Student Life in London City

Starting student life in London undoubtedly has the potential to be the best and biggest experiences of your life so far – and there are steps you can take in order to make sure you get your new adventure off to a flying start.

Settling in to your new surroundings, particularly in a place as vast as the capital, is absolutely essential to your ambitions of getting into a happy rhythm of making new friends, visiting new places and, of course, embarking on your academic journey.

Give yourself a head start by finding student accommodation. This will be your base for several years, so be sure to do your homework (no pun intended)! Once you have narrowed your search down to a handful of properties, check out how close they are to your university, to local amenities, and to the locations which will be the focal point of your new social life.Get to know the people you will be living with. Breaking the ice early will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction and settle those early butterflies about residing with unfamiliar faces. Once the introductions have been made, you can sample London life together for the first time, whether it is a night out, a spot of sight-seeing or a dummy-run stroll to the university to test how long it takes!

While it is a brand new and sometimes daunting set of circumstances in which you find yourself, particularly if you are new to London and the people you will be sharing a roof with, try to remember that they are likely to be feeling exactly the same and will just be happy to discover a friendly face.Finding suitable student accommodation with a provider that puts the student first gives you the peace of mind and self-confidence to turn your attention to what the next few years have in store. They call it a life experience for a reason, so remember to take it all in and enjoy it!

Homes for Students is one of the UK’s leading providers of student accommodation, working in partnership with universities and student unions in order to deliver the best possible student experience.Offering a range of student accommodation across the UK with shared and en-suite bathrooms, cluster apartments and studios, deluxe rooms and student houses, Homes of Students provides properties which have the student’s needs in mind.

Each property is also conveniently sat close to not only the universities, but all of the attractions in the surrounding areas.Weekly prices include utility bills, free broadband and WiFi, great communal study spaces where those aforementioned ice-breaking moments often occur and regular social events, where friendships blossom and bonds are made. With Freshers Week just around the corner, some Homes for Students properties in London have sold out while others are selling fast. There are still places available at Garrow House, near the iconic Notting Hill, Lightfoot Hall in the desirable Chelsea, Landale House near Surrey Quays, Janet Poole House in Bloomsbury and Hawley Crescent in Camden Town.