Best Black Friday Laptop Deals for Students 2020

It’s coming up to Black Friday (Friday 27th November) which means one thing…plenty of bargains!

Black Friday is probs one of the best days to treat yourself to some tech treats, with plenty of retailers offering fab deals online.

Although due to the  COVID-19 new restrictions starting from the 5th November, you won’t be able to visit the shops, you can still shop online!

Chill out in the comfort of your own cosy student accommodation in your PJ’s, and get plenty of awesome deals so you can live your best student life.

Do I Need A Laptop For University?

Laptop for students

You may be wondering, is it actually necessary to have a laptop whilst studying at uni, or can you get away with not having one?

Granted, you don’t have to take your laptop along with you to lectures to make notes, a simple pen and paper would suffice!

Laptops can be very expensive, which is why now more than ever is a great time to shop around and see if you can grab yourself one of the fantastic student laptop deals that come up around Black Friday.

Funnily enough, the number of students who take a laptop into lecture halls is quite small, with most students opting for a notepad and a pen. This could be due to noise, space, and just general distractions!

You need to remember that laptops aren’t just for studying and writing essays though, they can come in handy in the evening when you fancy a Netflix binge or want to watch some YouTube.

It really is down to you and your needs, but it isn’t totally necessary to have a laptop during university.

If you can find yourself a good student laptop deal during Black Friday 2020, there’s no harm in having a mooch and treating yourself is there!?

How To Choose The Best Laptop For University?

Student searching the net for the best laptop for universtiy

Deciding what laptop to choose can be pretty confusing, especially when you’re not a very techy person!

With all the random functions, it can be difficult to decide what kind of laptop you actually need as a student.

Good laptops for studying don’t need to break the bank, but you need to ensure it has all the right features for you!

You really need to work out how much you’re willing to spend first, before you start your search for the perfect uni laptop.

In this case, you really do get what you pay for, so you want to make sure you’re not buying something cheap as chips that will only last a few months!

What Operating System Should You Use?

Laptop on a student's desk

macOS – If you fancy an Apple product, a macOS operating system is your best bet! As well as a generally super cool aesthetic, macOS products are fast, reliable, and sleek. Apple laptops are very lightweight and portable which is another advantage for students.

Windows – You can’t go wrong with choosing Windows as your operating system, it’s a super popular choice and is very easy to use. It’s used by most businesses and is great for gaming if you feel like a break from studying.

Chrome OS – The good thing about Chromebooks is that they’re actually pretty cheap student laptops, fabif you want to save up on some cash. However, they’re not that great for gaming and can have limitations. Similar to Apple products, the Chromebooks can be light and easy to transport, making them a good option for a uni laptop.

Other questions you need to consider are what sort of size you’re looking for and whether you want a touchscreen laptop or a standard laptop with a keyboard. You need to have a think about how much space you need, and ensure you purchase a laptop with enough space to hold all your uni work, think of all the long essays!

Best 2020 Black Friday Deals For Laptops

Black friday student laptop deals 2020

Traditionally, Black Friday is the best time to grab yourself a bargain student laptop, with so many retailers offering early deals too.

Let’s take a look at the key laptop deals for students in 2020 that you need to look out for!


lenovo laptop student deal black friday 2020

This year, you can find plenty of deals on favourites like the IdeaPad and the ThinkBook, the most two recognised laptops by the brand.

The durable high-end laptops are perfect for students and professionals, Lenovo themselves highly recommend the IdeaPad S145 730s as the perfect student laptop, but you can find plenty of recommendations and specifications on their website here.

Last year saw Lenovo laptops drop down in price drastically, with some student laptop deals even giving you £100 off, what a perfect excuse to treat yourself this Black Friday!

Unlike their competitors Dell, Lenovo have waited until November to release their Black Friday 2020 deals, they’ve got some pretty impressive bargains to please bargain hunters and tech lovers.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen is coming in at around £750, originally costing £1,744, and you can get next day delivery too when using the special black Friday code, wow!

This is one of Lenovo’s best-selling laptops too with over 20 hours of battery life, perfect for bags of studying.

As well as Black Friday deals, Lenovo are also a big fan of deals for students generally, with a whole page dedicated to student discounts, all you need to do is create a log in!


Black Friday 2020 Dell laptop student deals

Another super popular brand with businesses and students is Dell, who claim this year is their “biggest Black Friday EVER”, cool!

From high-performing systems to notebooks, there’s plenty to keep you busy on their website, brimming with fab deals.

Their Black Friday sneak-peak student deal is offering a saving of up to £240 on selected systems, with reduced Black Friday prices.

Whether you’re a game lover, or just need a sleek, portable laptop to carry around at uni, Dell have got you covered.

Last year also saw up to 50% on monitors, and 60% off accessories too, so let’s hope the deals this year are similar, so you can grab yourself a snazzy laptop case, keyboard or a mouse!

If you create an account on Dell, you can grab yourself some fabulous student discounts too, with deals like 20% off accessories and 10% off laptops.


Apple student laptop deals Black Friday 2020

Apple don’t usually take part in deals because they’re generally a pretty boujee brand, but they do offer discounts in the form of giftcards!
It’s always best to grab your Apple products at retailers like Currys PC World, or Amazon, who do take part in Black Friday deals.

Some early Black Friday Apple deals include AirPods Pro for £219 at Very, and AirPods with a charging case at Amazon!

In order to get the best deals on Apple Products on Black Friday 2020, make sure you look out for bundles.

It’s also super important to check the original price prior to Black Friday, because some sneaky retailers can increase the price so the discount seems bigger, naughty!

For more details on student pricing, check out their website here for more details.


Black Friday 2020 student laptop deal on acer

Keep your eyes out for early Acer’s Black Friday laptop deals for students being released on the 17th November, hurrah!

Special offers currently include up to £200 off, and that’s before the Black Friday deals, which is always a bonus.

Early Black Friday deals will include popular laptops such as the Acer Aspire 3 15.6-inch laptop, perfect for students at university.

Fancy 15% off the “most expensive item” on Acer? Check out their website where you can redeem your discount code!


Black Friday 2020 HP laptop deals for students

If you fancy treating yourself or a loved one, you need to head over to the HP website on Black Friday, where there will be plenty of laptop deals for students!

Keep your eyes out for Cyber Monday deals too, not just for HP but for all of the mentioned brands, another key date to put in the calendar! (Monday 30th November)

HP are promising free and fast delivery on orders over £25, and discounted high-quality laptops, perfect for uni.

Chromebooks are a firm favourite amongst students, with some of them only costing £115 last year!


Do I Need To Insure My Laptop As A Student?

Once you’ve purchased your shiny new laptop, you’re going to be super excited, right?

But what happens if you and your pals are having pre-drinks, and something gets spilled on your new piece of equipment? What a nightmare!

That’s why we’d highly recommend insuring your laptop as a student, just as a precaution, just in case there are any surprise accidents.

Of course, if you’ve bought an old laptop that’s second hand, it’s not necessarily urgent to insure, but if you’ve treated yourself to one of the 2020 Black Friday laptop deals for students, then why not!

It’s best to double-check that your insurance policy actually covers accidental damage first before you purchase, most retailers will give you the choice when you purchase.

Mechanical failure and repair is also usually included, so if anything goes wrong outside of your warranty period, you should be covered fingers crossed!

Long story short, we’d recommend you insure your laptop as a student, because you never know what might happen, and you don’t want to end up laptopless, sad times.

So, there you have it, our nice little guide to Black Friday laptops, now all you need to do is get researching for the best deal out there and #treatyourself.

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