The Low Down on Student Living in Leamington Spa


Starting university life in a new town or city can initially be a daunting prospect, but doing so in a place which can offer up nice surroundings, a plethora of fun things to do and no shortage of cool things to see, makes for a much smoother landing!

Leamington Spa is one of those places. This exciting new stage of your learning journey is in no way restricted to the classroom walls, so it is just as well that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning out your free time.

It is renowned for its wide range of retail offerings, from major retailers to unique independent shops – there really is something for everyone. With more than 40 cafes bars and over 50 restaurants you can also look forward to enjoyable replenishment whether it is a leisurely afternoon or a fun night out.

If taking in the buildings and appreciating the architecture is your cup of tea, Leamington Spa will definitely not disappoint. The north end of the famous parade boasts some striking Georgian-esque properties, while in the middle of the town you will come across Jephson Gardens.

The Victorian park has been a big hit among the student population for a number of years, especially when the good weather graces us with its presence. A beautiful lake is the perfect foil for the glorious flowerbeds and you will be hard-pressed to find a more fitting location for a stroll in the sunshine.

One of the benefits of Leamington Spa being smaller than many of its university counterparts across the UK is the fact that it gives the university students in the area the feeling of being part of a young, tight-knit community.

Chances are you will see many a friendly face as you become acquainted with your new surroundings and it is not difficult to make friends over the course of your stay.

So where else can you and your new chums explore?

Chesterton Windmill and Royal Pump Rooms provide more site-seeing opportunities, while Quarry Park Disc Golf is a right old belly-laugh if you fancy a change of pace. Disc golf, which is exactly what it sounds like, it a must if you and your mates are on the lookout for a laid-back, fun experience before heading out to enjoy the nightlife.

Accessing all of these attractions is considerably easier if you choose wisely when selecting your student accommodation.

Homes for Students is one of the UK’s leading providers of student accommodation, working in partnership with universities and student unions in order to deliver the best possible student experience.

One of Homes for Students’ exciting new properties is The Union Leamington, which sits next to the iconic Grand Union Canal. It is a 187-bed purpose built development aimed at providing a welcoming and secure home for students in a location away from traditional residential areas.

The Union is less than a mile south of Leamington Railway Station, is well-served by the local road network and is in close proximity to Warwick University, with good travel links to and from the campus locations.

It offers up a modern, open space common room with areas for residents to meet up with friends or flat mates with views of the idyllic canal.

For more information check out our Leamington Spa Property or call 0333 442 829 for more information.