St Patricks Day in Liverpool

So What’s The Craic in Liverpool This Year?

Whether you are a fresher who has recently moved into student accommodation in liverpool, are a seasoned Liverpool veteran or a life long resident you’ll be wanting to slap on some green clothes and develop a temporary taste for black stuff on Sunday 17th March.

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner and here is our guide to making the most of it in our very own 2nd capital of Ireland.

What is St Patrick’s Day?

It’s all well and good claiming you’re great great grandad’s Irish blood as an excuse to hit the town and celebrate with the squad, but do you even know who St Patrick is or what he did that deserves such an incredible world-wide celebration?

The day celebrates Saint Patrick, the arrival of Christianity to Ireland and Irish history and culture.

Good news for any of you do-gooders who’ve given up something special for Lent as restrictions are historically lifted on this day too.

Having been taken as a slave to Ireland as a young man for six years, Patrick returned after his freedom to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity and is now known for “driving the snakes out of Ireland).


 Enough of the history lesson, on to the guide…

The St Patrick’s Day Parade

Start the day off at the Old Irish Centre on Mount Pleasant to see, or even join in with, the annual St Patrick’s day parade at 12pm.

Enjoy the Irish music and floats at the parade whilst you soak up the merry atmosphere alongside your fellow partiers. 

Baltic Market

This four day event gives you plenty of opportunity to come along and fill yourself to the brim with the black stuff, in fact the venue invites partiers to come in and “drink the bar dry”. It would be rude not to really!


The event runs from Thursday 14th March to Sunday 17th. Free entry on weekdays and only £3 on the weekend.

The live music and never-ending pints are sure to be great craic and there will be plenty of food on offer to keep you well fed during what it sure to be a mint night!

The Bombed Out Church

For those of you looking for something other than pure drinking this Paddy’s day, head over to St Luke’s Bombed Out Church on Leece Street to watch the classic Irish musical story, The Commitments.

Self-proclaimed producer Jimmy livens up the dreariness of his hometown and brings R&B to the attention of Dublin’s listeners.

Head to to buy your advanced ticket of £5 or turn up on the night for £7.

Doors open half an hour before the films starts which gives you time to enjoy the outside bar available.

We’re not sure if a beer coat will quite suffice at this time of year so maybe bring an extra layer or spare scarf so you can enjoy this experience to the max.

Night out

Like a beacon calling to all partiers, you can’t miss the fabulous green glow of Concert Square’s lights and decorations.

There are obviously plenty of places around the square you can pay a visit to on this big day but it would be sacrilege to not pop into McCooleys where the decs and music couldn’t get any more Irish.

If you’re looking for more of a traditional Irish pub to drink in then Shenanigans on Tithebarn Street and Flanagan’s Apple on the famous Mathew Street should be right up your street.

Both voted in the top 3 Irish pubs in Liverpool, you are guaranteed a fantastic night of fun here.