caters for vegetarians, vegans and Gluten free options are available, so everyone can’t miss out on this luxury experience!

On TripAdvisor they are ranked #40 of 1,918 restaurants in Manchester, with a general rating of 4.5/5. Sub Ratings consist a 4.5/5 for food, 4.5/5 for the service and 4/5 for the value. If this restaurant is your choice of fine dining, the price ranges from £45- £140.

If you book reservation for the 10th of February, they have screenings, the following movies will be screened; Hitch @13:00, When Harry Met Sally @16:00, and True Romance @ 19:00.

Tickets cost £40 per person, this includes a welcome cocktail (bespoke set menu also included),  which is called the ‘Good Night Kiss’ made with Pinot Grigio, hazelnut liquor, gingerbread and finished with a white chocolate strawberry foam. ‘The perfect end to your Tattu Valentine’s experience’.

City Nights

Set Out on a trip at night and tour the city lights in Manchester, you can include pinpoint destinations where you can revisit the places you both have experienced together, like for example you might go to the restaurant where you both went on your 6 month anniversary, or the bowling alley, it literally depends on your journey with your partner.

Last key message

Love your neighbour as yourself, remember everyone wants to love or be loved, Valentine’s Day is the day of celebrating love and affection of one another, however we should intend to display these emotions every day, 365 days a year, not just only making an effort just for a day or a season.

As I said, before we should express our love for the ones, we love. We only have one life, so why leave this earth with regrets? Think about the present, what could you in the moment of ‘now’?

If you have time to look at someone’s recent Instagram post you have enough time to send an, ‘I love you’ message to someone you love. As the legend Bob Marley sang ‘One love, one heart let’s get together and feel alright.  So remember, ‘One Love’people!