Be a part of Bradford and visit the Wells.

For over 10 years Bradford city centre was dominated by a huge hole known as the Wastefield, where the new shopping centre was planned to be.

Credit crunches and budget cuts were to blame, symbolising the state of Britain at the time.

However, a brand new era has descended on Bradford with the regeneration of Broadway Bradford which opened up 2015. Now two years later, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne officially opened Sunbridge Wells, Bradford’s first underground retail complex.

The Wells combines Bradford’s own Victoria quarter with contemporary architecture linking the area from the new City Park to the Broadway Shopping Center.

The Wells has Victorian style units and tunnels which help keep the historic ambience of Bradford, meanwhile hosting a variety of different restaurants, bars and retail shops bringing it into the 21st century.

From retailer Skulep Boutique, who sell fancy party wear and accessories for women, to The Little Shop of soaps and many others. After your shopping you can enjoy a drink at The Gin Bar or maybe have a bite to eat that the Sunbridge lounge Tapas Bar.

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